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Friday, May 2, 2008

Big Vito Available For Bookings

Courtesy of K Glubis:

Big Vito is interested in working with your company and would like the opportunity to discuss this with you.

He can be reached at your earliest convenience at (917) 887-6062.

Vito LoGrasso, known to fans as Big Vito, is well known for his work at WWE as “The Toughest Man to Ever Wear a Dress.” However, throughout his career, he has worked for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW); World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and TNA. Fans have been clamoring for his return to television. However, in the interim, he can be seen at UXW in Orlando, as well as scheduled events in New Jersey in the US as well as internationally in Spain, Portugal, England and Ireland.

Big Vito is a well-known crowd pleaser. He isn’t just good with his fists, but he is a true entertainer inside the ring and out. He has an impressive, natural persona whether in front of a crowd, on TV or even through the radio airwaves.

» Personas
Big Vito
Skull Von Krush
Vito “The Skull” LoGrasso

» Title History
WCW Tag Team titles w/Johnny The Bull defeating David Flair & Crowbar (January 19, 2000)
WCW Hardcore title defeating Terry Funk (June 5, 2000)
DSW (Deep South Wrestling) Heavyweight title defeating Bradley Jay and Ryan O'Reilly (January 25, 2007)
EWP (European Wrestling Promotion – Germany) Iron Man Championship (September, 2002)
IWA Puerto Rico InterContinental title defeating El Bacano (August 21, 2007 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico)
BTW (Big Time Wrestling - California) Heavyweight title defeating Jason Styles (October 5, 2007)

» Finishing and Signature Moves
Dress Code (Kimura with opponent's head buried under his dress)
Code of Silence / Luca Brasi DDT
Fuh-geta-bout-it / Big Vito Special / Paisan Plant / Skull Krusher
Mafia Kick
Corner slingshot splash
Diving elbow drop

» Nicknames
The Toughest Man to Ever Wear a Dress
The Skull
The Sicilian Silencer

Website: www.vitolograsso.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/bigvitofansiteno1
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vito_LoGrasso
Email: bigv@vitolograsso.com