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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Cerebral Assassin is not Triple H! It is the ‘Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine…..By Oliver Newman

Company: AWW
Date: Thursday 13th December 2007
Time: 8:00pm
Attendance: 80
Price: £5
Location: Irish Centre, Digbeth, Birmingham, West Midlands.

Stu Smith is your Ring Announcer for the evening.

The Young Gunns (Tommy Gunn & Geraden) vs. Nick Knight & ‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez

Even though there is an incredible weight advantage for Knight & Moralez the Young Gunns do not back down during the face to face stare down. Moralez takes this opportunity to slap and club Gunn before tagging out to Knight. Knight continues the assault with a stalling power-slam, before he tags Moralez back in. The fans rally behind Gunn with chants of “Tommy, Tommy” as a stalling suplex by Moralez garners a two count. Geraden connects with an Enzuguri to Moralez but the follow up top rope cross body doesn’t faze Moralez. Knight saw the opportunity and hit with a spine-buster, Moralez followed that up with a lariat and a vicious club to Gunn before Knight finished the Young Gunns off with a top rope Frog splash.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winners: ‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez & Nick Knight

My Thoughts:
Good to see Geraden back in AWW and it is good to see the Young Gunns tagging once more. Although this was a more a showcase of what Nick Knight and Moralez can do, the Young Gunns put forth a valiant performance against the much bigger foes. Had Geraden’s high cross body block on Moralez worked the Young Gunns may have won the match, it didn’t though and from there Moralez and Knight decimated the two young up and comers.

‘Desirable’ Danny D vs. Kid Glory

Danny jaws with the crowd and steals a Glory sign a fan was holding up, much like at Aston University he humps it in the ring and rips it up much to the dismay of the Glory fans. The AWW fans go crazy as Glory enters! D offers a handshake which Glory wearily accepts only to be met by a slap by D, D follows up with a fall-away slam as the fans chant “Glory”. Glory fights back with a hurrancanrana for a two count. D connects with a power bomb which he turns into a second before applying the Boston Crab for the submission victory.

Match Time: 3 minutes
Winner: ‘Desirable’ Danny D

My Thoughts:
Not much of a match with only 3 minutes time allowed. Kid Glory got a superstar like reaction when he made his way to the ring! Whilst in the ring he showed some potential against the much more experienced Danny D, D showed that he can back up what he says by making the youngster tap out to the Boston Crab. I’d like to see these two go at it again with a longer time limit in place.

Stu Smith runs down the rest of the card and announces that ‘Star Man’ Mark Clarke will be taking British Born Steele’s place in the triple threat No1 Contenders match.

‘The Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine vs. Marcus Kool


Devine takes the microphone and whilst attempting to talk a fan in the audience shouts him down to which Devine replies “Shut up! You are Ginger” the fans hilariously reply with a “We love Gingers” chant. “At Aston University I nearly broke his leg, which pissed on his Christmas, I want you to all have a Merry Metro Christmas”. Kool walks out limping heavily (still showing the effects of the Aston University show) but when he sees Devine he runs in only for Devine to duck out.


Kool attacks Devine with chops, fists and clotheslines putting Devine on the defensive right from the start. A Japanese arm-drag and back elbow follow as Devine is reeling from Kool’s offensive. Kool throws another elbow which Devine blocks using this to spin Kool around so he lands on his bad leg. Devine zeros in on Kool’s bad leg with a chop block and continuous kicking before attempting to apply the sharpshooter but Kool has enough strength in his leg to push Devine off. The fans clap and cheer for Kool as even with a bad leg he attempts to nip up!  Devine catches Kool’s Super-kick and reverses it into a Sharpshooter, Kool struggles but manages to reach the ropes for the break as the fans cheer. Devine holds on and drags Kool back into mid ring but once again the tenacious Kool reaches the ropes. Devine obviously more content on injuring Kool than actually winning the match refuses to break the hold and the referee has no choice but to award the win to Kool via a Disqualification.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner by Disqualification: Marcus Kool


Devine continues the assault, “I don’t care about his leg” as the referees try to stop him. Devine picks up a chair from the crowd and with Kool’s leg wrapped around the post, slams the chair into it to a sickening cracking noise. Devine satisfied that Kool is done leaves as Tommy Gunn, Geraden and Lee Hunter help Kool to his feet as the fans chant “We love Marcus”.

My Thoughts:
That was a superb contest between two of the best AWW has to offer. The kind of match where it doesn’t matter who the loser is, as both the winner and loser gain a lot from just participating in the match itself. Kool’s resilience was there for all to see as he battled Devine on one good leg, Devine has shown a more cerebral side of himself in the last few months in AWW and it works for him. Kool vs. Devine has been as good as I thought it would be and I for one say LONG may this feud continue.

Madman Manson vs. Derice Coffie

Coffie asks for the referee to check Manson’s boots! Whilst the ref checks Manson shouts out “Touch it again! Oh yeah” as the hilarity begins. Manson headlocks Coffie and with a shoulder block knocks him down hilariously asking “Are you alright?” Coffie takes this opportunity to trip Manson and Jamaican Waves for the AWW fans. Manson says he can’t breathe and they agree to SLOW the match down! The opening sequence is run through again but this time in slow motion as the fans laugh in hysterics. Coffie runs up the ropes and connects with a DDT for a two count, Manson fights back with forearms and hits his swinging Rock bottom on Coffie for another two count. “Only move I’ve got” he tells the fans who are still laughing! Manson predicts his own downfall “Almost always kicks me in the face” Coffie does just that and finishes the match with a high cross body for the three count.

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner: Derice Coffie

My Thoughts:
Well before this match I would have said that nothing could beat Delirious vs. Colt Cabana from ROH Liverpool in March, but after watching this match I am now not quite so sure. When it was announced that Manson would wrestle Coffie I knew good things were about to happen, the slow motion sequence of moves was a joy to behold as the entire Irish Centre laughed out loud. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much watching a wrestling match in my entire life! Kudos to both men for bringing some highly entertaining comedy to the card.

Triple Threat for No1 Contendership for AWW Title
Spud vs. Dan Ryder vs. ‘Star Man’ Mark Clarke


As Spud makes his way to the ring “1 inch pisser and Emo” chants start up. Spud retaliates by ripping up a sign and throwing it at the fans. Spud takes the microphone “You people are pieces of s*** and the AWW Belt is all mine!” he continues “It seems like Dan Ryder is No1 Contender because of all the crazy moves he does” the fans show their support with  “Ryder, Ryder” chants. The fans continue to abuse Spud with chants of “You suck cocks, Spud’s a virgin and ½ inch pisser”.


As the match starts the abuse continues for Spud “80’s reject” is the fans choice of chant. Spud retorts “What are you looking at you drunk dick”. Clarke and Ryder both attack Spud with double clotheslines. Ryder and Clarke continue the double team as Clarke flicks Ryder into the air for his patented Moon-sault for a two count as Spud rolls out. “Me and You” Ryder and Clarke agree, just as they about to fight Spud rolls back in and pushes Ryder into Clarke. Clarke hits Ryder with a Russian leg-sweep and a spinning neck breaker but misses the follow up second rope leg drop. Ryder fires back with a dropkick to the face and ascends the turnbuckle, as he does Spud pushes him off. Ryder flies from the turnbuckle almost into the crowd (nearly 10ft away!). With the referee checking on Ryder, Spud clocks Clarke with his belt and with a Stunner, Clarke is eliminated 5 minutes into the contest.

The fans rally behind Ryder with chants of “Lets go Ryder, lets go”, Spud uses this opportunity to stamp on Ryder and illegally choke him. A fish hook follows as he taunts the crowd “Look at him!” before bellowing out “Danny Boy” Ryder fires back and the two competitors trade punches before Spud pokes Ryder in the eye. Spud continues to taunt the fans “TV Star, you are an old b******” Ryder fights back once more but is caught by a leg lariat and trapped in a sleeper by Spud. Spud complains about the count to the ref, before rushing in and being caught with an overhead throw into the corner by Ryder! 450 maybe…..no Spud pushes Ryder off and connects with a Code Red for a close near fall. Once again he berates the ref, setting up for a Stunner Ryder cleverly reverses into a back slide for the 1.…..2.….3! Spud hits back with a Stunner and leaves to more fan abuse as the fans cheer and clap the NEW No1 Contender Dan Ryder!

Match Time: 16 minutes
Winner and NEW No1 Contender for AWW Title: Dan Ryder

My Thoughts:
That was a very good mixture of entertainment and wrestling. It has gotten to the point where Spud probably doesn’t even need to wrestle to attract hatred from the crowd as the AWW fans truly despise him in every sense of the word. Clarke did pretty good as a last minute replacement for British Born Steele. Ryder showed once more that he isn’t out of his league when fighting against the best the UK has to offer. Good match and a very deserving candidate for No1 Contendership to the AWW Title.

Dragon Aisu & Martin Kirby vs. Cam Kraze & El Ligero


After receiving abuse from the AWW fans Kirby retorts with “Past your bedtime”. He then takes Kraze’s hat off his head and stamps on it. The fans show their discontent for Kirby with further chants of “Kirby’s a dickhead and s*** hair, no fans”


Strong lock up between Aisu and Kraze which Kraze wins much to his surprise “I’m apparently quite strong!” pushing Aisu back into the corner before a clean break. Second time around Aisu wins the lockup and when asked to break chops Kraze across the chest. Shoulder-block but neither competitor moves at all! Kraze stamps on Aisu’s toes and chops Aisu back, before hitting with a Manhattan/Atomic drop combination. Aisu ends Kraze’s offence with an eye poke. Aisu connects with a lariat but Ligero breaks up the pinfall with a dropkick to the head. Aisu chops away at Ligero even turning the chops into Kenta Kobashi like ones. Ligero hits back with a Super-kick, Kraze follows up with a Rock bottom. Kraze then connects with a vicious wonder whirl onto his knee! Ligero finishes the match with a top rope splash for the three count.

Match Time: 14 minutes
Winners: El Ligero & Cam Kraze

My Thoughts:
Good tag match between the four guests brought in by AWW. Kirby became an instant target for fan abuse including a pretty innovative “He’s got an itsy, witsy, teeny, weenie, yellow spotted ¼ inch weenie” chant. The match itself was a good showcase for all four competitors. A mixture of comedy and old school tag wrestling produced a fun enjoyable match for the AWW fans.

Stu Smith explains that the next AWW show is on Friday 25th January 2008 and talks of plans to expand into Walsall in 2008.

AWW Title
Lee Hunter vs. Carnage ©

Lockup into a Wrist-lock by Hunter, Carnage reverses out, Hunter reverses once more this time into a head-lock. The reversals continue until Carnage throws Hunter out of the ring, Carnage shows great sportsmanship by allowing Hunter back into the ring. Carnage quickly applies a waist-lock but Hunter flips out and returns with a back kick, before applying the wrist-lock and then an arm-lock to the AWW Champion. Both men are down as the fans clap, when back to their feet both men trade punches with Carnage chopping Hunter. Hunter connects with a sunset flip for a two count, both competitors trade a series of pinfall attempts before Hunter locks in a crucifix or so he thought…….Carnage skilfully reverses it into his finishing move the Carnage-bolt for the three count.

Match Time: 10 minutes
Winner and STILL AWW Champion: Carnage


The fans clap and cheer Carnage as Spud sneaks in with a chair and clocks Carnage on the back of the head!  Dan Ryder runs out and manages to save Carnage from further beat down, Carnage sees Ryder with chair in hand and thinks (wrongly) that Ryder was the man that hit him, this causes Carnage and Ryder to get into a shoving match. “Did he hit me?” Carnage asks the fans “No it was Spud” the fans reply. Spud protests his innocence “I was at the merchandise table buying dvds, I saw it” Carnage believes the fans “I don’t believe a word you say” he shouts at Spud. Carnage and Ryder go back to shoving each other, Ryder has had enough “I stopped him from caving your head in!” before going face to face with Carnage, finally the tension is broken with a handshake as the show comes to a close.

My Thoughts:
I enjoyed that match, although the fans were a little bit quiet during the early going. The wrestling was top notch as Hunter proved he could hang with the best AWW has to offer in AWW Champion Carnage. Carnage and Hunter wrestled a pretty scientific match with elements of sportsmanship and a great set of near falls towards the end. The finish from the crucifix into the Carnage-bolt was a thing of beauty and a great way to end the match. The aftermath did a fantastic job of building up anticipation between Ryder and Carnage heading into their Aston University showdown in February 2008!

Overall Thoughts:
Young Gunns showed no fear against Moralez & Knight, Glory has lots of fan support. Kool and Devine is a feud that I hope never ends! Manson vs. Coffie was just hilarious, Triple Threat was highly entertaining and had a deserving winner. 3CW guest match was a good old school tag match and Hunter vs. Carnage was a good scientific wrestling match with a great finish. Hunter vs. Carnage aftermath built anticipation for Ryder vs. Carnage showdown. 80 fans is a pretty good attendance considering the weather conditions on the day. Once again another good show put forth by AWW, a promotion who I feel has the potential to be one of the best in the UK.

Match of the Night:
The ’Metro-Sexual’ Danny Devine vs. Marcus Kool

Next Show:

Thursday 25th January 2008
14-20 High Street Derit End,
Irish Centre,
West Midlands,
B12 0LT

For more information on AWW check out their website: www.aww.org.uk or http://www.myspace.com/a_w_w

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