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Monday, August 6, 2007

Preview For Tonight's Edition Of 'WWE RAW'

Host: Buffalo, New York's HSBC Arena (for the first time in roughly three years).

What to expect?: Sounds like a lot of the same (although that's not necessarily all bad).

- First and foremost, the return of Mr. McMahon (Yes!), who vows to strike back, whatever that means.

- John Cena will (again) be a guest on Carlito's Cabana.

- Speaking of déjà vu, Jerry Lawler and King Booker meet in a rematch from last week.

- Oh, Mr. Kennedy will probably do something, and we'll also receive some kind of update on Bobby Lashley's condition.

Considering circumstances, being so vague sure isn't the way I'd go to draw a television rating.

If you're interested, tonight's post-taping bout is another between Cena and Randy Orton (who'd better be all over my TV).

If you don't hear more from me before the start of the show, look for my review, which should be posted at about 11:10 PM ET.