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Sunday, March 9, 2008

News from www.infamousjaymoore.com

Courtesy of www.infamousjaymoore.com (as if you didn't know):

March 9 2008

Old School Pro Wrestling

Last night in Buffalo New York Jay Moore made his debut for OSPW. Jay Moore was appearing to manage the tag team of lite's out as they were set to take on the bone crushers.

Jay was making his way to the venue in Buffalo at around 1 30 pm Saturday Afternoon as he was driving through the severe snow storm, his vehicle spun out of control on hwy 406 in Thorold near Beaverdams Road. Moore had just bought a 2005 Chevy Blazer the day before, and completly damaged the front end of the vehicle when his truck hit the concrete barrier on the side of the highway. Jay was not injured in the incident and did manage to straighten the vehicle out enough to get back on the road. When he did, for some reason he continued on his way to the venue.

Moore arrived at the venue at approximitly 5 pm after having a brief lunch. He found out he was set to appear with lite's out in the fourth match.

Jay, was not at all happy with what went on earlier in the day but was settling in and happy to make his debut at ospw.

Jay did a quick interview with a radio brodcaster, took some pictures, then went out to manage his tag team.

Match seemed to be going rather well and the team of lites out and Jay Moore seemed to get a good response from the crowd on there debut.

Lites out was not victorious in the match however as they could not match strength with the nearly 680 pound combined weight of the soman tag team the bone crushers.

At the end of the match while the Bonecrusher's were getting their hand raised, Moore was on top of the ring, about to climb in, when from out of nowhere one of the bonecrushers threw Moore off the side of the ring. In one of the worst moments ever seen in this buisness, Moore landed head first on the concrete floor of the building knocking him completly unconscious. The crowd went absolutly silent as they could'nt believe what they had just witnessed and seconds later a pool of blood was pouring from his head. Security had rushed over to check on him but Moore was not responding to anything. A New York State athletics doctor rushed to ringside to examine Moore and quickly demanded a ambulance on scene. The paramedics arrived and strethchered Moore out of the building to a local hospital. Moore had recieved 13 stitches to the back of his head and suffered a severe concussion, however regained consiousness at around 10 30 Pm. Moore is currently still admitted at the Buffalo General Hospital at 100 High Street in Buffalo New York but it is said that he should be ok and scheduled to be released Monday Morning. At this time Moore says he is fine and will still go through with upcoming bookings he has scheduled. All questions and concerns will be answered by Jay, you can email him Jay@infamousjaymoore.com

TWA Powerhouse
March 9th

TWA house show in St Catharines was cancelled today, but is tenativelly scheduled for next Saturday March 15th
1 Abbott Road
St Catharines
for info 905 932 5892

April 5th
Knights of Colubus Hall
66 East Main Street
Welland Ontario

May 3
Buffalo New York

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