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Saturday, April 19, 2008

MMA Clothing Retailer MMAWarehouse.com Has Hostility For The UK

Courtesy of MMAWarehouse.com:

MMA clothing retailer MMAWarehouse.com announces an exclusive UK distributor partnership with the Hostility Clothing line.

Northbrook, IL (April 19, 2008) -- MMAWarehouse.com, one of the largest MMA clothing retailers in the U.S., announced the launch of a new relationship with Hostility Clothing to become the brand's exclusive outlet for customers in the United Kingdom.

Hot on the heels of the April 19th UFC event where UK superstar, Michael "The Count" Bisping, would be wearing the company's clothing before and after his bout, Hostility realized that it did not have the means to deliver their product to an expected influx of UK customers. The company immediately contacted MMAWarehouse.com, who fulfills tens of thousands of orders globally every year. Coincidentally, the online retailer also happened to be sponsoring "The Count" that weekend, as well as Nate "Rock" Quarry, another Hostility sponsored fighter.

Seeing a partnership that made sense for the both of them, an agreement was reached and in less than 72 hours, product was shipped across the country to the MMAWarehouse.com facility and made available online for resale.

"I'm very proud of the logistics teams both at our company and at Hostility for executing so quickly," stated MMAWarehouse.com CEO Mika Casey, "and we're excited to offer a brand like Hostility to our customers."

Similar sentiment was expressed by Dale Fletcher, owner of Hostility, who said, "Hostility Clothing is proud to announce that MMAWarehouse.com will be another great source for Canadian customers and our exclusive source for Hostility in the UK!"

Hostility Clothing is one of over 35 brands of MMA clothing carried by the retailer, who also sells MMA gear and accessories.

About MMAWarehouse:

MMAWarehouse.com is one of the largest online-only mixed martial arts retailers in the world, with over 50,000 registered customers and industry-leading customer service ratings. Founded in 2004, the company has grown exponentially with the sport and has sponsored over 30 professional fighters, most of which appeared on live television or pay-per-view. Through its flagship website, fighters and fans alike can shop for thousands of physically stocked products with detailed photographs and descriptions. For more information, visit the website or e-mail jpomykala@mmawarehouse.com.

John Pomykala, director of public relations