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Friday, October 26, 2007

Traci Brooks On The Main Event Interview Recap

Courtesy of The Main Event:

SHOW: The Main Event, Sunday Mornings from 10:30am -12:00pm on www.MainEventRadio.com and 1690AM in Montreal
Hosts: "Reporter" Ryan Rider, Steve Rockamaniac, and Gavin the Loose Cannon

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-Traci Brooks on TNA's Knockout Division: "You're never seen anything like this before...every girl is bringing their A game. There is a lot of pressure on us from the fans, from the TNA staff, and from the other girls. We're trying to change women's wrestling and make a name for ourselves. I've been the original knockout, I've been there [in TNA] since almost the beginning."

-On Awesome/Amazing Kong: "It's amazing what she does. I researched her and I heard all about her before she came to TNA. If you watched [her debut on] Impact, and saw the expression on Gail Kim's face…that's the expression that all of us are going to be."

-On growing up on a farm in Canada : "It's a good way to be raised. You work your butt off and you work your tail off. You're there for your family just like in wrestling and you work your tail off in wrestling too. I left in 2003 to be with TNA. I grew up watching wrestling, we only got Saturday Night's Main Event actually. I fell in love with Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat, Roddy Piper, and then from there I started researching wrestling.

-Getting in the business: "I ended up having a modelling job and the Toronto Sunshine paper and at the time I said I wanted to be the next WWF superstar because TNA wasn't around. And a trainer who trained Edge and Christian and Trish Stratus and Gail Kim and myself [Ron Hutchinson] called the paper and that's how I fell into it."

-Schoolgirl gimmick in 2003 TNA debut: "Everyone wants me to bring that back for some reason."

-On Managing: "Shane Douglas taught me more about wrestling and he knows how to use a valet. When Gail Kim and I first started wrestling, we just wrestled, we never managed. We never knew the whole girl concept. We didn't realize that sex sells and we didn't realize we can make just as much or more money standing at ringside. You learn more at ringside too than you do in the ring sometime."

-Thoughts on Robert Roode: "I've been a fan of Robert Roode being Canadian every since I started wrestling. He's Arn Anderson, Rick Rude, and Curt Hennig all rolled into one. He's an amazing athelete, so the fact that I actually get to sit with him. We were a little hesitant at first because he never really had a female manager but it worked. It happened for a reason and it's amazing to watch him; I learned so much from him and riding up the road with him. He's one of the smartest guys in the business and he's one of the most underrated guys in the business. I think soon he's going to be one of the top guys.

-When asked who she sees potential in among the new Knockouts: "Definitely ODB. She's my best friend and my roommate. She started the same time I did, we've been up and down the road together driving 17 hours not getting paid. We trained hard, you know, we struggled a lot and we keep doing this because we love it. I just want to see all the girls; a lot of girls do this because they love it as much as we do."

-When asked about the whereabouts of former rival Trinity, she had "no clue at all".

-Traci Brooks then spoke about the big rumor that TNA will be coming to Quebec during Christmas time this year, pretty much confirming that it is indeed true. "Canadian fans are the best. I love the American fans too, but when you're there they just love you to death. They're just awesome."

-On Jacqueline Moore: "She is what a knockout is. She's one of the toughest bit***s I know, she's beautiful, and she's been in the business. She is one of the best girls. Gail and I have learned so much from her, we appreciate so much that she is here."

-On Christy Hemme: "She's a great addition to our knockouts. She's talented, she's flexible, she's training hard and wants to be a part of it with everybody. She's great and everybody there deserves to be there. You can't really say that a lot in some places."

-Closing statement: "It's a good feeling to have all the girls that I love, I've wanted this since the beginning. Since April 2003, I've wanted this so bad. It's not gonna be divas, it's not gonna be women…it's gonna be knockouts! Thank you guys so much, I appreciate it. When I'm in town in December, I'll come in [studio] and do an interview with you guys. I'll wear that schoolgirl outfit!"