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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Zuffa Decides To "Punish" Jon Jones

The UFC wants you to know that, in testing positive for cocaine, Jon Jones has violated their "Athlete Code of Conduct," and as a result, he'll have to part with $25,000.

I'd call it a slap on the wrist, but that choice of words would be far too harsh.

Jones, of course, is the same guy who, while driving under the influence in 2012, totaled a Bentley, which was worth probably ten-times that amount.

The "fine," it is said, will be donated to a rehab facility, meaning that Jones or Zuffa (or both) will probably be able claim it on their taxes. I'm no tax expert, but maybe Zuffa will issue another statement, this one containing the particulars of how that might work. In the meantime, I won't hold my breath.