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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Book Review: JR Benson 'Extremely Strange'

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling's Peter Staniforth:

Honesty? In THIS business? It doesn't come around too often, sadly. Take it from me, someone who's gone from writing, to managing, to promoting shows; and still juggles all three - Honesty is a rarity in professional wrestling. But this book, and JR Benson himself; epitomise the word honesty.

Some wrestling books see the author tell some truth, but suited to them. Some wrestling books see the author tell no truth, and entirely suited to them. And yet, this book sees JR Benson clearly call it entirely how it went down, and unafraid to hide a thing. And for that, even if you were to not agree with the content, the lifestyle choices, or anything in the book; he deserves your respect.

It's a book that will leave you openmouthed. Even those of us who are quite cynical to life, and the wrestling business, will be left shocked and surprised at some of the stories and happenings that all make up part of a life story that unlike some; really did justify being told.

What many will find interesting, is that JR has some very serious beliefs on professional wrestling, and the business itself; and despite what people may think of 'hardcore' and 'deathmatch' wrestlers themselves, JR Benson proves what some of us have known for a very long time. And that is that a lot of times out of ten, the guys who work this style of wrestling are the most literate, and genuinely nicest guys in the business.

I genuinely recommend this book on every possible level. I would say, mind you, that the easily offended need to either avoid it, or that you'd need to be at least warned that a good portion of book can and will offend. But with that in mind, I would suggest a trip to www.jrbenson.com and picking up a copy of the book from the man himself. Or, it can be ordered from merchandise-orders@jrbenson.com at the price of $18.00 and $4.50 shipping and handling.

Tell him you read this review, as I am proud to consider and call JR a friend of mine!