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Monday, December 10, 2007

Zack Sabre Jr Vs. Dragon Aisu….THIS IS PRO WRESTLING! By Oliver Newman

Triple X: JAK’ED OFF! The night the road was crossed…..

Company: Triple X
Date: Sunday 2nd December 2007
Time: 6:00pm
Attendance: 45
Price: £7
Location: Jolly Beggar, Coventry Skydome, Coventry, West Midlands.

Ax title: Defended under 24/7 rules.
Smash Title: Defended under Submission only rules.

Gabriel Grey is your Ring Announcer for the evening.

Pre-Show Madness!

Quentin Hard Styles and Blok Busta enter the ring. Styles makes Busta the NEW Ax Champion (the fans boo), Spear on Blok Busta is followed by a Rock Bottom by Chris Stone. “Shelf” chant starts up as Jimmy Havoc and Shelf enter the ring. Havoc smacks Busta with Shelf, a drop-toe hold follows and finally a jumping DDT on Shelf by Havoc. Havoc puts Shelf on top of Busta and with a 3 count Shelf is the NEW AX Champion! Grey tells Busta to “F*** off”

My Thoughts:
Well that was FUN! A Good way to start the show, Wrestlers arriving late was an interesting concept that worked really well. Huge cheer for the NEW Ax Champion Shelf who continues to be the biggest star in the entire company! Everybody taking shots at Blok Busta was funny to watch, the one time favourite of the Triple X fans is now one of those most hated. Not sure why, but I guess that is one of the wonders of Pro Wrestling.

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Dragon Aisu

Sabre starts the match with a kick to Aisu, who fights back with a kick of his own, chops and forearms are traded as the contest heats up! Sabre catches Aisu in his finishing move (Extended Arm-bar) but Aisu makes his way to the ropes for the break. Sabre carries on the attack by tripping and quickly applying a wrist-lock on Aisu. Aisu reverses out, only for Sabre to reverse again into a submission of his own. Aisu counters with a wrist-lock which Sabre rolls through with a snap-mere and then a leg submission of his own! Sabre KILLS Aisu with a lethal kick to the face that leaves the fans in AWE!! Aisu manages to gather his bearings and low blows Sabre, before hitting a German suplex. The fans chant “Zack, Zack” Aisu connects with another suplex this time a half-nelson one for a close near fall. Aisu thinks he has it won but Sabre reverses through and back out into a pinfall and with a 1, 2 and 3 picks up the win.

Match Time: 16 minutes
Winner: Zack Sabre Jr

My Thoughts:
Zack Sabre Jr vs. Dragon Aisu = PRO WRESTLING! An absolutely amazing match between two of the best the UK has to offer. Technically a great wrestling match, strikes from both men were LETHAL and counters and reversals were a sight to behold. 16 minutes of greatness, match of the night unless something amazing happens! Could be a contender for Match of the Year in the UK also and a definite M.O.T.Y. in Triple X for sure. This match is one which I would put across to any promoter in the world if they want to know why I and many others in the UK believe that Zack Sabre Jr is the very best wrestler the UK has to offer!

AXE Title Madness:

Blok Busta brings out Shelf and with his foot on the ropes pins Shelf to become 2 Time Ax Champion! CK Light comes out with a Frisbee and after throwing it at Busta manages to roll him up to become Ax Champion! The fans chant for “Shelf” once more!

Omer Ibrahim vs. Prince Mohammed Ameen


Ibrahim insults Ameen “You have a cocktail wafer on your head!” He then promises (with his fingers crossed) that he won’t be racist. He has bought a Teddy Bear to the ring which he christens ’Jesus’ because he can’t call him Mohammed! When Ameen boasts that he is 3CW Young Lions Champion, Ibrahim talks about how he won his Title in a 137 man tournament.


Headlock by Ameen, Ibrahim reverses out and knocks Ameen down with a shoulder block. The two competitor’s trade wrestling holds before a stand off. This quickly ends with comedy, girly slaps, swinging arms and dead legs all the left the TXW fans is hysterics. Both men are down, Ibrahim rises quickest and connects with his patented hand-wash (variation of Samoa Joes face-wash but with his hand). A fisherman’s buster follows, as the fans chant for Ibrahim to “Make him humble” Ibrahim responds “I’m gonna breaka hiss back!” Ameen reverses an Irish whip and clobbers Ibrahim with a Northern Lariat for a two count. He then demands the fans make noise, they do (booing loudly). Ameen then takes the carpet he brought to the ring and attempts Davari’s ’Magic Carpet Ride’ but misses allowing Ibrahim time to compose himself and finish the match with his Gore.

Match Time: 5 minutes
Winner: Omer Ibrahim

My Thoughts:
The pre-match antics were superb! The match was short but contained a lot of fun. First time seeing Ameen but with such a short match apart from saying he has good microphone skills I can’t really comment too much on his wrestling ability. Ibrahim I have seen a few times, he is the cult favourite in Triple X. Having been cheered for, for months on end he finally starting playing up to the fans and they love him for it. Great way to follow up a wrestling clinic!

Sidekicks (Andy Shoes & CK Light) vs. Martin Kirby & Cameron Kraze


Kirby and Kraze make their way to the ring to Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’ complete with Titanic pose in the corner! The fans didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when they see this unveiling before their very eyes. Kraze states “It’s still real to me dammit!” Shoes sees the opportunity for Championship Glory and quickly pins his OWN partner to win the Ax Title. The fans show their disdain for Kraze with a chat of “S*** beard no hair!” Kirby and Kraze then strategise “This is a sneak attack waiting to happen”.


The taunts continue “Kirby/Gay”, Shoes uses distraction to hip-toss Kirby. Light interjects with a backbreaker but sees his Irish whip reversed and then he is hung on the top rope neck first by Kraze & Kirby. “I’m involved now, you jump, I jump” Kirby tells Kraze, “This ends badly” Kraze sheepishly admits. Light connects with an axe handle and a somersault on top of Kirby & Kraze, Kraze gets back to his feet and quickly rakes Light’s eyes. The fans show their hatred by throwing beer mats at Kraze & Kirby. Clothesline, snap-mere and senton in quick succession by Kraze but as he attempts the pin Light breaks it up. Shoes nips up and hits Kraze with a clothesline, as Kirby disposes of Light. Shoes power bombs Kraze and quickly follows up with a Boston Crab, Kraze tries to help Kirby by pulling him towards the ropes. Kirby hilariously shouts “Let go Cameron”, Kraze reaches the ropes and fires back with a kick to Shoe’s head and quickly connects with the Tighe-Tanic for the three count. Grey confirms that Kraze is the NEW Ax Champion.

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winners: Cameron Kraze & Martin Kirby

My Thoughts:
Yet another fun match! Highly entertaining from entrances right through to the end of the match, Kirby and Kraze entering to ‘My heart will go on’ was a hilarious moment especially with the Titanic pose! Triple X fans brought the unique and hilarious chants once more which added to the match. The match itself was a good tag with all four competitors having the chance to shine. When all was said and done a NEW Axe Champion was crowned in Cameron Kraze!

Stiro vs. Chris Stone vs. ‘Arriba-Tista’ El Ligero

Ligero enters to party poppers and the Triple X roster on bended knee! Being announced by Grey as ‘Arriba-Tista’. Ligero shoulder blocks both men down as the fans chant “Sti-roids” at Stiro and “Stone-roids” at Stone. Stone attacks Ligero from behind, but Ligero uses his obvious power advantage to great effect by breaking through a double clothesline attempt and returning with one of his own. Ligero continues the assault with a shoulder thrust to Stiro and clothesline for Stone. Wonder-whirl by Stiro, Stone breaks up the pin and connects with a reverse DDT. Ligero fights back with a spear on Stone, Ligero continues the attack with a jackhammer once again on Stone. Ligero then shakes the ropes and points his thumbs down quickly connecting with a sit-down power bomb but as he attempts a pin Stiro rolls him up and with his hand grasping the ropes picks up the pinfall.

Match Time: 9 minutes
Winner: Stiro

My Thoughts:
I was wondering if a third predominantly comedy match was overkill, but when El Ligero entered as Arriba-Tista you couldn’t help but be entertained. Ligero mimicking Batista’s moves and mannerisms was a sight to behold and added great entertainment to what the fans were sure would be good wrestling match. No doubt Ligero shined but Stone and Stiro put forth good performances in their own right, once again Triple X fans added to the match with hilarious chants of “Sti-roids and Stone-roids”, Stiro picking up the win by cheating leaves the opportunity for a rematch with El Ligero and that is a match I would welcome with open arms.

INTERMISSION including AX Title Madness Part 2:

Dragon Aisu made his way to the bar where Ax Champion Cameron Kraze was standing, although their meeting was friendly at first Aisu quickly trapped Kraze in a nerve hold. With a referee nowhere to be found Aisu decided to take fan participation to a whole new level by allowing a TXW fan to check the arm as it fell three times with that Dragon Aisu became the NEW Ax Champion!

Masked Man Tournament Qualifying Match
Jekkel vs. Exodus

Fans clap for both competitors, in the early going it seems like they know each others manoeuvres a little too well as it becomes a shadowing contest (with both wrestlers shadowing the others move). Grey is incensed as he expected them to tear each other apart, Jekkel & Exodus leave the ring to confront Grey and just as they about to put a beating on him, he wriggles out and pushes Exodus into Jekkel. Jekkel driver only manages a two count, an attempt at a second leads to Exodus countering into a power bomb for another two count! Exodus looks to have the match won with his swinging Rock bottom finisher but the Damned Nation appear distracting him….Jekkel takes full advantage by rolling up Exodus for the 1, 2 and 3. Exodus understands Jekkel’s thought process and they shake hands and Exodus raises Jekkel’s hand.

Match Time: 7 minutes
Winner: Jekkel

My Thoughts:
The Masked Man Tournament is the brain child of Damned Nation member Majik, two much of a coincidence for two of his most hated enemies to be facing each other in the first round for my liking. Unfortunately for Majik his plan backfired as although Jekkel won with a pretty cheap finish there didn’t seem to be any dissension in the ranks when all was said and done. The match itself was ok, the shadowing of moves was enjoyable to watch. Both men turning on Grey was great also, and the ending furthers the Damned Nation vs. Jexodus feud, so job done.

Edgar Stryfe w/The Boss & John Bull vs. Devil-Man

The creative chanting starts up once again with chants of “Edgar-S***, Bull-S*** and Boss-S***”, Devil-man announces that this is the first time wrestlers have circled left while starting a match the fans chant “This is awesome”. Stryfe shows his great power advantage over Devil-Man by pushing him off whilst in a lockup, Devil-man fights back with a kick to Stryfe’s head, spin kicking his stomach and connecting with another kick to Stryfe’s head. Boss distracts the referee, Devil-Man is wise to this and uses it to hit a clothesline on Stryfe a kick on Bull and a jumping DDT, Bull intervenes and with a power bomb in front of the ref which causes the Disqualification.

Match Time: 12 minutes
Winner by Disqualification: Devil-Man

My Thoughts:
Good power vs. quickness match, Stryfe showed he can be a force to be reckoned with in Triple X especially with his entourage. Devil-Man showed why he is nicknamed ‘Mr Triple X Wrestling’ with his resilience in the face of diversity. A back and forth match, that could have gone either way, the DQ finish may look cheap but from a logical perspective it makes sense. Stryfe couldn’t beat Devil-Man alone so when Bull was aware of that they tried instead to injure Devil-Man.

AX Title Madness Part 3:

El Ligero steals Dragon Aisu’s 1PW Tag Title and runs into the Triple X ring. Aisu tries to bargain “Swap” to which the fans chant “Not worth s***”. Ligero then uses a Party Popper to shock Aisu into a quick roll up and becomes the NEW Ax Champion.

Smash Title fought under Submission ONLY rules
‘Suicidal, Suicidal, Suicidal’ Jimmy Havoc vs. Majik ©

Grey knocks Shelf down, Havoc applies a leg-lock to Majik but Majik is able to reach the ropes for the break. The fans clap, Majik puts Havoc in an arm-lock setting up for a leg-sweep before transitioning into the submission. Havoc returns with a backbreaker to which Majik shouts “Owww you t***” following this Havoc steals a page out of his Tag Partner’s playbook (Zack Sabre Jr) by applying an extended arm-bar. Shoulder thrusts by Majik, into his patented Russian leg-sweep. Havoc replies with forearms, shoulder thrusts and a sunset flip. Havoc locks in the Cattle Mutilation “Tap” chanted the fans and although he tried to struggle free Majik couldn’t take the pain and tapped out, with that Jimmy Havoc becomes NEW Smash Champion. The fans greet this with chants of “Jimmy, Jimmy”


Quentin Hard Styles announces that next month it will be Damned Nation vs. Jexodus and the losing team can’t team ever again in Triple X! He also cryptically states that a Former American Wrestling Champion will be coming to Triple X in March. The fans chant “Hogan” as the show ends.

Match Time: 16 minutes
Winner and NEW Smash Champion: Jimmy Havoc

My Thoughts:
Well I think that was an answer to those who (wrongly in my view) criticised Havoc! Havoc wrestled a more toned down style but this match is proof his technical wrestling skills are not to be sniffed at. He and Majik put forth a good wrestling match based around counters, reversals and counter reversals. The submission only rules added an interesting element to the match as Havoc is known for his high flying and brawling style could he really make Majik submit, Majik is a more technical wrestler so you would think this match would play into his hands. Never judge a book by its cover I guess is the lesson to be learned as Havoc made Majik submit to become the NEW Smash Champion. Good way to end the show!

AX Title Madness Part 4, 5 and 6:

A boxed person scrambles around the ring led by Ibrahim (it’s El Ligero), Ibrahim talks him into laying down and becomes the NEW Ax Champion. Blok Busta makes his way out and after figuring out which hand makes the Claw work submits Ibrahim to become NEW Ax Champion. As Blok Busta is making his way to the back Stiro attacks with a Dragon Sleeper and becomes the NEW Ax Champion. Grey shouts “100% angry baby” as the fans chant “We want more”

Overall Thoughts:
Pre Show Madness was fun! Sabre Jr vs. Aisu was a great advert for Pro Wrestling. Ibrahim vs. Ameen was highly entertaining with great microphone work by both men pre-match. Sidekicks vs. Kraze & Kirby was a good entertaining tag match, Stiro vs. Arriba-Tista vs. Stone was a fun comedy match with hilarious moments. Exodus vs. Jekkel did its job of continuing Damned Nation vs. Jexodus feud, Stryfe vs. Devil-Man was a good match in its own right. Havoc vs. Majik was a great way to end the show. Ax title madness that happened all show long was incredibly entertaining. Triple X without a doubt produces some of if not the very BEST bell to bell wrestling in the UK! It is so frustrating that only 45 fans turned out to see this great night of wrestling action.

Match of the Night:
Zack Sabre Jr vs. Dragon Aisu

Next Show:
Date: Sunday 6th January 2008
Time: 6pm
Price: £7
Location: Jolly Beggar, Coventry Skydome, Coventry, West Midlands.

Card thus far:

Losers never Tag in Triple X again!
Damned Nation vs. Jexodus

If you would like to find out more about Triple X: http://www.triplexwrestling.co.uk/ and http://www.myspace.com/triplexwrestling

If you would like to contact me: www.myspace.com/brummieol