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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Georgia Wrestling News: 10/18/2007

Courtesy of Georgia Wrestling History's Rich Tate:

World Wrestling Alliance 4 will be in Atlanta, GA, tonight at the WWA4 Dungeon, with a starting time of 7:30 PM. Call (404) 667-1484 for more info.

As we announced last week, the Deep South Wrestling event originally scheduled for tonight in Locust Grove, GA, has been cancelled.

Southern Extreme Championship Wrestling runs in Villa Rica, GA, on October 21 at the SECW Arena, beginning at 7:00 PM. Call (770) 355-5742 for more info. Advertised: Bulldog Raines defends the SECW Heavyweight Title versus Tommy Rich; Brad Armstrong versus Cru Jones; Frankie Valentine & J-Rod versus Adam Blood & Chris Lightning; Jake Slater versus the Nightmare; and Mike Stratus versus the Kodiak.

Cary Ichter, the attorney representing the Benoit family, has announced that the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission is considering tighter regulations, meaning WWE would no longer be exempt if their current exemption is pulled. Ichter is one of five members of the Commissioners Board, chaired by J.J. Biello. The GAEC is planning to work with legislators this fall to close what the commission considers a loophole that was created in July 2005, when a statute went into effect exempting groups with total assets of $25 million or more. WWE falls under that exemption, and GAEC Executive Director Kelly Farr believes them to be the only organization that currently qualifies. According to our information at this time, if the exemption is lifted, WWE could have to undergo drug testing among other regulations before running shows in Georgia. We are working to find more information.