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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tonight's Episode Of 'ECW On Sci Fi' Is In The Books

The lowdown from Phoenix, Arizona's US Airways Center:

- Another change in opening theme (same one they used to used for 'One Night Stand'), I see. Yeah, that'll boost ratings.

- John Morrison went to the ring, said some stuff, introduced the next participant in his little challenge, then took all of twenty-seconds to beat the (unnamed) dude's ass. This kid used to be so cool, but now he's trying way too hard. Why did Morrison's opponent have belt loops on his wrestling trunks? Morrison was ready for another challenge, which led to Tommy Dreamer, Elijah Burke and (surprise, surprise) CM Punk all saying they should be next. Morrison wanted them to meet in a 'Triple-Threat Match,' with the winner going on to face him on next week's show. C'mon, Elijah!

- Stevie Richards defeated Kevin Thorn. Despite the built-in story of Richards' "upset" win, not much heat. Well, not for Thorn, anyway. Thorn was again dominating, but missed a charge into the corner. Richards hit a fluke schoolboy and scored another pin.

- Big-Daddy-V (accompanied by Matt Striker) fustigated three guys (one of them was last night's Brandon Dentson), all of whom bumped like a mofo for him, so it was fun to watch, but not enough for me to take note of the finish. I do know slamming was somehow involved. After the bout, The Boogeyman (with new contact lenses) chased V and Striker from the ring.

- Extreme Exposé danced. Layla then introduced The Miz (he's a chick magnet), who went on to defeat Balls Mahoney. Miz' awesome kneelift/swinging-neckbreaker combo was too much for Mahoney to handle. Miz then got to celebrate and leave with the babes.

- Burke claimed to be on his way to ECW gold. I wish.

- Punk defeated Dreamer and Burke, so he's in next week's main event. Damn good match, with each man taking their share of high-impact bumps. I missed how it happened, but Burke ended up with a (very) bloody mouth. Punk ended up isolating Burke, hitting the 'GTS,' and scoring the pin. After the bout, Dreamer and Punk shook hands.

This didn't do much for me, but I was also distracted and wasn't payin' a lot of attention, so I wasn't hatin' it, either.

PS: If you care, they aired videos on two of tonight's main-event participants. I didn't care, so I think you can guess which one didn't get a video.