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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Courtesy of Steve Rockamaniac:

With steroids and drug abuse being the hot topic in professional wrestling nowadays, its no surprise that we are also hearing more and more about the grueling lives that pro wrestlers have to endure when it comes to being on the road for 300 plus days a year.

“Life in the Fast Lane” is the new documentary from Outside The Ropes which is being distributed nationally by Big Vision Entertainment. It promises to depict “The real life of pro wrestlers on the road as told by the stars themselves. The DVD boasts a long list of over 20 wrestling legends and superstars, including the likes of Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Dusty Rhodes and Jake Roberts, It also features the stars who have succumbed to the wrestling life such as Eddy Guerrero and Chris Candido. But how is all this possible? I mean not since Beyond The Mat has such a long list of stars been featured together in a single production. However through the magic of video editing and the immense 15 year archive of RF Video footage, all these legends and more come together to tell the story of a wrestler on the road.

Although the DVD’s back cover claims “these are candid moments never before captured for the public to witness” that is for the most part not true, ”Life on the Fast Lane” is a compilation of clips from different shoot interviews that RF Video has done over the years, specifically edited to show the stars talking of their roughest and most enjoyable days on the road.

The easy way to sum up this DVD for you the fan is to ask if you enjoy hearing some of your favourite wrestlers road stories. Whether it be a serious one, a goofy one, or a recalling of a good rib, on “Life in the fast lane” you will get mini story and mini story from wrestlers of the past 30 years.

Usually when we interview a star here on The Main Event, we ask the question of whether they have a good road story to tell, so I’d be a hypocrite to say that I didn’t enjoy the content of the DVD, But looking beyond the content I think the major flaw of this documentary is that there is basically no direction, its a lot of randomness packed into a hour and a half main feature and a hour of deleted scenes. What I mean by that is there Is no similar storyline followed, like all drug related stories in one chapter, then all rib related stories in another, it just bounces back and forth.

That being said if you have not been one who has watched every single shoot interview that RF Video has put out over the years and want to laugh it up hearing some of the best road stories these guys have to offer then Life in the Fast Lane is worth the look.

Some funny stories include Ric The Model Martel getting naked on a road trip and being left on the side of the road, Chris Candido/Tammy Sytch/and the Sandman partying in Dallas one night and not remembering how all three ended up with the same strip club outfits on the next day, and how Davey Boy Smith worked a car rental place into giving him a refund and free future rentals after he and the boys had beat up their rental van while touring in Toronto.

Some serious stories include Matt Hardy finding out Lita was cheating on him with Edge, Don Muraco being informed of Eddie Gilberts 1983 car crash, and Eddie Guerrero realizing that his alcoholic lifestyle was destroying his life.

There are also some bonus matches included on the DVD such as The Sandman vs Jake The Snake Roberts, Super Crazy vs Tajiri, Eddie Guerrero vs Low Ki and a editon of Pipers Pit featuring Kevin Von Erich as the guest.

“Outside the ropes presents: Life in the fast lane” is available now on DVD from Big Vision Entertainmen for the low price of 14.98$. For more information on this and other Big Vision DVD’s head over to www.bvdvd.com, And check out all of our other DVD reviews at www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm