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Monday, March 3, 2008

WWE House Show - Muncie, Indiana (March 2, 2008)

Courtesy of Michael Weaver, Jr.:

MARCH 2, 2008

The show began with WWE SmackDown! General Manager Assistant, Teddy Long coming out to the ring along with the 2007 Diva Search winner, Eve Torres. Long said the crowd was in for a good night and a lot of fun because Vickie Guerrero was not in the building. He then introduced Eve, who was standing next to him, to the crowd. Long announced two big matches: ECW World Champion, Chavo Guerrero will defend his championship against CM Punk and WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Edge teams up with The Big Show to take on The Undertaker and Finlay. Eve then announced that there would be a Divas Tag Team Match featuring Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly versus Victoria and Layla El. Long said it was time to get the party started and our first match was to begin. He asked for ECW referee, Scott Armstrong to enter the ring. Long said that Armstrong didn't win Referee of the Year but he's the Referee of the Night. Eve went and sat next to ring announcer Justin Roberts while Teddy Long shook everyone's hand at ringside and down the isle. He even talked with a few of the fans.

1. Kofi Kingston pinned Shelton Benjamin.

2. Big Daddy V (with Matt Striker) pinned Kevin Thorn. Thorn was billed as hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana.

3. Jamie Noble pinned Domino. Before the match, Noble asked Eve to give him a kiss on the cheek and she did.

4. WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz & John Morrison defeated Jesse & Festus to retain the titles when Miz pinned Festus. Eve was the ring announcer for this match. When the champions made it to the ring, Morrison shushed the crowd but that only made them yell louder. Miz then grabbed the microphone and stated that the fans need to do what the champions tell them to do. He then asked Eve if she was staring at the Chick Magnet and Shaman of Sexy. Miz told Eve he was going to let her dreams come true by taking the shirt off of Morrison. Eve actually did take the shirt off and then playfully slapped Morrison with the shirt. The champions won the match when Miz kicked Festus in the genitals region. After the match, Jesse asked Eve to come into the ring. Eve kissed Festus on the cheek and then Eve and Jesse proceeded to slap the head of Festus to fire him up.

5. WWE United States Champion, "MVP" Montel Vontavious Porter came out for a special VIP Lounge. He said it was hard to find a good leather couch in Muncie and that alcohol isn't sold on Sundays so he couldn't find any Crystal. He said his guest had been on the show before but things got out of hand and he wanted to apologize to the guest and try to make things good with him. I think the fans thought it was going to be Ric Flair as several "Woooooooooos!" could be heard throughout the building. However, MVP introduced the Freebird, Michael PS Hayes. MVP welcomed Hayes to the VIP Lounge and told him about the set issues. He said the last time Hayes was on the show, it was to promote his DVD about World Class Championship Wrestling and he wanted to know how it was doing. Hayes said the DVD did good and he wanted to thank everyone who bought it. He said for those that haven't, for them to go get a copy because it's truly about the message that is in the DVD. He said the message was that people played hard back then but in the end they ended up getting played. MVP then said for all the kids in the audience to heed Hayes advice and not to do drugs or abuse alcohol. MVP reminded the world that Hayes was a mentor to The Hardy Boyz. Hayes told MVP that he didn't come out to have MVP talk like that (negatively against The Hardy Boyz) and if he wanted to do that he could do it by himself. MVP said not to leave that he was sorry. He said Hayes never held a major singles title except for the US belt for a whole thirty days. MVP said he's the longest reigning US Champion in WWE history. Hayes wanted to know how MVP felt about Batista beating him for the belt this coming Friday on SmackDown. MVP said he didn't need to go there but since he did, MVP was going to talk about how it must've made Hayes upset when he realizes that he "raised" the Hardy Boyz in the WWE and neither of them have held a major singles championship like the WWE Championship (WEAVER'S NOTE: Neither has MVP so what's his point? LOL) and it must've upset Hayes when he took Matt Hardy out of action awhile back. Hayes said he was going to whip his but and proceeded to take his jacket off. He then said he wasn't going to do it. Instead he introduced a returning Matt Hardy who ran to the ring and performed the Twist of Fate on MVP. MVP made his way back to the locker room while Hardy and Hayes celebrated in the ring.

6. Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly defeated Victoria and Layla El when McCool pinned Layla.

7. ECW World Champion, Chavo Guerrero pinned CM Punk to retain the championship. It appeared that Punk may have injured his right knee. Either that or it was a set-up for an angle they will use on television. If their match this Tuesday is half as good as this match was, it could be a Match of the Year candidate. The only issue I had with this match wasn't with either athlete. It was with the fans. I find it highly upsetting that when Chavo goes to pay respect to his late uncle, Eddie Guerrero by using the Three Amigos and the Frog Splash, the fans boo him. I really don't think Chavo is doing anything "in character." He's trying to really pay respect to Latino Heat and it almost sickens me to hear fans boo him when he pays respect, just because he's a "bad guy."

8. In the main event, The Undertaker and Finlay defeated WWE World Champion, Edge and The Big Show when Undertaker pinned Edge. I would dare say that Edge's heel status as hot as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's was back in the 1980s. I have never heard a building get so loud just to boo somebody. Edge slowly walked to the ring and would tear up three posters he saw at ringside. He even argued with a couple of fans. When Edge made it to the ring he stated that the fans need to realize that history was standing before them in the form of two men who will change the face of WrestleMania. Edge said The Big Show is going to destroy Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Edge is going to end the streak of The Undertaker. He reminded fans that he too is undefeated. (WEAVER'S NOTE: Technically Edge's streak was ended last year when he didn't win the Money In The Bank match.) The Undertaker and Finlay became victorious when The Undertaker tombstoned Edge and pinned him.

I would like to take this time to reveal a situation that happened before the show even began. As most of you know, I am handicapped and sometimes I walk with a cane. I can't really walk a lot of steps so I use elevators when they're available. When I went ot use the elevator, I saw Jesse and Festus standing over against the wall. I asked the security guard if I could ask them for their autograph and he said to go ahead. I asked, "Excuse me Festus and Jesse. Could I get your autographs real quick?" Jesse proceeded to groan and stated "We're not allowed to do that." and walked away. In the words of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - if you think Jesse was full of crap, give me a HELL YEAH! I don't believe Jesse for one minute and I think it's absolutely pathetic that he lied to a fan. It was just a few months ago that no one even knew who they were and now they're too good to give autographs? I know a lot of the wrestlers do a lot of good, as evident in the WWE video regarding the Make-A-Wish foundation last week but sometimes wrestlers like Jesse and Festus give the good ones a bad name. Trust me, I will never ask Jesse and Festus for an autograph again.

Don't forget WWE stays in Indiana tonight for a live broadcast of RAW. WU Online will have another report regarding this event.