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Thursday, November 1, 2007

3-Some Creates Controversy In Power Trip Wrestling….But For Other British Wrestling Promotions They Will Create Cash! By Oliver Newman

Company: Power Trip Wrestling
Date: Saturday 27th October 2007
Time: 7:30pm
Attendance: 75
Price: Adults £8, Children/OAP's/Students £5, Family of four £20.
Location: Luton Rugby Football Club, Newlands Road, Luton, England, LU1 4BQ.

Peter Staniforth makes his way to the ring with Aphrodite. He then announces a couple of kids Birthdays before being interrupted by Mikey The Pikey. “Someone stole my Caravan, if you don’t return it, I’m going to steal from each and every one of your houses!”. Staniforth puts Pikey in a match, up next.

1st Round of PTW Championship Tournament
Mikey The Pikey vs. Gangster vs. Danny Stevens w/100% Dan Edge

Gangster shows his disdain for the PTW fans “This place is s ***hole, with fat, ugly and stinking retards. I’m pure muscle, twisted steel with sex appeal” Dan Edge takes the microphone “I’m the most entertaining thing since T.V. and then makes a call for honour amongst thieves” Pikey fains a slap and shakes hands with Gangster, allowing Stevens to attack from behind with a clothesline. Clubs to the back down Gangster “Come on people” shouts Stevens, Pikey believes the fans love him! Gangster takes a time out while Pikey twists Stevens like a pretzel, Gangster pushes Pikey off. Gangster and Stevens hit a double clothesline on Pikey who rolls out to the floor only to be attacked by Edge, Pikey low blows Edge as Gangster suplexes Stevens, Pikey distracts Gangster. Gangster recovers and hits Pikey with a falling slam and a top rope leg drop for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 8 minutes
Winner: Gangster

My Thoughts:
An ok match to start the PTW Championship Tournament off with, Mikey The Pikey is a fantastic character who brings hilarity to Pro Wrestling (I laughed when I first heard the character name a short while back). Edge has good promo skills and is a good addition to PTW’s roster. Gangster brought the power and in the end it paid off for him, Stevens has potential. I’m not quite sure why Mikey The Pikey lost the pinfall in this match, as he put forth a funny and solid wrestling performance.

1st Round of PTW Championship Tournament
Lucian vs. Sykes

“I’m gonna enjoy kicking the s*** out of you” Sykes shouts. Sykes and Lucian pose for the crowd, Lucian taunts Sykes “I’ll show you what being loved means” Sykes attacks Lucian, clubs follow, before Sykes singes in a headlock and knocks the smaller Lucian down with a shoulder block for a two count. The fans clap for Lucian “Your clapping = his ass being kicked!” Sykes retorts, another headlock and shoulder block combination follows for a two count. “You’re starting to piss me off” Sykes shouts. Lucian nips up and hits Sykes with a leg lariat and Hurracanrana before asking the fans to “Makes some noise”. Sykes hits with a suplex for a two count, quickly following with a DVD to his knee! “See I told you someone was going to hospital” Sykes gloats. Lucian fights back with slaps and after Sykes misses another DVD he hits an Enzuguri. Lucian goes to the top rope and hits his Swanton Bomb but only manages a two count! Sykes pushes the referee into the ropes “Sorry ref” he sneakily adds. Burning hammer on Lucian and this match is over! 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner: Sykes

My Thoughts:
That was a good match! Sykes has to be one of the best trash talkers in the UK, his jawing with the fans was one of the best aspects of the match. Lucian put forth a good performance, Sykes proved why he is one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the UK with a very good wrestling performance himself. I await to see who Sykes will meet in the next round.

Geraden/G 'The Ghetto Superstar' vs. Beer Fuelled Violence (Arkangel & ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy) vs. 3-Some (Dan Ryder & ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine w/Miss Ryder) vs. Youth Gone Wild (Will Davison & Ant Lacayo)

G starts off the match against Duffy, quick action follows with arm drags traded and then a stand-off. Duffy tags out to Ryder “Ryder sucks” chant follows from the PTW fans, test of strength proceeds with Ryder blowing a kiss at Geraden, Ryder wins the strength test and stamps on G’s hands. When question by the referee “My foot fell on his hand”. G fights back with clubs, Devine rubs Ryder’s neck where the clubs hit. G and Ryder square off once more trading waist-locks, headlocks and arm drags in seamless fashion. Geraden drops and opens the ropes G runs and suicide dives onto YGW, Geraden follows up with a top rope moonsault of his own, Ryder joins in with his 450 Splash. BFV pose for the crowd then Arkangel presses Duffy onto the others and quickly follows up with a tumbling splash of his own! Back in the ring BFV hit the lock-in on YGW and follow up with a wheelbarrow/RKO combination for the 1, 2 and 3. BFV then pour beer on 3-Some, Geraden/G and 3-Some square off leading to Geraden being smacked with PTW Cruiserweight Title and G receiving a Hart attack Belt shot also. Ryder poses with the PTW Cruiserweight Title as the fans boo.

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winner: Beer Fuelled Violence (Arkangel & ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy)

My Thoughts:
The match that I was most looking forward to delivered! 3-Some have created some controversy in PTW (with it being a more family orientated show) and what I noticed is it may not catch on in PTW but it will catch on in other companies around the UK. Ryder showed in this match that his wrestling skills are not to be sniffed at (regardless of his high flying style), Ghetto G/Geraden look to be a team for the future. BFV were their usual good wrestling selves (Arkangel is incredibly agile for a big man) and YGW have some potential and will only get better around these kinds of opponents. My only complaint is while the match was good for the 14 minutes given, it could have been great had it been give 20+ minutes.

1st Round of PTW Championship Tournament
Rich ‘N’ Famous vs. 'Old School' Simon Lazenby

Famous riles up the crowd “Ugly, ugly retards, I’m not starting this match until your silent” Waistlock by Famous who boasts “Who’s the man now!” fans clap for Lazenby. Lazenby gets Famous into a waistlock and brings him down to the mat paint brushing his head as he does. Famous leaves and as Lazenby follows he hangs him on the top rope. Famous quickly follows up with a suplex and choke with the knee, asking the referee to count! DDT by Famous for a two count, he believes it should be more causing a “3/2 I’m the ref” shouting contest. Famous locks in the camel clutch and starts to choke Lazenby, he won’t release the hold so the ref has no choice but to DQ him. Famous continues assault on Lazenby “This isn’t over” he shouts, as Staniforth comes out to check on Lazenby. He can’t continue so some one receives a bye into next round of PTW Championship Tournament.

Match Time: 8 minutes
Winner: Simon Lazenby by DQ

My Thoughts:
This was an ok match, one for the old school fans to enjoy. Pretty even match until Famous’s frustration built (at his inability to put away Lazenby), from that point onwards Famous wasn’t interested in the match and the PTW Championship Tournament anymore. He was just focused on making sure that Lazenby doesn’t make it through to the next round and that is just what happened. So from a storyline perspective this match worked quite well.

1st Round of PTW Championship Tournament
Shabazz vs. Johnny Kidd

The PTW fans clap for Hometown hero Johnny Kidd and Shabazz. The competitors shake hands, Kidd gets the upper hand and pushes Shabazz into the ropes, a wristlock follows by Shabazz with Kidd nipping up and reversing it into one of his own, seamlessly changing into a full nelson. Kidd and Shabazz move forward with a test of strength, Kidd gets the better of it with a leg trip and a kick to Shabazz’s face before applying the single leg crab. Shabazz hits Kidd with a knee breaker but Kidd fights back with a head butt, Shabazz rakes Kidd with his boot and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Shabazz whips Kidd into the turnbuckle and follows with a forearm and a headlock, Kidd rolls out with Shabazz and with a quick pin gets the 1, 2 and 3. Shabazz takes the microphone “This match was Old School vs. New School and Old School won so congratulations, if you win the PTW Title I want the first shot” Kidd replies “You’ve got it” the competitors shake hands as the fans clap.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner: Johnny Kidd

My Thoughts:
That was a good wrestling match, thoroughly enjoyable from bell to bell. Kidd hasn’t lost a step since he lasted wrestled and would be a fantastic addition to the PTW Roster (should that be the case). By the number of Title Belts Shabazz was wearing (3) you can tell that his potential is slowly but surely becoming realised, wrestling against the calibre of Johnny Kidd is going to help matters. Good performance from both men and that created a good wrestling match for the PTW fans.


PTW Hardcore Title (Four Way Match)
Jim Brooks © w/Peter Staniforth & Aphrodite vs. Frantastic vs. American All-Star w/Miss Vicky vs. Leon X

Staniforth takes the microphone “Of all the disturbing things I have seen in the Pro Wrestling business, why are you wearing an (Everton Football Shirt) for!? The Hatters (Luton Town) are the only team that matters” Frantastic replies “If your IQ was any lower, you would trip over it!”. All four men square off, Staniforth hits All-Star with his patented clipboard. A clown sitting at ringside pies Leon X, the referee blocks and finally the clown pies Staniforth. Trash can shot to All-Star by Brooks followed by “Your out of here!” Lots of furious weapon shots follow as the action gets chaotic. Spear on Leon X by All-Star, Fran-Tastic follows up with a suicide dive. The fans clap as Brooks follows but Brooks doesn’t connect with opponents like he planned instead he nose dives on his head into the wooden floor! The fans gasp and because of silence I actually thought the show was over. Staniforth has no choice but to stop the match and award the Title back to Jim Brooks via a No Contest. Frantastic and All-Star aren’t happy with that decision and proceed to con-chair-to Brooks. Then all of a sudden a kick boxer supreme jumps in for the save! Staniforth introduces him as his newest acquisition Paul McSherry.

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winner and STILL PTW Hardcore Champion: Jim Brooks

My Thoughts:
Well that was chaotic! Pretty much a who can you hit and with what weapon kind of match, which was definitely something different then everything else that has taken place on the card thus far. It was pretty brutal at some points, had elements of comedy (Clown pieing people) and had a WOW finish (for all the wrong reasons). I’m just so relieved that Jim Brooks doesn’t have a broken neck from that mis-timed dive. People may complain about no contest in a hardcore match and that is understandable, but from my viewpoint wrestlers safety comes first!

Semi-Final of PTW Championship Tournament
Gangster vs. Sykes

Sykes attempts a shoulder block on the much larger Gangster but can’t get him to budge. Gangster uses his power to push Sykes back into the corner, pushing him up the turnbuckle before dropping Sykes on his face. Sykes lets his frustration get the best of him and leaves the ring. Sykes shoulder thrusts Gangster and hit’s a sunset flip but Gangster gets out and hits with a couple of splashes before Sykes leaves again. “Do you want to see me get back in there with him” Sykes asks, the fans clap and cheer, Sykes walks out and Gangster wins by Count-Out

Match Time: 3 minutes
Winner: Gangster

My Thoughts:
I’m not sure about the booking of this match, with all due respect to Gangster when you have two wrestlers the calibre of Sykes & Kidd he shouldn’t have progressed passed this match. The match was ok for the 3 minutes it ran, it showed that Gangster isn’t a man that can be easily beat and Sykes inability to put him away caused growing frustration and he just left. It personally left a sour taste in my mouth as a Sykes vs. Kidd final would have been exceptional and brought a lot of prestige (through one match) to the PTW Championship.

Final of PTW Championship Tournament
Gangster vs. Johnny Kidd

Gangster once again shows his strength advantage by pushing Kidd off. Kidd comes back once again but Gangster shoulder blocks him off, Kidd hits Gangster with an elbow to the nose and Gangster leaves the ring. Kidd wrestles Gangster with arm and wristlocks, Gangster replies with clubs and a splash in the corner. Gangster chokes Kidd on ropes and whips him into the referee, Gangster misses a follow up top rope leg drop. Kidd sensing an opportunity goes for a knee drop but misses and gets caught in a single leg crab (mid ring) forcing him to tap out. Gangster continues the assault and throws Kidd out of the ring. Staniforth enters and grabs the microphone “I don’t want to do this, I’m proud of  wrestlers, fans and PTW but here’s the Belt” Gangster snatches microphone away and shouts “Washed up wrinkled old piece of crap” towards Kidd. Sykes and Gangster double team Kidd, who comes back with a double clothesline clearing the ring. Pointing at Sykes “I’m gonna get you”. Staniforth makes Shabazz vs. Gangster for PTW Title at the next show.

Match Time: 7 minutes
Winner and NEW PTW Champion: Gangster

My Thoughts:
Good old school battle of Wrestling vs. Power. Power won this time, despite Kidd’s best efforts. Gangster put forth a credible performance and it will be interesting to see if he can carry the title. Pointing towards a Sykes vs. Kidd feud which should be great and do good business for PTW. Shabazz is a good wrestler in his own right so I’m sure match against Gangster will be a good one.

Overall Thoughts:
Mikey The Pikey was hilarious in the first match and was very unlucky to lose the match. Sykes showed why he is one of the best wrestlers in the UK against Lucian (who has a lot of potential). 3-Some will work just not in PTW, Geraden/G could be a team for the future, BFV are a solid all around team and YGW will continue to improve if they work with likes of their opponents. Lazenby vs. Famous was an ok match, Shabazz and Kidd put forth an enjoyable wrestling match. Hardcore match was chaotic and I’m glad all involved are ok, Sykes being eliminated left a bitter taste in my mouth. Gangster vs. Kidd was a good main event for time allowed. Show ran just under 3 hours, which I thought was fine. Seeing Peter Staniforth 4 times in one night was too much (I understand that the fans like him) but the time elapsed during speeches etc could have been used better for example in the 4 Corners Tag match. Power Trip Wrestling has potential, they have some good wrestlers and characters, they just need to decide where they want the promotion to go and stick with it.

Match of the Night:
Geraden/G 'The Ghetto Superstar' vs. Beer Fuelled Violence (Arkangel & ‘Scorpion’ Bill Duffy) vs. 3-Some (Dan Ryder & ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine w/Miss Ryder) vs. Youth Gone Wild (Will Davison & Ant Lacayo)

Next Show:

Power Trip Wrestling - "Fearless"
Saturday 17th November 2007.
Marriotts School, Telford Avenue, Stevenage, Herts, SG2 0AN.
Show Starts : 7.30pm
Adults £8, Children/OAP/Student £5, and Family of four £20

Card thus far:

Shabazz w/Peter Staniforth vs American All-Star w/Miss Vicky

Gangster © vs Spatch

G 'The Ghetto Superstar' & Geraden vs '3Some' (PTW Cruiserweight Champion) Dan Ryder & Danny Devine

Brian Braddock vs Frantastic

'Team Woo' Leon X & Jay Cool w/Peter Staniforth vs 'Mean And Green' Anton Green & Maverick w/Mr Tenacious

'The Players Club' Rich N' Famous & Kyle Kraze!
Seb Drea!
Paul McSherry!
And more!

For more information on PTW check out their website: http://www.powertripwrestling.co.uk/ or http://www.myspace.com/power_trip_wrestling

If you would like to contact me: www.myspace.com/brummieol