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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Review of "HEADLOCKED" - A new pro wrestling comic book from Visionary Comics Studio

By Steve Rockamaniac of MainEventRadio.com

Throughout the years there has been a few examples of professional wrestling venturing into the comic book world, But for the most part, these were limited series created to highlight a certain superstar. For example, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock and for some reason Chyna, were all at one time characters used in a comic book. However, Headlocked, a new comic book series created and written by Michael Kingston, is taking the wrestling worlds involvement in the comic book world to a whole new level.

So whats makes Headlocked so unique? Well to steal a line from TNA Superstar Kurt Angle, Its Real, Its damn real! Now when I say that I dont mean that the story has been specifically taken from any pro wrestlers true life story, cause it hasnt, what I mean is that for the first time ever, you have an outside project, created by a long time fan of pro wrestling who is able to truly hit the nail on the head when it comes to the inner workings and meanings of professional wrestling.

The story follows college student Mike Hartmann, who is steadily on the path to a career in the performing arts, But one day he shocks his friends, teachers, and family when makes the decision to drop out of college in favour of wrestling school. But why the sudden change? Well recently Hartmann attended a wrestling event, and was enthralled by the artistic value of a wrestling match, it almost becomes an obsession to him to the point where he makes that decision to leave school and chase the dream of becoming a pro wrestler. From there you see Hartmann embark on a journey in hopes of figuring out exactly how he is going to make his dream come true, all the while getting a early taste of the burden it takes on your personal life.

As a long time wrestling fan who knows much of the inner workings of professional wrestling very well, I was absolutely impressed with the books presentation, it shows major potential to create what will be a in depth look at the story of what someone needs to endure while trying to achieve the goal of making it to the big time. At the same time this book will provide the average comic book fan (who may, like some of the characters in the story, think that professional wrestling is a joke) a knowledgeable and detailed look at what the business is all about. That being said you dont even need to take it that serious if you chose not too, meaning that an average fan can sit back read the story and just enjoy it for what it is.

To sum up, whether you be a hardcore Smark, a everyday Mark, or just a big comic book fan, Headlocked will provide you with a great read now and for the (hopefully) many issues to come.

To learn more about Headlocked, Check out www.headlocked.com as well as www.visionarycomics.com, or check in with your favourite nearby comic store and make sure they get you a copy as soon as possible, trust me its worth it.