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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

FIP Headlines For 3.19.08!!!

Courtesy of Full Impact Pro:

Strong vs. Aries Signed For This Saturday

"Unfinished Business" is the best way to describe the issue between Roderick Strong and Austin Aries. Now FIP will see the next chapter. FIP World Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong will put the belt on the line against arch-rival Austin Aries this Saturday when FIP returns to Crystal River, FL. These two have battled in one of ROH's most intense feuds. Aries defeated Davey Richards at the last FIP event to become the #1 contender. Now this epic war is coming to Florida and the FIP World Heavyweight Title is on the line (check www.FullImpactPro.com for building and ticket info).

"It is going to be a great week for me in Florida," Aries said. "First, I win the FIP World Heavyweight Title this Saturday in Crystal River. Then one week later on March 29th I win the ROH World Title in Orlando. Remember something Roderick Strong, I beat you the last two times we met. That belt is mine."

"It will be so sweet when I defeat Austin this Saturday," Strong said. "Last time in Crystal River I proved that this belt means more to be than anything. It means more than the fans applause. It means more than any past history I have with Erick Stevens. There is nothing more important than this and now I will finally get a chance to shut Austin up for good."

Unique ROH World Title Match Signed For Crystal River

ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness promised he would defend the belt in FIP. He will keep his promise this Saturday in Crystal River, FL. The Ring Of Honor World Title will be on the line and a unique challenger has stepped up.

This challenger has secured an open contract from the FIP office. He boasts an undefeated record in ROH. In fact, he defeated a man that pinned McGuinness last weekend. These credentials plus some negotiating have made Larry Sweeney the man to challenge McGuinness this Saturday.

"(loud laughing) I said I would change the face of ROH," Sweeney said. "Now my hostile takeover will be complete when I, Larry Sweeney, win the ROH World Title in Crystal River. Then I'll take the belt into Orlando and defend it against Austin Aries. You losers of Crystal River are looking at the new ROH World Champion and there ain't no doubt about it."

Tyler Black, Briscoes In Hot Pursuit Of The YRR

Jay & Mark Briscoe will make their return to FIP this Saturday and they want the FIP Tag Team Titles back. Kenny King & Jason Blade won the belts from The Briscoes in controversial fashion last November and The Briscoes have yet to get a rematch. The Briscoes even jumped The YRR in Boston at a ROH event last January. Now The YRR have stated that The Briscoes must earn a title rematch.

This Saturday in Crystal River, FL will see FIP Florida Heritage Champion Sal Rinauro team with one half of the tag champs Kenny King to take on The Briscoes. This will be non-title since the other half of the FIP tag champs Jason Bade isn't in the match. If The Briscoes defeat The YRR this Saturday they will get a shot in the future. If they don't, they will never get a rematch for the FIP Tag Team Titles against The YRR.

The other half of the tag champs Jason Blade has challenged Tyler Black of The Age Of The Fall to a bout. Black was quick to accept. Blade and the rest of The YRR hate Black for luring Lacey & Rain away from The YRR. Black is looking to even score against The YRR for a controversial loss to Rinauro last month. Lacey & Rain will be in Black's corner and it will be interesting to see what role they play. The YRR will be faced with their enemies this Saturday in Crystal River.

Mysterious Masked Men In Action This Saturday

Black Market is still out of action after last month. Two mysterious masked men attacked Joey Machete outside his house putting him in the hospital. They then jumped Shawn Murphy at the show and brutally attacked him. We were sent a message that the mysterious masked men will be back in Crystal River, FL this Saturday. Will they reveal themselves? What will they do next? Can anyone stop them? Be there this Saturday and find out.

The Skinny On This Saturday

Full Impact Pro is ready to return to action this Saturday. Last month saw several new developments. What will happen now when FIP brings in all the best talent from the United States. Here is the skinny on this Saturday:

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008 - Unfinished Business 2008
National Guard Armory
8551 W. Venable St., Crystal River, FL 34429
Doors open at 7:30 pm and show starts at 8 pm
Tickets are $20 Ringside, $15 GA & Kids 13 and under $10 GA
Advance tickets - $12 GA & Kids 13 and under $8 GA
To purchase advance tickets call (352) 422-4582 or go to www.FullImpactPro.com

FIP World Heavyweight Title Match
Roderick Strong defends vs. Austin Aries

ROH World Title Match
Nigel McGuinness vs. Larry Sweeney

Grudge Tag Team Match
Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Sal Rinauro & Kenny King of The YRR

Grudge Match
Tyler Black with Lacey & Rain vs. Jason Blade of The YRR

Already signed:

- Erick Stevens
- Delirious
- Seth Delay
- Jigsaw
- Trenesha
- Rex Sterling
- Damien Wayne
- Shane Hagadorn
- ROH Top Of The Class Trophy Holder Ernie Osiris
- Plus others including the mysterious masked men who attacked Black Market!!!