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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Southern All Star Wrestling Episode 30

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

Airdate February 2, 2008 on Comcast 74 in Nashville
Taped on January 4, 2008 at the SAW Arena in Millersville, Tn

Southern All Star Wrestling is now available for internet viewing at
Courtesy of The Superstation TV.

Right to the opening montage. The video recap of highlights from the previous week was conspicuous by its absence.

Jack Johnson and Michael St. John opened the show from ringside. He’s back this week and the fans love him, former WWE Superstar Ugene. Tribal Nation is also in the house. We will see highlights from the steel cage match between Hammerjack and “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant. SAW starts NOW!

(1) Rick Santel beat Chris Cane in 3:24. Johnson said Santel did charity work and was an all around nice guy. Cane punched Santel in the stomach and started talking smack. Cane got near falls with a leg lariat, a kick to the kidneys, and a standing dropkick. Santel ducked a haymaker and decked Cane to start his comeback. The fans weren’t all that excited by it. Santel used a flying forearm and a T-bone suplex to soften up his vertically challenged opponent. Cane ducked under Santel’s mad charge into the corner and rolled him up. Cane griped to referee Ricky Bell about the count and fell prey to the Santel Slam (starts like an exploder suplex and ends like a TKO).

TONIGHT! TONIGHT! TONIGHT! February 2: The Last Stop in Columbia at Morton’s Auction House. Arrick Andrews vs. Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) and in the main event Hammerjack vs. Valiant (with Miss Boogie) in a Last Man Standing Match.

(2) Ugene beat Vic the Bruiser (with Kory Williams) in 7:40. Homicidal Tendencies were wearing Indian headdresses to mock Tribal Nation. Tendencies proceeded to mock Ugene, who proceeded to take control. Johnson said Ugene had special person strength. Ugene landed a series of Tojo Yamamoto chops and donned the headdress. St. John said he was doing his best Wahoo McDaniel (I’m thinking Wahoo was rolling in his grave.) Wiliams distracted Ugene and it was time to punish the retard. Vic put Ugene on the canvas with a Koko Butt that knocked his own self for a loop. Ugene used doggy style headbutts and gave Vic the fire hydrant treatment. Ugene busted out the Iron Claw. Ugene spied Williams wearing his super-special person cape, and got into a tug of war. Vick jumped him. Cut to a shot of Williams wearing the cape doing the James Brown “Good foot.” The crowd got behind Ugene. He hulked up, hit a Rockbottom and finished Vic with the People’s Elbow.

Ugene no sold a postmatch attack by Williams and made a superman comeback. Tendencies doubled up on him and set up a tandem clothesline, but Ugene slid out of the ring to safety. Tendencies were furious about being outsmarted.

NWA Top Rope returns Lebanon on February 9 at the Wilson County Fairgrounds with a 7:30 bell time. See all the stars of SAW including Kid Kash, Ugene, Andrews, Hammerjack, Boogie Woogie Boy, Tribal Nation and the Bomb Squad.

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Visionaries of Wrestling returns to Millersville tonight (February 2).

(3) Chris Bomb beat Big Rig Bully in 5:02. Bully took a sky high backdrop right out of the box. Bully was a bumping machine. But Bomb telegraphed a backdrop, and Bully delivered an elbow to the base of the neck. Bully blew snot on Bomb and kicked a field goal with his midsection. The trash talking by Bully was non-stop. St. John brought up the time he challenged “Goofy” Alabama Governor Bob Riley to get in the ring. St. John knew he could beat a Disney character. Bully hit a picture perfect leg lariat and paused to admire his work before making the cover. Johnson said Bully’ winless record in SAW was not a true reflection of his ability. Bully whipped Bomb into the corner charged like an out of control 18 wheeler. Nobody home and a first face shot into the turnbuckle. Roll up for 1-2-3.

Cut to a Hammerjack promo.

Gary Valiant, you see, I’ve beat your brains out. I’ve put you in the hospital. I’ve tried to break your neck. I’ve embarrassed you in front of your friends, your family, your wife, your children, and nothing seems to be stop you…We’ve had cage matches, chain matches, we’ve done this over and over, and the powers that be said this is going to stop February 2. You’re not coming back. This is the end of your career, Gary, I promise you. You’re going to find you can’t turn your back on Hammerjack. This is the last time.

(4) Indian Nation (Indian Outlaw & Lennox Lightfoot) beat Law & Order (Jason James & Lawrence Lane) via DQ in 8:13. St. John compared Nation to the great Indian teams of the 50s and 60s. Lane’s blistering chops didn’t phase Outlaw. Johnson said he was used to those Indian burns. This was total domination by Nation. They tore up Lane’s arm. In an amazing show of power (cough) James whipped Outlaw over the top rope, and L & O started getting heat on him. Tendencies came out to the desk to run their mouths. They accused the promotion of bringing Ugene in to make them look like fools, and the fake ce-gar Indians were going to suffer for it.

Tonto never had dreadlocks, did he?

Lightfoot made a blind tag and hit a double tomahawk chop off the top on L & O. Nation smoked Lane with a double dropkick. Tendencies had seen enough. They hit the ring for a DQ beatdown, but Nation made their own ring clearing save. Williams went ballistic and started throwing everything he could find into the ring. Nation picked up the plunder, and an enraged Vic moaned about their use of weapons.

I’m sick of you stinking Indians. Why don’t you go back to where you belong? Why don’t you go back to your reservation? Go back to selling slurpees. Go back to 7-11. I don’t give a damn where you go, but get out of SAW, before we hurt ya’.

The closing seconds of the Hammerjack/Valiant steel cage match aired. A battered and bleeding Boogie Woogie Boy won it with a small package. Big pop for the surprise finish. Johnson said it was the most brutal, violent match in SAW history and neither man was going to be the same for a long, long time. Hammerjack brought the sledgehammer into the cage. Santel grabbed the sledge and was threatening to use it on Hammerjack, when he wheeled around and jabbed it into Valiant’s knee. Santel ordered Hammerjack to lock the door, cuffed Boogie and started pounding lumps on him with a crazed look in his eyes. Johnson said he was a nut case. Valiant took a hellish beating while handcuffed to the cage. No key. It was panic city. Reno Riggins tried to scale the cage, but Santel used the sledge to keep him at bay. Ugene picked the lock to bring the carnage to an end. Not wanting to get bludgeoned, SAW officials were cautious about ordered the heels out of the cage. St. John predicted suspensions. Cut to a close up of Santel having his 15 seconds of evil triumph.

It’s the Millersville Madhouse for sure.

Closing Thoughts: Storywise, Santel’s heel turn was well-crafted and geared for maximum outrage. No foreshadowing here. This was a Judas like betrayal, set up in the previous episode when Santel came to Valiant’s rescue and then later prevented an injured Valiant from making a bad decision. Johnson’s reference to Santel’s charity work was the icing on the cake. As for the turn hit itself, Santel was a complete dick. Valiant looked like death. Santel/Cane was the best wrestling on the show, along with Big Rig’s performance. This was the first time I had seen Bomb wrestle. I’m guessing Bully made him look about as good as he can look. Cane is deceivingly athletic and has great ups for a little guy. This show may have been also signaled a turn of sorts for Homicidal Tendencies. They had been running roughshod over SAW since gaining the tag titles, while playing the role of cool heels that didn’t appear to take the whole thing very seriously. Tendencies were past due for the dose of comeuppance dished out during this hour, and their threats to up the violence and evilness was right on the money. The Indians have definitely upped their intensity. I don’t ever want to see a babyface holding a janitor’s broom though. Nation switched things up and had Outlaw taking the heat. He did a good selling for his smaller opponents. I guess they got all the mileage possible out of ridiculing Sharped Dress Man last week, so now he’s just plain old Lawrence Lane. Ugene’s gimmick is not the kind of thing that’s going to wear well over the long haul. It will be interested to see what direction they take with him. St. John was tons on commentary than last week, and there was a better mesh between him and Johnson. A pretty OK show this week.