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Monday, March 3, 2008

Chikara King Of Trios 2008 Results + Notes: Night 3 (3/2)

Courtesy of "Big" Art Shimko:

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Another lively crowd attended The New Alhambra Arena

(Viking Hall) in South Philadelphia Sunday evening to witness the conclusion of Chikara's King Of Trios tournament, perhaps their biggest opening-season offer ever. Before the show began it was announced that the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission named Chikara the top pro wrestling promotion in the state, good for them! Attendance was estimated around 550, looked a bit more to me but then again I suck at head counts.

Quarterfinal #1: The Colony defeated Team FIST

I was happy to see FIST get eliminated early on, seems that either them or Quack's team usually make it to the finals in these tourneys, not this time though. Perhaps the best opening match of the weekend, some nice fast-paced work between both teams working each other like hell, Akuma gets the Ant Hill and Fire Ant pins him to advance.

Quarterfinal #2: Team Mexico defeated Quakenbush, Skayde & Shane Storm

A bit of a horrendous opening as Shane and Lince are not connecting at all, botchings galore. Skayde and Pantera take the match an enjoyable, action-packed part of the match, these could fucking WORK. Quack and Skayde double-teamed and it such greatness. Pantera rolled Quack up for the pin, another great one.

Quarterfinal #3: BLK OUT defeated Team Japan

Boy did these guys beat the ever-living shit out of each other, stiffapalooza from the start as both teams were relentless in striking offense that would slap the smell and taste out of you. Kingston backfists SUSUMU for the pin.

Quarterfinal #4: Incoherence & Helios defeated The Fab Three

Decent showing from both teams, Incoherence & Helios get the win following Shadows Over Hell from Delirious and a shooting star press by Helios onto Sweeney. Post match, The Fab Three beat the shit out of Incoherence & Helios and FIST challenge them to a rematch for Chikara's Philly return on 4/20.

Demolition wins the Tag Team Guantlet

Order of eliminations:

- The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) defeated North Star Express (Ryan Cruz & Darrin Corbin) submission (crossface/boston crab)

- Southern Saints (Shawn Reed & Marcus O’Neil) defeated The Kartel via dragonrana from O’Neil onto Samuels

- Chivas defeated the Saints via Doomsday Device on O'Neil

- Chivas defeated the Super Smash Bros.

- Go & Shimizu defeated the Chivas via submission

- Sara Del Ray & Bobby Dempsey defeated Go & Shimizu when Dempsey hit the Death Valley Driver on Go

- Hydra and Crossbones defeated Sara Del Ray & Bobby Dempsey when Dempsey tapped to the Hydra-lock

- Demolition defeated Hydra and Crossbones via Demolition Decapitator on Hydra

Semifinals #1: BLK OUT defeated Incoherence & Helios via DQ

Hallowicked and Eddie Kingston slapped the shit out of each other, the feud's still brewing folks... Joker made like he got hit in the nuts intentionally by Hallowicked and referee Bryce Remsburg called for the bell and DQ'ed him giving BLK OUT a spot in the finals. Bryce got a lot of that Icarus heat.

Semifinal #2: Team Mexico defeated The Colony

Decent effort from both teams, some goof who I saw all weekend roaming around the arena finally did a run-in but was cut off by the Ants, turns out it was the former Equinox. Team Mexico worked on Worker Ant and Incognito hit a moonsault for the pin.

Vin Gerard (formerly Equinox) defeated Glacier, Reno Diamond and Martin Stone in a four-way elimination match

Stone pinned Diamond, Glacier pinned Stone and there was quite a bit of heat between Vin and Glacier, he worked on Glacier's knees for a bit and Stone stuck around beating on Glacier. Vin rolls Glacier up for the pin.

m.c. KZ defeated Michael Nakazawa

The rapping Japanese guy against the oily, slippery Japanese guy. Lots of funny slipping spots, slipping out of holds and such, wackiness and some PG-13-rated stuff here. KZ hits the frogsplash on Nakazawa for the win.

Chiva II, Create A Wrestler, Tim Donst and Arik Cannon defeated Osirian

Portal and Los Ice Creams

Thankfuly this was a quick match as all eight men put each other in sleeper holds, Donst was at the end and won the match for his team putting everyone to sleep.

KOT Finals: Team Mexico defeated BLK OUT

Kingston drew lots of heat throughout the match making convulsion movements mocking Lince, lots of great back-and-forth action as both teams got offense on each other. Joker tried to do the fake-out spot with getting hit in the nuts, looked like referee Bryce Remsburg was going to buy it but at the last minute he redeemed himself with the fans and didn't go for it. Lince got back at Kingston tapping him out with the Chikara Special.

This was a great way for Chikara to kick off their 2008 season, and it was cool to see some old friends for the last few days.

Thanks to Chikara and its talent and participants for giving the fans three great days of wrestling. Thanks also to ChikaraFans.com for help with filling in some details for my reports.