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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brother Devon Interview On BTR

Courtesy of Adam Wilcox:

Between The Ropes
January 16th, 2008
Archived online at BetweenTheRopes.com

TNA’s Brother Devon of Team 3D fame appeared as a guest on the latest edition of Between the Ropes to discuss he and Brother Ray’s feud with the X Division, the breakup of America’s Most Wanted, rumors regarding a possible return to WWE, and more.

Devon is happy with how the Team 3D/X Division angle has progressed and is enjoying his role in the program. “I’m loving it. I think it’s very interesting; I think a lot of the fans are interested. A lot of people thought we were just going to come in here and beat the Hell out of these guys - which we pretty much are doing, but in the same sense, these guys are tough, they’re coming back, they’re making it quite interesting. We’re having a good time with these guys. They’re good guys, Alex and Sabin, and of course ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal. They’re a Hell of a talent, they’re good guys, and it’s great to work with them. The storyline, again, I feel is going great. We’re telling the story, we’re actually going in there and getting the fans involved, and the whole nine. Team 3D - The Dudley Boyz - are doing what we do best: We’re taking the old ECW Dudleys and bringing it to TNA.”

Devon addressed the recent rumors regarding a Dudley Boyz return to WWE when he and Brother Ray’s contracts expire with TNA. “The rumor was out there that we were going back to WWE and this and that. You know, we’re not opposed to going back to WWE. Right now, we’re happy and we’re content. We still have another year - our contract is up this September. So right now there’s no way that we can leave and go anywhere. We’re committed to TNA. We’re going to stay in TNA. If we can work out a deal where we can stay, that’s great. If not, we’ll move on. But as far as I’m concerned - and I’m pretty much sure I can speak for Bubba - we’re happy, we’re very content. Anything can happen at any given time. But this is professional wrestling - say one thing and you do another. But as far as I’m concerned, TNA has done the right thing by us, and there’s no reason to even ask for a release in our contract or anything like that. We are definitely dedicated to TNA, and if we can come to a deal in September to renew, then we will. If not, then we thank them and we move on. But to answer that rumor, no - we’re not leaving. We’ve got almost a year left on the contract and we have to fulfill it.”

Although TNA has increased their house show schedule, Devon pointed out that road time for the company’s performers still does not equate to WWE’s calendar. “I’m not opposed to a busy schedule … TNA is adding a lot of house shows, and they’re doing their thing as well. It still doesn’t compare to being on the road like WWE. I mean, that is a hectic schedule. I’m still in contact with some of the guys up there - we still say hi and shoot the stuff - and when they tell me some of the schedules that they have, it’s crazy. I remember a point in time when we were there, when me and Bubba were there; right after WrestleMania they would give us the week off. And then all of a sudden, I heard this past WrestleMania they flew overseas after WrestleMania was over. They didn’t even get a chance to go home. So, it is - it’s a grueling, grueling schedule that those guys go through. I don’t know - can my body still do it? Me and Bubba have been in this business fifteen years, and Vito (Vito DeNucci, professional wrestler and co-host of Between the Ropes), you know it’s hard as you get older. You maybe can still go in the ring, but the traveling kills you more than anything.”

Devon shared his feelings regarding the breakup of America’s Most Wanted last year and admits his disappointment on how the Team 3D-AMW program developed. “It could have been another Dudleys-Hardys or Dudleys-Christian and Edge. I was kind of disappointed when I heard they had broken up, because those two did have chemistry; they had timing, which is very, very hard for guys who they put together who haven’t been together that long to get the timing down that quick. They were really a great tag team when they were together, and it was sad for me to see them break up, because again, I felt there was a lot more that we could have done with them, and Hell, there was a lot more that they could have done for TNA. So, in my opinion, I wasn’t for the breakup, but they did. And secondly, out of each tag team there’s always a star, there’s always a breakout star. And it seems to me that ‘Cowboy’ had it. He had the charisma, he had all of that. And Chris, it just seemed like he never really got over by himself - not saying that ‘Cowboy’ was carrying him, it just seems like when you’re a unit together, that’s when you come out. And when a unit breaks up, sometimes that unit can go without him. And it seems that was the case. But I was sad to see Chris Harris go; I like Chris, Chris was a nice guy - I wish him the best at everything that he does.”

You can hear this interview (as well as the complete January 16th BTR broadcast) in its entirety - including Brother Devon’s thoughts on TNA’s recent trip to Japan, his outlook on training students at he and Brother Ray’s Team 3D Academy wrestling school, and more - at www.BetweentheRopes.com. Between the Ropes can be heard Wednesday nights online and archived at BetweentheRopes.com twenty-four hours a day.