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Monday, November 26, 2007

Sometimes A Wrestling Show Just NEEDS To Be Fun! This Is One Of Those Times…By Oliver Newman

Company: Extreme 2 Wrestling
Date: Friday 23rd November 2007
Time: 7:30pm
Attendance: 27 (Including Spud and Dave Moralez)
Price: £5
Location: Quarry Bank Community Centre, Sheffield Street, Quarry Bank, West Midlands DY5 2AA.

Kris Godsize welcomes the crowd to E2W.

“The Mad Man From Japan” Wedow Wonchow Vs Geraden (w/ Corri)

Lock up with Wonchow transitioning into the headlock on Geraden, Geraden reverses out and rakes Wonchow’s head on the ropes. Geraden follows up with a suplex on Wonchow as Corri distracts the referee handing Geraden the whip (she carried to the ring). Wonchow steals the whip and whips Corri’s ass and throws whip back at Geraden! Corri believes Geraden whipped her and chases him around the ring, Geraden runs into Wonchow who suplexes him and manages to get the 3 count.

Match Time: 4 minutes
Winner: “The Mad Man From Japan” Wedow Wonchow

My Thoughts:
WOW! That was a blink and you might miss it match. Geraden showed he is more than a good wrestler, because of his working on a good character also. Wonchow was hilarious as was the match, nice sequence with who whipped Corri but a suplex ending a match made Geraden look pretty weak.

LGT vs. The Bouncer

LGT ducks out of The Bouncer’s lock up attempts, and heads to the back. The crowd breaks out with a chant of “Chicken” LGT barely makes it back to the ring before the 10 count (returning on 9). After breaking the count LGT takes a seat at ringside, Bouncer has seen enough and follows before throwing LGT back in. LGT punches Bouncer and then begs off as Bouncer looks to extract revenge. LGT was playing possum though and quickly throws Bouncer into the steel ring post. LGT stands on both of Bouncer’s hands, Bouncer returns with a low blow, knocking both men down as the fans clap. Bouncer follows up with a power slam and a leg drop for a two count, Bouncer kicks LGT square in the face! Before attempting the F-5, LGT skilfully reverses looking for a stunner but Bouncer rolls through into a pin for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner: The Bouncer

My Thoughts:
That was a good match. LGT played the coward role well, and the fans were firmly behind The Bouncer with everything he did. This transpired into a good wrestling match as both men looked like they were one big move away from the win, in this case a skilful pin by The Bouncer ended the match.

3-Some (Dan Ryder/Danny Devine w/ Miss Ryder) vs. The Dutt-Lee Boyz (Nik Dutt/Chandler Scott Lee)

Ryder and Dutt lock up with Ryder easily able to push Dutt down, before tagging out to Devine whilst Dutt tags CSL. Devine puts an Apple in his mouth but drops it as the bigger CSL enters, CSL pushes Devine off after a lock up. Picking up the Apple before bowling it into both Devine and Ryders crotches! CSL Irish whips Devine and with a follow up splash Devine and Ryder end up a compromising position. The fans chant “3D, 3D” CSL hits Devine with an elbow drop. Ryder grabs CSL’s hair pulling him down to the mat. Ryder then attacks Dutt on the outside, Miss Ryder distracts CSL long enough for Devine to roll him up and with his feet on the ropes, manages to pick up the pinfall.

Dutt chases Ryder back into the ring and then he and CSL hit the 3D as the fans go crazy! Following up with one to Devine for good measure, Whaaaaaaaaatsup follows as the fans cheer.

Match Time: 15 minutes
Winner: 3-Some

My Thoughts:
That was a good old school tag team match! What happens when you take two of the best wrestlers in the UK and give them good characters? MONEY for whichever promotion decide to book them of course, that is how I would sum up 3-Some. Dutt and Lee worked well as a team and 3-Some bring antics and good wrestling skill to any match they are in, this produced a good match which the E2W fans enjoyed.


Jay Icon (with Aphrodite) vs. ‘The Rock’ Ashton Maivia

Moralez fains throwing a cup of tea at Icon, Icon gets scared and cowers away. “Gay Icon” chant starts up, followed by a “She’s a he/she” chant directed at Aphrodite. Headlock by Icon, who quickly follows with punches, Ashton fights back with punches and a spit punch sends Icon over the top rope to the floor. Ashton follows and quickly whips Icon into the crowd, Icon returns by whipping Ashton into a wall! Ashton connects with a spine-buster before taking off his elbow pad for the people’s elbow, which he hits but can only get a two count. Ashton attempts a rock bottom but Icon cleverly reverses into a Stunner for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans chant “Gay Icon” and “She’s a crack whore”, LGT spits Beer in Icon’s face. Icon challenges LGT to go outside, LGT walks out the door. Icon changes his mind and walks to the back. The fans chant “Rocky” as Ashton returns to his feet.

Match Time: 7 minutes
Winner: Jay Icon

My Thoughts:
That was a good match! Back and forth contest which could have gone either way, Ashton’s ‘Rock’ mannerisms were spot on and added a lot to the match, Icon put forth a good performance in his own right and with that combination, a good match transpired. The ending was much like that of Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock from Wrestlemania 15 and it worked well.

Tucker vs. Psycho

Duelling chants of “Psycho/Tucker” start this match, Tucker nips up after being knocked down by Psycho. Tucker shoulder blocks Psycho down and then they mirror each others moves with none of them connecting because they are being done at the same exact time! Stand off between the two competitors as the fans clap, Psycho follows up with a Power-slam. The two wrestlers then shake hands but Tucker uses this as opportunity to put Psycho in a headlock. Psycho connects with a suplex on Tucker but Tucker rolls through and almost steals the win (two count only), kick by Tucker who follows up with a springboard but Psycho expertly catches him in an arm-bar and somersaults over into a pin for the 1, 2 and 3.

Match Time: 6 minutes
Winner: Psycho

My Thoughts:
Good back and forth match for the time allowed. Tucker plays the cocky but skilful wrestler well, Psycho had the hometown support and at times that allowed him to control the match. I have never seen a finish to a match like a somersault from an armbar into a pinfall, that was AMAZING!

Dr X vs. British Born Steele

Dr X leaves and runs around the ring, before touching his toes. When the match seems scheduled to go ahead, BBS does the same as both men traded off warm up exercises.

Lock up which BBS reverses out into a wristlock and then the two competitors trade wristlocks. BBS ends the sequence by dropkicking X and with a follow up DDT manages a two count. X rakes BBS’s eyes and kicks him in the head before quickly following up with a chop for a two count. X blocks the turnbuckle and connects with the dreaded stomp, BBS fights back with forearms and chops. A snap-mere follows with kicks to the chest of X. X tells the crowd that he has had enough of beating BBS’s ass and challenges him to a dance off! He hilariously asks for the music guy “Put some Michael Jackson on!” The crowd cheer for X and clap and cheer for BBS, as they are X attacks BBS from behind. A “B,B,B,B,B,S” chant starts up! BBS fights out with forearms as the fans clap, X returns with a knee to the face and a lariat for a close near fall. BBS regains his composure and from out of nowhere hits an RKO for the 1, 2 and 3.

The fans cheer and chant “BBS, BBS” and “One more match” X takes the microphone “This ring, same place, some time. BBS vs. Dr X 2”

Match Time: 15 minutes
Winner: British Born Steele

My Thoughts:
That was a good main event, and a good way to end the show! Dr X and BBS brought Comedy and good Wrestling to the main event of the evening, trading holds in the early going, before X’s cheating turned the match. The dance-off is always fun to see and added more hilarity to the match, the ending sequence was well done with both men mere seconds away from ending the match before BBS’s RKO did just that!

Overall Thoughts:
Wonchow is as crazy as his name seems, Geraden is working on a good character. LGT and Bouncer wrestled a competitive match, 3-Some vs. Dutt-Lee Boyz was a good old school tag match. Icon vs. Ashton was a good comedy/wrestling match. Psycho vs. Tucker was good while it lasted with a wicked finish! Dr X vs. BBS was laugh out loud funny for the entire time it took place! A good match in its own right with great crowd interaction, dance-off and good wrestling. E2W does have it’s problems though, the ring was pretty much like a double sized bed! 20 people paying to watch a show is pretty ludicrous as well, pure Wrestling fans would have despised this show, causal Wrestling fans would have found another reason to laugh at Pro Wrestling but for the people looking for a good night out at a fun wrestling show this was superb and for entertainment I haven’t laughed so much being at a Wrestling show in my entire 16 years as a fan!

Match of the Night:
Dr X vs. British Born Steele

For more information on E2W check out their website http://www.e2wrestling.bravehost.com/index.html or http://www.myspace.com/e2wrestling

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