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Monday, November 26, 2007

FREE Vale Tudo Fights LIVE!

Courtesy of RioHeroes.com:

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, November 26, 2007 - Growing up in the favelas of San Paulo, Flavio Alvaro earned the nickname "Sobrevivente" a Portuguese word that means "Survivor," because he channeled his adversity through the disciplines of Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. Indeed, Alvaro has endured triumph and loss in his effort to get to the top of the RioHeroes summit..

The last time we saw Alvaro in action he was on a roll, defending his Middleweight Belt in RioHeroes 8. The Sobrevivente had won seven fights in a row dating back to RioHeroes 1, when Pedro "Stone Hands" Santos viciously yanked the title away in a brutalizing final bout.

This November 27, at 7 P.M., Alvaro will get his chance for revenge against Santos at the world's only true Vale Tudo league. RioHeroes will once again present the live broadcast for free to all its loyal fans, as well as newcomers to the world of Vale Tudo fighting.

The battle for the RioHeroes Middleweight title is going to be an all out grudge match. Alvaro will have his hands full early as he battles the street brawler, Luke Macarena, in the first qualifier. "Macarena poses a potential risk for Flavio if he were to catch him with a wild swing," noted RioHeroes President Jason Atkins. "But I expect the wisdom and experience of Alvaro to stand strong against the Macarena's street style fighting."

In the fourth qualifier, Santos starts his title defense against Rafael Motta, another Vale Tudo warrior with a chip on his shoulder. Motta is a one of Brazil's top master submission fighters who recently has been dominating other fighters all around Sao Paulo. Motta is determined to beat the current champ on his way to a possible RioHeroes 5 finals rematch against Alvaro. Standing in the way of the Alvaro-Santos-Motta rivalry are Egidio Amaro and Welsi Mello, squaring off in the second qualifying match, and Fagner Mastodonte versus Wagner Pinho in the third qualifier of the evening.

Who will win the RioHeroes 12 tournament is not known, but one thing is certain. Everyone will be put to the test of skill, strength, and stamina as the seven fights are battled out.

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