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Monday, October 1, 2007

Norton British Wrestling Revenge Report By Oliver Newman

Date: Sunday 30th September 2007
Time: 3:30pm
Attendance: 84
Price: Adults £8, Children £5, Family £17.
Location: Sports Nottingham Arena, Meadow Lane, Nottingham, East Midlands.

Trainee Match
Gonza vs. ‘Bam Bam’ Barton

Lock up in the centre of the ring, the stronger Barton pushes Gonza off. Lock up once again this time Gonza rolls through, Barton calls for a test of strength but changes hands when the lock up is about to take place, Gonza quickly tires of this and rolls up Barton for a two count. Gonza hit’s a hiptoss but Barton comes back with a huge boot to the stomach and repeated stamps on the downed Gonza. While down Barton knee’s Gonza in the back and shouts “Stay down”. Gonza won’t and rallies again with a chop, elbow and an arm drag reversal out of a power slam attempted by Barton. Barton charges at Gonza (who lowers the top rope) sending Barton to the outside of the ring. Gonza follows but misses with a dive, Gonza attempts to get back in but Barton stamps on his hand, Gonza asks a female fan to kiss his hand, but instead of that a male fan slaps it away! Gonza finally gets back in the ring, pushing the middle rope into Barton’s crotch (sending him to the outside). Gonza follows up with a rope flip and an apron hurracanrana, both men return the ring Gonza attempts a flying head scissors but Barton skilfully reverses it into a backbreaker.

Suplex by Barton gains a two count from the referee, Barton knees Gonza in the back again and slaps on a chinlock “Ask him ref” Barton bellows, fans clap for Gonza. Elbows to the stomach break the hold, Gonza follows up with a flying head scissors into a roll up pin for a two count. Gonza jumps at Barton, Barton’s waiting and quickly nails a power bomb 1,2 Gonza kicks out. Barton berates the ref. Elbows to Barton’s face by Gonza, he then swings and misses and is caught with a back body drop for a two count. Barton’s frustration shows as he leaves the ring to throw a chair (earning him a 1st public warning from the ref). Gonza takes advantage with a run up the ropes DDT! Kick to the stomach by Gonza into another jumping DTT for a two count only. Gonza ascends the turnbuckle and hit’s a senton bomb on Barton, both men down (ref reaches a 5 count before) Gonza reaches over and covers Barton for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: Gonza

That was a pretty good match up, especially considering it was between two trainees of NBW. Back and forth match that could have gone either way, Barton’s temper got the best of him at points and that allowed Gonza to showcase his speed and agility. Two good prospects for the future of Norton British Wrestling.

NBW Revenge Show

Surf Digby vs. Sir Thomas Chamberlain w/Co-members of the Capital City Cliq (Stixx & ‘Bombay Dream’ Ross Jordan)

Surf Digby makes his way to the ring (the fans clap), Sir Thomas Chamberlain enters with co-members of the Capital City Cliq (’Bombay Dream’ Ross Jordan & Stixx). “Make some noise for Sir Thomas Chamberlain” The fans do by booing loudly. Stixx takes the microphone of the Ring Announcer “Introducing the man that is better than anyone in the back and on par with us, Sir Thomas Chamberlain”. A fan shouts out “Don’t forget to take your dressing gown off” This causes Stixx & Jordan to start jawing with the crowd. Lock up by both men, Chamberlain rolls Digby off, a second lockup allows Chamberlain to hiptoss Digby. A third lock up and Chamberlain once again gets the advantage with a power slam. Digby fires back though with an arm drag, hiptoss and power slam causing Chamberlain to hastily exit the ring. CCC shout “He’s jealous of Sir Thomas Chamberlain’s lovely hair”. Chamberlain pulls up his knee pads and slides back in the ring. Lock up into a headlock by Digby followed by a shoulder block. Chamberlain fires back with a punch and boot to the gut and dumps Digby to the outside.

CCC give Digby a beat down and then throw him back in the ring. Chamberlain applies the armlock. CCC taunt the fans, crowd claps for Digby, Chamberlain nails a clothesline for a two count. Jordan holds Stixx back from the fans, Digby ducks the clothesline attempt only to be hit with a clothesline on the return and once again he is dumped out of the ring for a CCC beat down. CCC throw Digby into the ring once again, suplex by Chamberlain gains a two count. Chamberlain applies an armbar but Digby fights out with punches to the gut, ducking a clothesline attempt by Chamberlain hitting a flying elbow, back elbow and power slam in quick succession for a two count. Fans clap for Digby once again, backbreaker by Digby who shouts to the fans “Go up” motioning to the top rope. Whilst there Jordan sneakily (behind the referee’s back) pushes him off. Chamberlain takes advantage with a whip shoulder first into the turnbuckle and quickly locking on the armbar for the submission win. Stixx takes the mic again “The winner of the match from the great city of London Sir Thomas Chamberlain” the fans boo the Capital City Cliq as they leave.

Match Time: 7 minutes
Winners: Sir Thomas Chamberlain

Pretty solid match to start the main show off with. Back and forth match between the two competitors, Digby may have had the match won but the constant interference by Stixx and ‘Bombay Dream’ Ross Jordan proved too much for him to overcome in the end. Chamberlain’s offence was pretty sound working constantly on Digby’s arm (the same arm) that made Digby submit.

For #1 Contendership to either the NBW Cruiserweight (If Travis wins) and Middleweight Championship (If Dragon wins)
‘The Shooting Star’ Kris Travis vs. Imperial Dragon

Fans boo Travis as he makes his way to the ring, Travis pushes the referee out of the way and poses for the crowd. Fans clap for Imperial Dragon (who slaps hands with the crowd) on his way to the ring. Travis shouts for the ref “Check his damn tassels”, Dragon shouts “Come on people” the fans respond by cheering loudly. Lock up in the centre of the ring, Dragon pushes Travis back into the corner and accuses Dragon of a hair pull (even though he was pulling Dragon‘s hair, unbeknownst to the ref). Boot to the stomach by Travis, who quickly applies the headlock to Dragon. Dragon reverses out and hit’s a shoulder block, Dragon leapfrogs Travis and hit’s a roll through arm drag, Travis returns with a Japanese arm drag, Travis misses a punch and is rammed into the corner by Dragon, Travis then bellows for the ref  to “Get him back”. Armdrag by Dragon, followed up by a hiptoss and chop in seamless fashion. Back body drop by Dragon, Travis rolls to the outside, Dragon attempts a suicide dive but Travis kicks him square in the head! Travis rolls back in and returns with a chop to Dragon, Travis Irish whips Dragon but he reverses it and follows with a high knee strike to Travis’s head.

Dragon calls for a 10 punch in the corner, he reaches 9 before he is pushed off and into a big boot by Travis for a two count. Travis follows up with a boot to Dragon’s head, snapmere and a kick to the back for another two count. Travis berates the ref, he then returns to pull Dragon’s hair (ref reaches a 3 count), suplex by Travis gains a two count (as Dragon’s foot was on the ropes). Another snapmere by Travis this time into a headlock “Ask him ref” he shouts, fans clap for Dragon. Dragon fights back, ducking a clothesline attempt by Travis and hitting an Enzuguri and blue thunder driver for a two count. Dragon motions for the elbow, but his attempt misses Travis, who hits with an Enzuguri to the back of Dragon’s head. Rolling suplex by Travis follows. Travis pushes the ref out of the way (for that he gets his 1st public warning), Travis puts Dragon on top rope and poses for the crowd, punches by Dragon and a front suplex drop Travis to the mat. Missile dropkick by Dragon, who then nips up, hitting a forearm and monkey flip in quick succession, and even a Michinoku driver for a close near fall. “Come on” he shouts to the fans, which causes the fans to clap once more. Travis pulls Dragon’s tights throwing him towards the ref, Dragon and the ref don’t collide but it distracts Dragon and allows Travis to hit a Jay Driller for the 1,2 and 3. Ring Announcer announces that ‘The Shooting Star’ Kris Travis is the NEW #1 Contender to El Ligero‘s NBW Cruiserweight Championship.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner and NEW #1 Contender to El Ligero‘s NBW Cruiserweight Championship: ‘The Shooting Star’ Kris Travis

Both men were evenly matched against each other and this provided a close very good match for the NBW fans. Dragon had his chances to win the match as did Travis, in the end the cheating tactics that Travis used for most of the match paid off for him. Ligero vs. Travis should be a very good match in it’s own right and one that I look forward to seeing when it takes place.

Stephanie Scope w/Co-members of The Establishment ‘Textbook’ Dave Frazier & ’Malicious’ Paul Malen vs. Roxi

The NBW fans boo The Establishment as they make their way to the ring, “Your not allowed to boo a Champion” Dave Frazier replies. Roxi is cheered as she makes her way to the ring (slapping hands with the fans) as she does. The referee decides to ban The Establishment from ringside causing the fans to chant “Out” at them, they begrudgingly leave. Scope attacks Roxi from behind, Roxi returns with a clothesline and shouts “Easy, Easy”. Scope leaves the ring and after a few seconds Roxi leaves also and the chase is on. Both women return to the ring, Roxi runs at the ropes causing both women to criss cross the ring, Roxi points for Scope to look up and then slaps her across the face. Scope decides to start another criss cross but when she points for Roxi to look up, Roxi stamps on her toes. Roxi then attempts to knock Scope down with a three of shoulder blocks but she can’t move the stronger woman that is until she attempts and connects with a fourth. Scope quickly returns with a clothesline knocking Roxi down. Scope hits Roxi with a number of boots to the back and then chokes her in the ropes, shouting “Yeah” the fans reply by booing. Hair toss follows and another choke with the boot, Scope uses her full 5 count.

Snapmere on Roxi followed by Scope standing on Roxi’s hair while pulling her arms, Scope does the same again but on the third attempt Roxi rolls her up and almost gains the pinfall. Roxi quickly follows up with a backslide for a two count. Scope returns with a kick to the back of Roxi’s legs, tosses her by the hair and chokes with her boot in the ropes before pulling Roxi away and gaining a two count. Scope places her leg over Roxi’s throat while asking the ref about a slow count (unbeknownst to the ref she was choking Roxi with her leg and boot). Scope applies an armlock and while the ref isn’t looking pulls on Roxi’s hair with her free hand, the ref checks for a hair pull (so Scope bites on Roxi’s hand), Roxi is somehow able to roll through for a pin but only manages a two count. Roxi rolls under a Scope clothesline, hitting a knee to Scope’s stomach and nailing her with a neck breaker (fans clap for Roxi). The ref counts both women down (he reaches 9 before they return to their feet). Both women trade forearms, Dave Frazier hides at ringside, Roxi hit’s a DDT for a two count (fans clap for Roxi again). Roxi runs at the ropes and is tripped by Frazier, Frazier gets on apron to distract Roxi but collides with Scope allowing Roxi to roll her up and get the 1, 2 and 3. “Roxi” chants from the fans as The Establishment argue (Scope leaves) as the fans clap once more for Roxi.

Match Time: 8 minutes
Winner: Roxi

Good back and forth match between two of the premier wrestlers on the women’s wrestling scene in the U.K. The match could have gone either way with both women having chances to end it, interference backfired for the first time of the night and Roxi managed to pull out the win. Cracks are appearing in The Establishment will it fall apart at the seams?

NBW Tag Titles
Capital City Cliq (Ross Jordan & Stixx) vs. Killer Instinct (Tiger X & Angel blade) ©

The Capital City Cliq are booed as they make their way to the ring. Stixx once again steals the microphone away from the Ring Announcer “I do the damn announcing! Introducing ’Bombay Dreams’ Ross Jordan and Heavyweight ’Master of Pain’ Stixx, we’re going to take the NBW Tag Belts back to London”. Killer Instinct make their way to ringside with the fans cheering ringing in their ears (slapping fans hands on the way). CCC attack from behind, Killer Instinct reverse and with a double dropkick knocking Stixx to the outside, they also knock Jordan to the outside with a double dropkick. “London sucks” chants by the NBW fans. Angelblade grabs Stixx by the ears, Stixx drops Blade on the ropes and re-enters the ring. Blade returns with a leg lariat and tags out to Tiger X. Double hiptoss by Killer Instinct and a splash/leg drop combination quick follow. Stixx rakes X’s eyes and tags out to Jordan. Hiptoss and a backbreaker/leg drop combination on Jordan by Killer Instinct. Jordan reverses X’s Irish whip but with a possible double team coming X ducks and Stixx clotheslines his own partner (fans clap for Killer Instinct). Jordan reverses another Irish whip attempt into the waiting Stixx who trips X, knee to the back by Jordan and an eye rake follow “Make some noise” shouts Blade (fans clap once again).

Elbows and a neck snap by Jordan for a two count. Jordan questions “Biased, ref?” Boot to the head downs X again, now he asks for support from the crowd. Tag into Blade, Jordan’s forearm knocks Blade down Jordan asks the ref “Check the kneepads” the ref does as instructed (this allows Jordan to choke Blade) “London sucks” chant the fans once more “London doesn’t suck” Jordan replies (fans clap for Angelblade). Irish whip by Blade, big boot and a power slam follow for a two count. Jordan tags in Stixx, who quickly knocks X off the apron “Baldy” chants from the crowd. Stixx applies the Abdominal stretch, (with the ref distracted by X trying to get in the ring) Stixx slaps his hands together (Ref hears a legal tag) Stixx grabs Jordan’s arm to add more leverage to the Abdominal stretch and spits at Tiger X. Blind tag again behind the referee’s back and Stixx applies another Abdominal stretch this time Blade reverses into a hiptoss and both men fall to the canvas causing the referee to start a 10 count. Jordan flies off the top rope with an axe handle to Blade, Stixx knees Blade in the back and applies the chinlock whilst pulling Blade’s hair. Fans clap for Blade once more, Stixx knees Blade in the stomach and then tags in Jordan who poses for the crowd chanting “London rules” to which the fans reply “London sucks”.

Blade escapes and pushes Jordan down for a quick two count. Double clothesline and both men are down so the ref starts the count, Jordan is up and quickly attacks X. Blade shoulder blocks Jordan and finally tags in X, X quickly hit’s a TKO on Jordan and a T-Bone suplex on Stixx. X misses a clothesline on Stixx and is hoisted onto his shoulders for what looks like a doomsday device, Jordan misses the top rope clothesline as X counters with a victory roll for a two count. Stixx eye rakes X and dumps him out of the ring, Stixx whips Blade into the turnbuckle but misses with the follow up and gets caught with a backcracker. Jordan kicks Blade and connects with a jumping neck breaker, Stixx follows up with a clothesline then shouts “London” (the fans boo loudly). Jordan attempts a clothesline but the returning X ducks sending Jordan to the outside. Double gorilla press slam by Killer Instinct on Stixx 1, 2 Jordan pulls the ref out faining injury, Chamberlain runs down to ringside to attack (but is foiled) as Stixx is pushed off the top rope, X follows with a frog splash. Jordan rams Blade into the steel ring post, Chamberlain hands Stixx a weapon (which he places on his hand). Stixx punches X directly in the face for the 1, 2 and 3! The fans boo the CCC and clap and cheer for Killer Instinct on their exit from the ring.       

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winners and NEW NBW Tag Team Champions: Capital City Cliq ©

That was a very good old school tag team match. Good wrestling from both teams, CCC using every advantage they could get legal or otherwise, Killer Instinct putting in a good, valiant but ultimately losing performance. With the way the match ended (Chamberlain’s interference) I would say a rematch is on the cards and that is a rematch that I would welcome.


Patriot Games Gauntlet Match
Abdullah Quadir’s Foreign Fanatics vs. Jay Techno’s English Army

The Foreign Fanatics are booed by the partisan English crowd as they make their way to the ring, The English Army are cheered by the NBW fans. Techno takes the microphone “I’m sick of you guys disrespecting our country”, and asks the fans to stand for the English national anthem. Fans throw bits of paper at the Foreign Fanatics. Fans clap loudly during the English national anthem and chant “England”. Before the match Quadir ripped down the England flag on the wall and replaced it with the Moroccan flag. Nirus and Frenchman Mark Mignot start the match, Nitrus stretches Mignot, he ducks under the resulting clothesline attempt and dropkicks Mignot (after ducking a couple of clothesline attempts). Mignot fights back with a snapmere and rakes Nitrus’s eyes with his boot, and repeatedly stamps on Nitrus’s hands. “Nitrus” chants from the fans. Nitrus fires back with forearms on Mignot, Mignot turns the tables with a choke using his boot, and a tree of woe which he uses to choke Nitrus once more. Fans clap and chant “Come on England”, Irish whip by Nitrus leads to a back body drop on Mignot. Mignot is dumped over the ropes, Mignot is then rolled back in to the ring, Nirtus connects with a victory roll by but Mignot reverses and with his feet on the ropes gets the 1, 2 and 3.

Nitrus of the English Army has been eliminated after 4 minutes of the match.

Adrenaline has ascended the top rope, he connects with a high cross body on Mignot for the 1, 2 and 3.

Mark Mignot of the Foreign Fanatics has been eliminated after 4 minutes 5 seconds of the match.

Mignot and ‘Tinseltown’ Sebastian Pedin double team Adrenaline for a one count. Hurrancanrana by Adrenaline but Pedin quickly applies a backbreaker, Pedin then distracts the ref (allowing Casey to illegally choke Adrenaline). He then takes off Adrenaline’s England top and spits on it! The fans chant “ England”, another backbreaker by Pedin for a two count. Irish whip clothesline is ducked and Adrenaline hit’s a springboard knee to Pedin’s face. Both men are down, ref starts the count and reaches 8 before both men return to their feet trading forearms as they do. Pedin catches Adrenaline and power slams him, he then goes up top but misses with an attempted tumbling splash, Adrenaline hit’s a moonsault and a twisting senton for the 1, 2 and 3.

‘Tinseltown’ Sebastian Pedin of the Foreign Fanatics has been eliminated after 8 minutes.

‘Special Edition’ Joseph Conners attacks Adrenaline and quickly puts him away with a fall away DDT for the 1, 2 and 3.

Adrenaline of the English Army has been eliminated after 8 minutes 15 seconds.

Chebby chops Conners and whips him into the turnbuckle, Chebby misses with a moonsault kick and is caught in Conners’s fall away DDT for the 1, 2 and 3.

Chebby of the English Army has been eliminated after 9 minutes 5 seconds.

“England” chants once again from the NBW fans. English Army’s Team Captain Jay Techno enters, he ducks an attempted clothesline and hits Conners with a dropkick, an arm drag, drop toe hold and seamlessly into a mesterial cradle for a two count. Backslide gets another two count, Crucifix into a sunset flip for another near fall by Techno. Conners returns with a Russian legsweep “Your rubbish” shouts a fan, “Shut your mouth” Conners replies. Necksnap by Conners followed up with a leg drop for a two count. Choke on the ropes (fans clap for Techno), Conners whips Techno face first into the turnbuckle and pins him again for another two count. Another choke with the boot as the Foreign Fanatics distract the ref, backbreaker by Conners but his nonchalant cover doesn’t get the job done “Told you to pay the ref off” he shouts at Quadir. “Come on England” chants by the crowd, Techno’s double boot catches Conners as he runs in, he quickly follows up with a top rope bulldog for a two count. Forearms are traded by both men, eye rake by Conners, following up with his fallway DDT but no Techno reverses into a roll up pin for the 1, 2 and 3.

Joseph Conners of the Foreign Fanatics has been eliminated after 14 minutes.

Conners isn’t done with Techno, attacking him from behind with the fall away DDT, he then takes the microphone “I don’t care about Foreigners or English, the only person I care about is myself!” Fans clap for Techno, Quadir chokes Techno and repeatedly stamps on him, he climbs up to the top rope and hits an axe handle for a two count. Punch to the ribs and a boot by Quadir, Tiger driver attempted and connects but Techno kicks out at two! Quadir attempts another Tiger driver but this time Techno rolls through and gets the 1, 2 and 3. Fans clap and cheer as the rest of the English Army make their way back down to ringside to celebrate, fans throw rubbish at Quadir and chant “Loser” at him.

Abdullah Quadir of the Foreign Fanatics has been eliminated after 18 minutes.

Match Time: 18 minutes
Winners: Jay Techno and the English Army

That was a tremendous concept put forth by Norton British Wrestling, as there was no divide. The NBW fans hated the Foreign Fanatics and loved the English Army leading to a series of football like chants which created a tremendous atmosphere. The match though was rushed at some points (which is understandable with a 20 minute time limit), a few quick pin falls which created can’t miss action but also because of it’s very nature created a blink and you might miss it match. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good match but I feel it would have benefited from a 25 or maybe 30 minute time limit.

Street Fight
NBW Heavyweight Title
‘Malicious’ Paul Malen w/’Textbook’ Dave Frazier vs. ’Playboy’ Phil Bedwell ©

Malen is booed as he makes his way to ringside, Bedwell is cheered as makes his way to ringside. Bedwell rushes the ring and the two competitors fight even before the bell has rung! Bedwell clotheslines Malen over the top rope to the ringside floor, Malen’s pissed and throws a chair towards Frazier. Malen returns to the ring and quickly clubs Bedwell on the back, and chokes him with his boot (forcing Bedwell to the outside). Bedwell is attacked on the outside by Frazier, Malen’s forearms him off the apron, Bedwell trips up Malen and brings him out of the ring. Bedwell power slams Malen and rams his head off the ring apron, a chop to the chest follows as does a plastic chair to Malen’s back. Malen fights back with a kick to the stomach (the fans clap for Bedwell) and head butt’s Bedwell directly in the head. Malen continues the attack with a leather belt to the back and a choke with a ringside chair, the second time Bedwell blocks and suplexes Malen on the floor (as the fans clap for Bedwell once more). Frazier asks Malen “How much do you want it” Bedwell connects with a dropkick through the ropes, but is smacked with a steel sheet to the head on the second attempt. Malen chokes Bedwell with his hand and then his boot, while Frazier jaws with the NBW fans, Malen hits Bedwell with the steel sheet to the head once again.

Bedwell fights back with a chin breaker causing Malen to ask Frazier for a belt hilariously Frazier asks back “Which one” (as there are 3 belts at ringside), Frazier decides on the leather one and hands it to Malen who uses it to choke Bedwell, Frazier then chokes Bedwell with the belt. Malen exit’s the ring and returns with a steel chain which he uses to choke Bedwell with once again, Frazier turns to the fans “Take a nice picture” Malen continues the assault with a club to Bedwell’s neck, Malen rings Bedwell’s bell (literally) and rams him into the steel post. The fans aren’t happy Malen tells them “You need to shut your mouth” Bedwell tries to rally with a piledriver but it’s reversed into a back body drop on the floor, “Make him bleed” Frazier shouts. Malen poses with the NBW Title (as the fans clap for Bedwell). Malen sets up a steel chair in the ring and shouts “Have a seat Phil” sarcastically, Bedwell reverses Malen into a drop toe hold which causes Malen to connect head first with the chair. Malen lowblows Bedwell and uses the chair on Bedwell’s back, ribs and head in quick succession but only manages a two count. Fans clap for Bedwell Frazier shouts “Stop clapping” Cobra clutch by Malen, Bedwell fights out with elbows to the gut only to be caught with a knee to the stomach. Malen poses allowing Bedwell to hit a DDT.

Powerslam by Bedwell, knee to the lower back and a side slam for a two count. Bedwell climbs to the top rope and hit’s a flying forearm “Yeah” he shouts. Bedwell grabs the chair (whilst Malen grabs a Singapore cane), Malen connects with the cane to Bedwell’s stomach and then chokes him with it. “I’ll get a table” he bellows and brings a table into the ring, he then returns to Bedwell cracking the cane over his back and throws Bedwell back into the ring. Headbutts by Malen, rapid punches (fans clap for Bedwell) chop, and a punch. Bedwell fights back with punches of his own, powerbomb by Bedwell through the table and both men are down. There is a look of disbelief on Frazier’s face, Bedwell follows up with a low blow and smacks the chair into Malen’s back and head screaming “Yeah and over” Frazier gets up on the apron so Bedwell slingshots Malen at Frazier, and quickly follows with a jumping piledriver on the chair for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans cheer for Bedwell, Malen is bloodied and bruised, Frazier berates Malen. Malen attempts to attack Frazier but he squirms away into Bedwell’s hands and he too is pile driven for his troubles to a loud cheer from the NBW fans! Fans clap loudly for Bedwell as Malen walks out on Frazier.          

Match Time: 19 minutes
Winner and STILL NBW Heavyweight Champion: ‘Playboy’ Phil Bedwell ©

Whoa! That was an intense match, a truly great way to end the show. You could feel the hatred between the two competitors and once again the fans loved Bedwell and hated Malen. Frazier was hilarious at ringside jawing with the fans, the action was back and forth as well and like a lot of the other matches on the show could have gone either way. I wouldn’t mind a rematch but I think the big issue is how long before The Establishment falls apart completely.

Overall Thoughts:
My first time at Norton British Wrestling and I enjoyed a good afternoon of Wrestling action, the Trainee match surpassed my expectations, all the matches were filled with solid wrestling, Roxi and Scope produced a good women’s match, the NBW tag title match was a good old school tag match, the Patriot games gauntlet match was a lot of fun albeit a little rushed and the main event was intense and produced a very good match in it’s own right. My only complaint is for the ring announcing, which was very difficult to hear throughout the afternoon.

Match Of The Night:
Street Fight
NBW Heavyweight Title
‘Malicious’ Paul Malen w/’Textbook’ Dave Frazier vs. ’Playboy’ Phil Bedwell ©

My Live Match of September 2007:
Zack Sabre Jr vs. Chris Stone vs. Ashton Smith vs. Stiro (Triple X ’Jake’d up’ 9th September 2007)

My Live Show of September 2007:
Anti Watershed Wrestling (27th September 2007)

Next Show:

Arnold Hill community centre
Gedling Road

Doors 6.30pm, Show starts 7pm.
Adults £6, Children £4, Family £14

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