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Thursday, May 29, 2008

McCain, Obama Respond To WWE®’s Voter Issues Paper

Courtesy of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.:

STAMFORD,Conn., May 29, 2008 – Sen. John McCain believes lower taxes and less regulation will unleash growth in the private sector, while Sen. Barack Obama believes that investing in America through the rebuilding of roads and bridges is the path to future economic growth. Both candidates see technology focused on improving the environment and alternative energy sources as a driver of jobs for young adults.

These are among the responses the two candidates provided to WWE’s national Smackdown Your Vote! ® 18-30 Voter Issues Paper (VIP), which covers issues important to younger voters, such as the economy, health care, education, the Iraq war, energy and the environment. All three candidates, including Sen. Hillary Clinton, have now responded to the VIP. Their responses and their videos from Monday Night RAW® in April can be seen at wwe.com and smackdownyourvote.com.

The candidates also tackled the future of health care in America. Sen. McCain plans to use competition to improve the quality of health insurance with greater variety to match people’s needs, lower prices, and portability. Sen. Obama would like for all Americans to have access to a new affordable public health plan, as well as quality private health care plans, through a National Health Insurance Exchange.

As for the war in Iraq, Sen. McCain believes the U.S. cannot walk away from the Iraqi people in a “reckless, irresponsible, and premature withdrawal.” Sen. Obama favors a 16-month strategic withdrawal of troops directed by military commanders on the ground and done in consultation with the Iraqi government.

“Since the 2000 Presidential election, we have seen a steady rise in the number of young adults voting in national elections. We thank the candidates for taking the time to engage America’s younger voters by addressing the issues that concern them most,” said Gary Davis, Executive Director of Smackdown Your Vote! “This year, with the added attention the candidates are now giving this demographic, we expect turnout among this constituency to be even higher.”

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