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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Results From FCW's Show To Benefit Jessie's Place

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

Florida Championship Wrestling returned to its roots as it came to the Crystal River on Saturday November 10 to be part of the “Dave Williams Celebrity Tribute to Jesse’s Place.” The event took place at the Lecanto High School 3810 W. Educational Path, Lecanto, FL 34461. A majority of funds will go to the child advocacy center being built in the memory of Jessica Lunsford.

In addition to the FCW Superstars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Tackle #95 Chris Hovan, Offensive Guard #72 Dan Buenning and the one, the only Hall of Fame Inductee Big Nasty were in attendance to watch with the fans and Mark Lunsford with several of his family members.

(1) Kevin Kiley defeated “Bad Seed” Shawn Osborne.

Kiley informed the fans of his recent matches against Osborne at Bourbon Street, calling Osborne a bully. Not to be outdone Osborne told Kiley he was in the “Bad Seed Zone” and he wasn’t going to leave the same way he entered. Kiley and Osborne began the match trying to work the other’s left arm but Kiley got in some bodyslams softening up Osborne. Osborne escaped the armbar the only way he knew how; he cheated by raking Kiley’s eyes. Osborne kept Kiley on the defensive with shots to the face but Kiley ducked a punch and got a sunset flip for two. All that did was anger Osborne who hit a snap suplex but got two. Osborne questioned the referee on his cadence and it allowed Kiley to recover, hitting several elbows to the chest but Osborne fired back with a chest chop. Osborne went for the win via a Rude Awakening but Kiley countered into a backslide to get the first win of his young career.

“The Natural” Nick Nemeth and his manager Big Rob made their way to the ring. After insulting the fans about where they lived he went to take off his t-shirt but was interrupted by Moose Madison.

(2) “The Natural” Nick Nemeth (w/Big Rob) defeated Moose Madison.

Once the bell rang Nemeth did everything in his power to avoid Madison, including ducking between the ropes and hiding behind the referee. When they did lock up it was Madison who took the fight to Nemeth who fled the ring and jumped into Big Rob’s arms for safety. After conferring with Big Rob, Nemeth came in the hard way via a Madison slingshot from the ring apron. Nemeth went to call time out but he got scooped up in an Airplane Spin. That got Big Rob on the apron to distract Madison, which worked as Nemeth clipped Madison’s left knee. Nemeth went to work on the injured knee and lower leg with a series of legal and illegal holds but Madison refused to submit. Madison survived an ankle lock hold and leveled Nemeth with an enziguri. Both men raced to see who would get to their feet first and it was Madison who avoided a Bronco Buster that made Nemeth’s face the color of his pink ring tights. Madison hit two atomic drops and a bulldog which got Big Rob on the apron again but Madison decked him with a punch. Madison went to end the match with a knee drop but Nemeth moved and with the tights pulled scored the pinfall.

(3) Rycklon & “Super Fan” Chet Douglas defeated “Handsome” Heath Miller & G-Rilla.

Before the match Miller graced us with an introduction of himself and his huge partner. They were interrupted by their opponents who shook hands with everyone as they entered. Douglas asked Miller for his autograph but miller tossed the pen into the crowd and tried to shove the paper in Douglas’ face. All that did was make Douglas angry as he laid in some forearm shots and allowed Rycklon to get some in before his Rock Bottom was blocked. Miller tried to fight back but more punches sent him to the floor to regroup with G-Rilla. Miller’s new plan seemed to be to tag in his partner but Douglas tag in the powerful Rycklon who went hold for hold with G-Rilla. Rycklon and Douglas were a good duo until Douglas went to slam G-Rilla and that didn’t go too well for him until he avoided an elbow drop and got hit with the Flip, Flop and Fly. Douglas went to the ropes but Miller hit him from behind and it allowed G-Rilla to get on the attack with heavy hitting power moves. Miller and G-Rilla kept Douglas away from Rycklon for several minutes but couldn’t get the win. G-Rilla went to win with a Bonsai Drop but only hit Douglas’ legs. This allowed Rycklon to tag in and get back on the power move attack and avoid G-Rilla who accidentally splashed his partner. Rycklon slammed G-Rilla and tagged in Douglas who won the match with People’s Elbow.

(4) Jake Hager defeated Doink the Clown.

Hager took some time to answer some of the “burring questions” the fans had for him about his amateur background before insulting his opponent, the one and only Doink the Clown. Doink came out to cheers and decided to have some fun with Hager who came to wrestle. Instead Doink decided to play mind games making Hager be his pony for a moment or two. Hager demanded a test of strength from Doink but ended up doing the YMCA as Doink kept making Hager work for the challenge. He got Hager on his knees after stomping on both of his feet. A criss-cross occurred but Doink slid out the floor and sat with the children. All that did was make Hager chase him but Doink slid underneath the ring. Hager went to the side he thought Doink was going to come from but when he got there, Doink came from the other side and bit Hager on the buttocks. Doink’s fun was stopped when his cross body block allowed Hager to hit a Hot Shot and a gutwrench suplex. Hager followed with a vertical suplex for two before locking in a neckvise submission. Doink escaped and avoided a Hager elbow drop before chopping him down with a series of punches. Doink cornered Hager for ten punches and went up top but his senton bomb missed and it allowed Hager to hit a sitout power bomb to get the win and boos from the fans,

(5) In a 6 Diva’s tag team match; Victoria Crawford & the Bella Twins (Nicole & Brianna) defeated Nattie Neidhart, Smackdown’s Maryse & Lacey Von Erich

Brianna and Neidhart picked up where they left off several weeks ago in a tag match. But the Twins and Crawford got control working over Neidhart’s left arm. Neidhart fought back taking on Nicole but bailed to the floor when things didn’t go her way. Maryse came over to give some words of encouragement but it took a triple team effort to get control of the match, working over Crawford who tagged in for her team. Von Erich tagged in to face Brianna as Neidhart and Maryse discussed who was in charge of the team. They should have been focused on the match as Von Erich got tossed around. They saw what was going on and hit Brianna with a double team move and they focused on Brianna’s left knee. But Brianna refused to submit and was able to escape to tag in Nicole as Maryse tagged in for her team. All six ladies got in and the fight was on. Maryse had Nicole pinned but the referee was busy trying to separate the other four competitors. As this was going down Brianna switched places with her sister as Maryse argued with the referee. When she went back to get a suplex, Brianna countered out and won via double leg pin.

(6) Billy Kidman defeated “Carnival Freak” Sinn Bowdee.

Kidman wasn’t intimidated at all by Bowdee, pulling hair and the goatee to gain control. Kidman even used eye gouges and punches as Bowdee tried to clear the proverbial cobwebs. As he did that he got hit with a head scissor to the floor and Kidman followed with a tope’. Both men fought on the floor and Kidman paid as Bowdee tossed him into the ring post. Bowdee kept on the attack driving Kidman’s rib into the post before bringing him in to lock in a bear hug like hold. Kidman refused to submit so Bowdee released the hold only to hit a backbreaker and back to the waistlock. Kidman fought to his feet and hit Bowdee with a ribcracker. This allowed Kidman to get on the attack with a series of moves but he ran into a Bowdee powerslam for two. Bowdee missed a clothesline and Kidman hit a dropkick which set up the Shooting Star Press but Bowdee stopped that, going for a superplex. But Kidman fought off the top rope and got the win with a spear like move.

(7) FCW Southern Heavyweight champion Afa Jr. vs. Steve Lewington.

Afa tried to bully Lewington but got sent to the floor after Lewington hit a series of shots to the head. Afa came back on the apron but Lewington brought him in with a slingshot and more power moves before bailing to the floor again. Lewington followed him out and drove Afa’s face into ring apron before slamming him on the floor. Lewington got two after he tossed Afa back in the ring and went to work on the champion’s arm but was countered. Afa brought Lewington to the rope and drove it into the rope causing damage. Afa found a weakness and went to work destroying Lewington’s arm and upper body with nerve holds. Despite the tremendous pain Lewington refused to submit even as Afa hit him with headbutts. Afa went for a corner splash but Lewington used his legs to stop Afa and get two on a pin attempt. Lewington went for a backslide but Afa sent him into the referee. This allowed Afa to hit a cheap shot but get only two. Lewington fought back with forearm shots but his rollup pin was what cost him the match as Afa rolled through and got his shoulders up as the three count as rendered.

(8) Ted DiBiase Jr. & Kofi Kingston defeated Former WWE Tag Team champions and current Smackdown superstars Deuce & Domino (w/Cherry).

Kingston and DiBiase showed they were not intimidated by their opponents, even ignoring the order to not look at Cherry who roller skated around ringside. Deuce and DiBiase began the match and DiBiase got a quick two count rollup which only angered Deuce. DiBiase didn’t back down hitting a dropkick and tagging in Kingston who also hit Deuce with a dropkick for two. Domino was able to tag in after Deuce backed Kingston to the corner but Kingston hit several armdrags which took Domino to the canvas. Deuce was able to tag in but he allowed DiBiase to tag back in and he got hit with a shoulder tackle. All four men fought in the ring but it was Kingston and DiBiase who stood for the moment as “Leader’s of the Pack.” Deuce came back in to face DiBiase but on a rope break Domino pulled DiBiase down from behind and the double teaming from the former champions went into full swing. Deuce & Domino kept DiBiase on his back as they attacked his left knee but DiBiase got away and tagged in an energized Kingston who took on both men as DiBiase tried to get his wind back. Kingston scored the upset win by hitting Domino with a cross body block.

(9) The 7ft Giant Titan won the 30 person over the top battle royal to become the new #1 contender to the FCW Southern Heavyweight championship. The final four men were Billy Kidman, Heath Miller, G-Rilla and TJ Wilson. After being eliminated from the match, Titan came out and tossed several people out and FCW officials saw it saying Titan was tossed through the middle rope not over the top.

Log onto www.jessiesplacecitrus.org for info on the charity and www.fcwwrestling.com for information on upcoming events like Tuesday night’s at Bourbon St. Night Club of New Port Richey. At Tuesday’s show you will see TJ Wilson vs. Jake Hager in a lumberjack match and “Handsome” Heath Miller vs. Billy Kidman. See you at the matches!!