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Monday, November 5, 2007

Sovereign World Wrestling Alliance…..It WASN'T Me It Was The Bouncer! By Oliver Newman

Company: Sovereign World Wrestling Alliance
Date: Wednesday 31st October 2007
Time: 7:45pm
Attendance: 40
Price: £5
Location: West Bromwich Labour Club, Sandwell Rd, West Bromwich, West Midlands.

The Death-Master welcomes the crowd to SWWA.

Tucker vs. TGR

Lock up starts the contest, TGR pushes Tucker off to chants of "TGR, TGR", the same thing happens again. This time Tucker rolls out of the ring and the chase is on, Tucker boots TGR as he re-enters the ring and exchanges chops with him before TGR hits Tucker with a sling-shot suplex. Tucker complains that TGR "Is touching my ass" Tucker fires back with punches and suplexes TGR for a two count. TGR returns with an atomic drop/Manhattan drop combination. Powerbomb by Tucker "Guess who's back, back again, Tucker's back tell your gay friends!" gloats Tucker. Tucker distracts the referee and low-blows TGR quickly following with a Scissors Kick. Tucker climbs to the top rope but is crotched by TGR, Tucker pushes TGR off but misses with a Frog Splash. TGR hit's a couple of knees to Tucker's back and connects with The Flatliner for the 1, 2 and 3. TGR then tells Tucker "Get out of my ring!"

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: TGR

My Thoughts:
That was a good back and forth match. Tucker looked impressive in both his jawing with the fans and wrestling ability, TGR performed adequately well also. Mixture of comedy and wrestling made for an enjoyable match and was the exact perfect way for SWWA to start this show.

SWWA Hall of Fame

Commissioner TGR then introduces Bodycount! The fans clap, microphone problems occur so the wrestlers decide to shout! Bodycount is asked a series of questions:

Where are you from? Walsall.

Bodycount then talks about career ending after a torn shoulder 5 years ago.

Who is the Best SWWA Superstar? The Bouncer

Are you returning to SWWA? Before Bodycount can answer BBS interrupts.  "I have no beef with you, I'm out here to talk to you about Poison" Poison interrupts, with him and Bodycount shaking hands. Poison says "BBS is an opportunist and it was his Back-cracker that floored me last month" BBS protests his innocence "It wasn't me, it was the Bouncer" Poison and BBS want to fight but TGR and Bodycount break them up. TGR makes Bodycount the Special Guest Referee for BBS vs. Poison later. BBS leaves "I'll prove you wrong!" he shouts at Poison.

My Thoughts:
That was a good segment! I went in unaware of Bodycount (I left having found out more about him), I didn't know about tension between BBS and Poison (but now I know why there is tension between them). Bodycount as Guest Referee adds an interesting dynamic to BBS vs. Poison and I look forward to seeing what happens when all 3 men are in one ring!

Jay Icon vs. Axel Adams

The fans chant "Gay Icon" at Icon as he enters the ring. "If you keep calling me gay I won't wrestle" retorts Icon. Icon gets the best of the lockup and turns it into a headlock takeover and transitions into a wristlock. Test of strength is called for and once again Icon drops Adams, the fans chant "Axel, Axel" Axel reverses out of a headlock to get to the ropes. Icon hilariously claims Adams was pulling his hair (when he is bald!). Axel attempts a clothesline but it is reversed into a high knee by Icon, who quickly follows up with a spinning heel kick for a two count. "Long haired freak" shouts Icon, TGR makes his way to the ring and in the process distracts Icon who is rolled up by Adams for the 1, 2 and 3. TGR and Icon square off after the match.

Match Time: 26 minutes
Winner: Axel Adams

My Thoughts:
That was a good match. Adams and Icon worked well against each other and it produced a good match for the SWWA fans. Once again like the opening match it had a mixture of comedy and wrestling and that worked effectively. The match though went too long though (26 minutes for a mid-card match is too much), this match would have been better had it shaved 10-11 minutes off so it was down to 15 minutes.

The Emotional Express (Tommy White & Steve Valentino) vs. The Clarke Foundation (Matt/Mark Clarke)

T.C.F. start the match fast by giving T.E.E. a double hip-toss and a double noggin knocker. Valentino ends T.C.F.'s offence with a trip on Mark and with a knee drives him to the outside. Mark spits at Valentino as Matt distracts the referee "He fell" protests White, the crowd chant "½ inch willy" at Valentino. Valentino tags in White who connects with a corner clothesline and chops before tagging Valentino back in again. Matt hits White with a leg drop but Valentino breaks it up. Matt follows up with a running DDT for another two count. A Head-scissors by Mark takes Valentino out of the ring, fireman's roll by Matt followed by a Senton of the top rope is enough for the 1, 2 and 3. The SWWA fans clap as The Clarke Foundation pose, The Emotional Express break into tears "He hurt my face!" the crowd give them a sarcastic "awwwwwwwwwww" as they leave.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner: The Clarke Foundation

My Thoughts:
That was a good tag match. The Clarke Foundation showed me a lot of intensity (which I hadn't seen before) and gel well as a tag team. The Emotional Express work well together and have good characters that the fans love to hate. Good job by all four men as they put forth a good old school tag that the SWWA fans seemed to enjoy.

Poison vs. British Born Steele w/Special Guest Referee Bodycount

Poison attacks BBS from behind, choking him with a chair and attempting to ram BBS's face into the steel steps but BBS reverses and its Poison who tastes the steel! BBS rolls Poison back in the ring and gets a quick two count. BBS follows up with a dropkick and another two count, a suplex and bulldog follow with both moves securing two counts. The crowd show their support for BBS with chants of "BBS, BBS". Poison reverses an Irish whip and connects with a clothesline. Northern lights/perfect-plex combination by BBS gets another two count. The follow up top rope splash misses, knee/bulldog combination by Poison allows him the advantage as he sets up for his TKO but BBS reverses into a Back-Cracker for the 1, 2 and 3. The fans clap for BBS as he leaves, BBS returns shortly after with a video camera (he shows Poison the footage) and the picks Poison up shaking hands with him. Poison takes the microphone "BBS you've proved yourself and as SWWA owner I'm making you No1 Contender for SWWA Championship" BBS thanks Poison and leaves.
Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: British Born Steele

My Thoughts:
That was a very good match with a compelling storyline. I enjoyed the way BBS was all business trying to end the match as soon as he possibly could by attempting covers after a lot of moves in the early going and throughout the match. He knew deep down this match shouldn't have taken place, as he was accused of something he didn't do. Poison performed well also and Bodycount called it right down the middle, I enjoyed the way BBS finally proved his innocence via the video camera. BBS vs. The Bouncer should be a good match in its own right, when it takes place. I would have given this match the 10-11 minutes (I would personally have shaven off of Adams vs. Icon) because with more time this match could have been great!


Hall Of Fame Induction

Poison calls Bodycount back out to the ring. Poison talks of how "It is an honour and privilege to call you a friend. We travelled all over the world (US, Dubai & Wales!} I'm looking for a tag partner! What do you say Poison & Bodycount as a Tag Team!? Bodycount and Poison shake hands. 

My Thoughts:
Well that worked as well, I have never seen Bodycount wrestle but I'm intrigued by his and Poison's teaming in SWWA and wonder what will the future be for them in SWWA. Good segment.

Carnage w/Bacardi vs. Shannon Hammer

"Chicken-Shit" shouts Carnage at Hammer, Hammer ducks under Carnage's attempted clothesline and slaps him on the back. Carnage takes over Hammer with a headlock, Hammer quickly reverses out and with a shoulder block knocks Carnage down. Carnage connects with a hip-toss, Japanese arm-drag and a leg lariat as the fans chant "Carnage, Carnage". Hammer leaves the ring and grabs Bacardi and uses her as a shield to cheap shot Carnage, Bacardi gets her own back by whipping Hammer. Hammer misses a Senton off the top rope "Carnage" chants once more from the crowd, Carnage double chops Hammer and then connects with a spine buster. Transitioning into The Sharpshooter "Tap" chant occurs directed towards Hammer, but Hammer manages to get to the ropes. Carnage uses the ropes for a power-bomb but that only manages a two count, Hammer hits back with a power-bomb of his own but with a follow up cross-body Carnage catches him and quickly connects with The Carnage-Bolt for the 1, 2 and 3.  

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner: Carnage

My Thoughts:
That was a good match, much better performance from Carnage given the AWW match with Ronin a week earlier (proof that it was just a bad day for both men). Carnage summoned his cruiserweight powers in this match busting out a hurracanrana! Hammer's cockiness in the early going seemed to have cost him in the end, Bacardi did what all good managers do support their guy/girl and lead them to victory, and she also proved she is no pushover when confronted by Hammer. Good match!

SWWA Tag Titles
John Bull & Aphrodite vs. Mad Mike & Ronin ©

Ronin and Mike eat sweets and then lockup with each other! (With Ronin pushing Mike off). "She's a he she" chant directed at Aphrodite, Ronin and Dite square off but Ronin is way too tall so Dite can't lock up so she attempts a waist-lock and a headlock but she is thrown off so she decides to make the tag to Bull. "He's a she he" chant directed at Bull, Bull puts Ronin in a full nelson and then connects with a DDT, Dite kicks Ronin and that distracts Mike. Power-slam by Ronin on Dite but Bull breaks it up leading to Bull and Ronin fighting. Mike locks in the cross-face but that is all broken up, Bull comes back with a spear. Carnage and Bacardi interfere as the referee is down, Bacardi hits a number of forearms on Dite and follows up with a face-buster allowing Mike to get the 1, 2 and 3. Mike takes Dite's head and shoves it into Ronin's ass, as the fans clap and cheer.

Match Time: 11 minutes
Winner and STILL SWWA Tag Champions: Mad Mike & Ronin
My Thoughts:
That was a good comedy tag match, some of the wrestling was mis-timed but on the whole didn't really detract from the match. Mike & Ronin's lockup at the beginning was a laugh out loud moment! Aphrodite looked ok in the exchanges she had with both men, but I still want to see her wrestle a woman before I can give a fair assessment of her wrestling skills. Bull performed well and all in all it was an enjoyable comedy tag match.

SWWA Championship
Brandon Thomas vs. The Bouncer w/The Boss ©

Lockup which Thomas gets the best of and applies a wristlock to Bouncer, but Bouncer manages to reach the ropes. Thomas applies another wrist-lock and swings Bouncer around and to the mat. Thomas locks in the fujiwara armbar "Break his arm" chant the fans, Bouncer escapes via a low blow to Thomas. Bouncer uses his fist and knee to scrape against Thomas and follows up with a side slam for a two count. Thomas rallies and returns with a swinging slam and an elbow drop but Boss distracts him, Bouncer pushes Thomas back into the corner and follows up with a Northern lariat "How dare you touch The Boss" Bouncer attempts to lift Thomas but he can't and falls to the mat with Thomas on top 1, 2 and 3! NEW CHAMPION……well not quite although the fans saw Boss miss putting Bouncer's foot on the ropes the ref didn't see it so the match is restarted. Bouncer is able to pick up Thomas this time and connects with his F-5 for the 1, 2 and 3. Thomas berates the ref as the fans boo Bouncer.

Match Time: 13 minutes
Winner and STILL SWWA Champion: The Bouncer

My Thoughts:
That was a good main event, and a good way to end the show! Bouncer and Thomas put forth two equally good performances and it made for a good match-up. Bouncer is a lucky man though (his foot was clearly not on the ropes), and with that Thomas has a definite cause for a rematch. One that I'm sure he will take up at some point down the line in SWWA.

Overall Thoughts:

TGR and Tucker opened the show with a good back and forth match, Hall Of Fame segments worked well, Adams vs. Icon was good although a bit long. Clarke Foundation vs. Emotional Express was a good solid tag team affair, BBS vs. Poison was my match of the night as it encapsulated everything wrestling needs (good wrestling, intensity, a good storyline and definitive conclusion). Carnage vs. Hammer was another good match with intensity and cruiserweight Carnage! SWWA Tag Title match was good, based on the comedy involved and Bouncer vs. Thomas was a good way to end the show and screw job like finish should lead to a rematch, which I would like to see. SWWA has the potential to be a good promotion (in their own right) if they can just put wrongs (which I have discussed in the report) right.

Match of the Night:
British Born Steele vs. Poison

Live Show of the Month:
1PW 2nd Year Anniversary

Live Match of the Month:
45 Minute Iron Man Match for 1PW Openweight Title
Nigel McGuinness vs. Darren Burridge ©

Wrestler of the Month:
Marcus Kool

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