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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Major Sporting Event Night With Magnum FC 2, Featuring Diego Nunes, Carlo Pedersoli and Micol Di Segni

ROME, July 25, 2017 --

On July 22nd, in the magical frame of The Church Palace in Rome, Italy where Magnum FC 2 took place, a fighting event took place where the best national and international combat sports athletes met. The event hosted nine matches of K1, Muay Thai and Sanda and nine of MMA. Friday at The Church Village - now renamed Magnum FC Fighters Village - held the traditional weigh-in ceremony presented by Grant Waterman, an official UFC judge, in the presence of Max Baggio president of Kombat League, and Patrizia Marin CEO of Magnum FC.

Max and Patrizia are now preparing a new season of incredible fights with the international debut of the promotion Made in Italy: "It was a midsummer night's dream come true."

Line-Up of Undercard fights:

Alessio Iafrate vs Gabriele Zoroddu Winner: Alessio Lafrate
Jacopo Tarantino vs Ivan Naccari Winner: Ivan Naccari
Claudio Amoruso vs Mitat Isteri Winner: Claudio Amoruso
Edoardo Lorenzetti vs Victor Gangan Winner: Edoardo Lorenzetti
Andrea Tavoletta vs Morris Masci Winner: Andrea Tavoletta
Ion The real Deal vs Carlo Limitone Winner: Ion The real Deal
Giancarlo Grasselli vs Dasic Milan Winner: Dasic Milan
Samuel Capone vs Antonio Costagliola Winner: Antonio Costagliola
Marco Manetti vs Danilo Coda Winner: Marco Manetti.

Line-Up of MMA main card included:

Micol di Segni and Anastasjia Gornostaeva Winner: Micol di Segni
Carlo Pedersoli vs Pavel Pinzul Winner: Carlo Pedersoli
Mauro Cerilli vs Lucasz Parobiec Winner: Mauro Cerilli
Fabio Russo vs Franco De Martiis Winner: Franco De Martiis
Fabio Scaravilli vs Orlando D'Ambrosio Winner: Orlando d'Ambrosio
Ionut-Mihaita Radu vs Diego Nunes Winner: Diego Nunes by K.O. 25 seconds
Petru Dinca vs Yari Orsini Winner: Yari Orsini
Danilo Pastanella vs Marco Bianchi Winner: Marco Bianchi
Andrei Dinca vs Claudio Iancu Winner: Claudio Iancu.

Magnum FC 2 sponsors: Kombat League, Marco Polo Group, The Church Palace, Sevitex, Fonte de' Medici, TopStunt. Grant Waterman has called Magnum FC the most important Italian promotion of combat sports created by the extensive experience of Max Baggio (Kombat League) in the sporting disciplines and Patrizia Marin (Marco Polo Experience) in marketing and brand awareness. Mix martial arts MMA is now trending the fourth sport in USA, thanks to UFC and Conor McGregor. This sport is being followed in Asia and more and more in Europe. In Italy, it's estimated that there are 6 million active followers of MMA fighting.