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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cyclon Capital Corporation Announces New Deals

Courtesy of Cyclon Capital Corporation:

NEW YORK--(February 05, 2008 )--Cyclon Capital Corporation, a diversified holding company, is in the process of establishing a worldwide lifestyle brand in the fields of entertainment and financial services. The company has sought out companies to acquire, contract or joint venture with in the areas of martial arts, gaming, music and potentially financial services. Today, Cyclon Capital announces new agreements with several entertainment companies to develop new subsidiaries furthering the vision to become a worldwide entertainment & lifestyle company.

Cyclon Strengthens Its Position in the Mixed Martial Arts Field

Cyclon has signed an agreement with the Cage Wars Production team of Patrick Mooney and Chris Kelly to transfer Cyclon’s Martial Arts X-treme business and Cage Wars into a new 76% subsidiary of Cyclon. Patrick Mooney and Chris Kelly, the new CEO of this Cyclon subsidiary, have been involved in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) production for over 10 years and were the team that brought the first-ever cage show to the UK. Their Cage Wars show has featured some of the world’s best fighters and today consistently sells out every show, due to high demand for their productions.

Mooney and Kelly have also produced MMA documentaries with Bobby Razak (Rites Of Passage, Invincible Warriors and Underdogs) along with live event DVDs and print media development. Cyclon believes this team has the experience and capability to build the Martial Arts X-treme brand into the European leader in MMA business.

Cyclon Establishes Its New Financial Division With eLolly

Cyclon has signed a letter of intent with eLolly AG to takeover all assets, trademarks, rights, software and database of the social online platform eLolly. eLolly is the leading and was the first social lending portal in more than 40 countries where individuals and potential non-institutional lenders are brought together.

eLolly was launched in February 2007, and currently has more than 27 million registered users on the platform. Cyclon will help eLolly to market its online portal worldwide, with a target of 100 million registered users on this matching platform.

Cyclon Outlines Its Strategy to Enter Gaming Business With Oddsetbet

Cyclon has signed a letter of intent with Prema EDV GmbH to buy 60% of the sports betting company Oddsetbet. Oddsetbet has 141 real betting shops and 270 betting terminals in Europe. Betting shops are social meeting places where people can bet on such sports as soccer, Formula 1 races, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, virtual soccer, dog and horse races, and more.

Oddsetbet is already a profitable company with (US) $11.4 million revenue and (US) $6.2 million profit for 2007. Cyclon will support the strategy of European expansion and growth inside a worldwide offline sports betting market.

About Cyclon Capital Corporation

Cyclon Capital Corporation is a diversified holding company, with planned operations in entertainment and financial services. The company intends to establish a lifestyle brand centered on a complete e-commerce model offering consumers an opportunity to experience extreme sports, gaming and financial services. It will complement this e-commerce model with a retail operation.

The statements in the press release that relate to the company's expectations with regard to the future impact on the company's results from new products or actions in development are forward-looking statements, within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The statements in this document may also contain "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Since this information may contain statements that involve risk and uncertainties and are subject to change at any time, the company's actual results may differ materially from expected results.

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