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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Courtesy of Steve Rockamaniac:

In 2007, Kayfabe Commentaries quickly emerged as not only the rookie of the year when it came to wrestling DVD productions but quickly established itself as one of the big boys to consider you’re your looking to spend a few bucks on a new wrestling dvd, Their final production released in 2007 was yet another debuting series in their ever expanding lineup, “My Side Of The Story” where 2 men who at one point were locked in a famous feud are brought together to recall the glory days of their run together. First Seperately, being asked the same questions to see who remembers what and how, and then a reunion to give a final word on the memories of their feud. The first installment of this series looks as the famous 1984-85 feud between Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Tito Santana.

With a runtime of nearly 105 minutes a lot gets covered by these two men, but to host Sean Oliver’s credit, it does not dwell into the too minute of the feud’s details. Amongst the major topics covered is the beginning of the feud and how the injury angle where Greg busted up Tito’s knee came to be, Why they did not have a big match at Wrestlemania 1, The booking surrounding the title change, the angle where the IC title was destroyed, and the unbelievable story about where that title is today. Also included are some example promos from that time period, talk about whether their matches ever evolved into a shoot, and why they believed the feud was so believeable.

Although this DVD was informative and a interesting watch, I couldn’t help but find myself saying that the format needs to applied in a slightly different fashion. Tito and Greg, for the most part remembered their feud very well, and thus the answers were not all that different, in a way it become rather repetitive to watch both men answer the same way. This was most evident when the two reunited for a sit down, and almost couldn’t answer anything more without repeating what they just said minutes before, except their now face to face.

I would mark out for a future volume that much like KC’s You Shoot’s, would bring some controversy to the table, taking two men who remember certain parts of their feuds differently and have made it public that they disagree with each other, for example, Honky Tonk Man and Jake The Snake Roberts, they have made it known that they have differences in their view of how their feud played out, specifically around the guitar shot incident, if somehow they could get two guys like this together without evolving into a fist fight, it could make for a hell of a DVD. I do realize its hard to predict how two guys will remember a feud and whether they will get into a heated debate about it, but when I first heard of the new series its almost what I expected.

All this being said My Side Of The Story: Tito vs Greg is still something id recommend picking up, you will learn a lot about a feud that you may not of known much about. You even get a free commemorative booklet with the DVD that highlights all of the feud’s matchups, whether it be pre, during or post.

MY SIDE OF THE STORY: TITO VS GREG is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries. For more information or to order your own copy, head on over to www.kayfabecommentaries.com, Also feel free to check out our previous KC product reviews on maineventradio.com, include those for “Guest Booker with JJ Dillon” and “You Shoot: With The Honky Tonk Man,” Also we have recent reviews up for "Dark Rising featuring Christian Cage" and "The Oustiders Shoot Interview"