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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Funking Conservatory Press Release - Final Countdown 2008 - Empty Arena Match And Steel Cage

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Final Countdown - 2008

Quote from Dory Funk Jr. when asked to comment on his impending retirement match March 1, 2008 Sumo Hall for All Japan Pro Wrestling Company-

"My thanks to Keiji Muto, President of All Japan Pro Wrestling, for the opportunity to have my final wrestling match with All Japan Pro Wrestling Saturday March 1st at Tokyo's Sumo Hall."

"The honor and significance of this tour is overwhelming for me as I will be with some of the biggest Pro Wrestling Stars of Japan and I had the extreme privilege of being their Coach, Osama Nishimura, Masa Fuchi, Taiyo Kea (Maunakea Mossman), and Take Michinoku "

Accompanying Dory Funk Jr. on his retirement Tour and final show March 1, 2008 are talents from the Funking Conservatory as yet to be announced

The "Final Countdown" wrestling tour begins February 17th in Tokyo's Korakuen Hall and will end with Dory Funk Jr.'s retirement match to take place in Tokyo's Sumo Hall Saturday March 1st. The schedule for the tour is as follows:

February 17 (Sun) Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
February 18 (Mon) Shirakawa, Fukushima
February 21 (Thur) Shizuoka City, Shizuoka
February 22 (Fri) Yaita, Tochigi
February 23 (Sat) Hasuda, Saitama
February 24 (Sun) Maebashi, Gumma
February 26 (Tue) Matsumoto, Nagano
February 27 (Wed) Hitachi-naka, Ibaraki
February 28 (Thur) Tsukuba, Ibaraki

Final Match
Dory Funk Jr.'s Final Match - March 1 (Sat) Ryogoku Sumo Hall, Tokyo

Recently at the Funking Conservatory's !BANG! TV sound/video stage, the !BANG! TV Champion, Blain Rage, met Funking Conservatory World Champion, Shane Chung, with only a camera person to record the event and an official, "The Claw" Claudia Reiff to raise the hand of the winner of this violent confrontation.

Now on !BANG! TV in an "Empty Arena" hardcore rules match Blain Rage faces Shane Chung. This "Empty Arena," hard core rules match can now be seen at www.dory-funk.com. Click on the Steel Cage logo.

The next !BANG! TV Taping (All Matches Inside a Steel Cage) comes to the Funking Conservatory Sunday January 27th at 7:00pm. Two matches have been signed. Johnny Magnum will defend his U.S. Championship against Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye and Blain Rage will challenge Shane Chung for the Funking Conservatory World Championship. All matches on the card will take place "Inside a Steel Cage."

For ticket information and training schedules at the Funking Conservatory, call 352-895-4657 or visit www.dory-funk.com.