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Sunday, March 2, 2008

RESULTS: Power Trip Wrestling - "Pushing Limits" - 1st Anniversary Show - Saturday 1st March - Luton

Courtesy of www.powertripwrestling.co.uk:

What an amazing, loud, and emotional evening in Luton. The evening started as a beaming PTW Owner Peter Staniforth came out, and thanked the crowd for coming out, and then referenced various people who have played a vital part in PTW's 1 year history so far. After mentioning Shabazz's birthday, suddenly a ghost from Peter's past appeared..... Catastrophe The Clown.

Peter's nerves were rattled, as the last time Catastrophe was in PTW, he put a pie in Peter's face. Peter was clever, or so he thought this time, and moved out of the way so that his bodyguard 'GoldenGloves' Paul McSherry took it. As Peter apologised to Paul, and said 'Well, it's in the contract, you protect me', a finger tapped on Peter's shoulder - and a pie went straight in his face! The crowd laughed as Peter said that it was time to 'get on with the show' and that he had 'a clown to chase with his Clipboard'....

* The Dark Angel' Mayhem w/Dan Edge defeated Simon Lazenby. Mayhem was making his PTW/Luton debut, and made quite the impression as he took the victory.

* CWC Tag Team Championship Match - Beer Fuelled Violence defeated Wilde London (Craig London & JK Wilde). The popular team of BFV are continuing their winning streak in PTW, and beat the debuting Wilde London. Craig London & JK Wilde looked good in defeat though, and it would be fair to speculate that they will be back in PTW soon.

* In a 'Flag Match', Rich McClane defeated Al-Jihad. Jihad travelled all the way from America for this match, and was looking to take the victory, but the former Rich N' Famous - now Rich McClane - took the win, and has clearly become a changed man, who now appreciates the support of the fans.

* Team PTW (Paul McSherry, 'Exotic' Leo Dekker, Kyle Kraze, w/Peter Staniforth) defeated Team CWL (Mr Portugal, Jay Cool, Dragonian, w/Dan Edge). A wild six man tag team encounter, saw Team PTW take the victory. Kyle Kraze, for reasons best known to himself, saw it fit to dress up as John Cena for the evening - with the moveset, clothes, and all! The Clipboard of Doom was swinging in this one, as Peter Staniforth knocked out all three members of Team CWL; as PTW showed it's dominance and took the popular victory on it's first birthday.

* Ricky 'The Dreamboat' Regis & Frantastic defeated Braddock and Lucian, when Braddock shockingly turned on his partner, and sided with Regis and his former tag team partner Frantastic. After the match, the three were beating down Lucian, as Shabazz made the save. A furious Lucian demanded a match at PTW's next show with one of the three responsible; and PTW Owner Peter Staniforth granted it happily.

* PTW Cruiserweight Title Match - G 'The Ghetto Superstar (c) defeated 'UK Rocker' Shannon Hammer, Seb Drea, 'The White Light' Kevin Carter w/Aphrodite, and '100 %' Dan Edge; to retain the championship. This match was probably PTW's best cruiserweight match in it's history, and is worth the price of the DVD alone when released.

* FWF Heavyweight Title Match - Dr Gangreen (c) defeated 'Exotic' Leo Dekker. This was the first time that Belgian wrestling promotion FWF talent has appeared in the United Kingdom, and it's first ever title defence on UK soil. Dr Gangreen retained the title, in a good mat based encounter.

* Main Event - PTW Heavyweight Title Match - Three Countries Collide! - PTW Heavyweight Champion Shabazz (c) (England) w/Peter Staniforth defeated Micken (Scotland), and "The Bull" Roberto Lequimez (Belgium). The wildly popular Shabazz retained his title, but at a price as he was attacked by a bitter Al-Jihad and Dan Edge. Jihad took out a rope, and choked Shabazz in the middle of the ring; as Peter Staniforth went ballistic at ringside, screaming for help from the back. No less than the debuting eXodus came out, clearly a back up plan of Peter's if anything like this had happened; and completely decimated Edge with a evil chokeslam. Jihad possibly had it worse, with a tombstone piledriver on the concrete floor leaving him unconscious. Lequimez would go on to challenge Shabazz to a future PTW title shot, which was accepted by Shabazz.

And to finish the evening? Clown related insanity, as only PTW can deliver.... As Peter took the microphone, and spoke of the birthday of 'my best damn friend in the world, the one guy who always has my back', PTW Heavyweight Champion Shabazz; Catastrophe The Clown appeared once more. Peter was visibly bothered by this, and told Catastrophe that 'I may be a nice guy, but if you come near me with a pie again; there WILL be trouble'. A pie was raised, and Peter moved quickly for Shabazz to be the recepient. Mirroring events from the start of the show, Staniforth was laughing somewhat and called it 'a birthday present'; but as he turned around he took a pie in the face for a second time in the evening; much to the crowd's amusement. Peter tried to keep his cool, as he announced PTW would return to Stevenage on Saturday April 19th. He thanked the fans for coming out, and the show finished with the words that all PTW shows seem to finish with - "We are Power Trip Wrestling....and we love you too!"