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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Martial Arts Book Challenges Popular Mixed Martial Arts

Courtesy of DreamTime Publishing, Inc.:

LAS VEGAS, May 28 -- DreamTime Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the publication of "Open Your Heart with Martial Arts" by Alex Sternberg, MPH, ScD. Dr. Sternberg will be signing books July 17th and 18th at the upcoming USA National Karate Federation National Championship in Houston, TX.

Says Chuck Norris, actor and martial arts expert: "I have known Alex Sternberg since 1966 when I went to New York to fight in the All-American Karate Championships, and we immediately became friends. His dedication and determination to make karate a national and international sport is one of the reasons karate is as popular as it is today."

"Open Your Heart with Martial Arts" explores the holistic aspects of martial arts, including how martial arts help readers change their lives before, during, and after training and competition.

"Legitimate martial arts aim to develop the spirit of their practitioners and provide opportunities to learn lessons applicable for life. The UFC, on the other hand, caters to an audience that is filled with blood lust and relishes violence," states Dr. Sternberg. "As a role model, I am not sure that I would want my son to look up to individuals who resemble escapees from the local maximum-security prisons."

"Open Your Heart with Martial Arts" is one of fourteen titles in DreamTime Publishing's Open Your Heart series. DreamTime Publishing, http://www.dreamtimepublishing.com, is based in St. Petersburg, FL and Las Vegas, NV and focuses on a holistic approach to self-awareness.

Contact: Alex Sternberg, (516) 569-7853, SKUSAJKA@aol.com

For author bio, and for author and book cover images, please visit http://www.dreamtimepublishing.com/media3.htm.

Note from Ric: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!