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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where Are They Now?: Steve Gatorwolf

In today's edition of Colorado's Craig Daily Press, there's mention of what essentially was a 'Toughman' competition, which took place at a local fairgrounds on Friday.

The article couldn't possibly have made the "sport" look any worse, nor could it have done a better job of pointing out the serious flaws the US has in their across-the-board enforcement of athletic endeavors.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the promoter of these competitions, Steve Gatorwolf, plans on running a mixed-martial-arts show at the same venue in October. Yes, that sounds like a wonderful idea.

This isn't mentioned, but Gatorwolf is Steve Ketcher, journeyman actor and pro wrestler (and about equally "good" at both), probably most famous for once being the subject of Bret Hart’s column in the Calgary Sun, where Hart described how Gatorwolf had blown his big chance in the WWF by forgetting to perform a post-match "war dance."

Not sure if Friday's show also featured wrestling (although that was the original plan), but here's where you can read about it, should you like.

Update (10:58 AM ET): Gatorwolf's pro-wrestling past (and the wrestling portion of last weekend's show) was mentioned in a separate article.