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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Combat Hooligans Show episode 12 parts 1 and 2 w/Sam Caplan now available!!

Courtesy of those whacky Combat Hooligans:

On this week’s episode of the combat Hooligans show, we were joined by Sam Caplan of FiveOuncesOfPain.com and write/editor for ProElite.com Sam's ProElite Blog for a near 2-hour discussion of all things MMA.

If you want to see a partial listing of the topics discussed: Read the show preview

One of the topics of conversation was Kimbo Slice. Euan has put together a special edition of his Wandering Euan's Eutube Extravaganza he calls the Kimbo Slice Edition

We want to take this opportunity to again mention that we’re looking for writers for MMA, Wrestling and boxing. Any interested parties can contact staff@combat-hooligans.com

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Ep. 12 w/Sam Caplan Pt. 1
and Ep. 12 w/Sam Caplan Pt. 2

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We thank Sam Caplan for joining us on this week’s episode!