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Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Open Challenge From Tex Benedict

Courtesy of Stephen Ashfield:

Tex Benedict has held the British Welterweight title for over two years so is there anyone who can take the title away from him?

In an interview with Piledriver-Online, Benedict was asked who he considered to be his main rivals for the title he’s held so long and he came up with this answer.

“In terms of my main rivals for this belt, the one thing that the British wrestling scene is flooded with is guys within the weight range of the welterweight title, I could list a bunch of names who are challengers, but how about instead of me doing this I just lay out an open challenge. Anyone who wants a shot at the British Welterweight title all you need to do is make a public challenge, name a time, name a place and I'll respond in the same manner that you made the challenge “

Will anyone challenge Tex for the title? More news when we get it. To read the full three page interview go to Courtesy of http://www.piledriver-online.co.uk/issues/piledriver9.pdf

Steven also included the following:

On July 5th in Morecambe, Johnny Phere will finally become the XWA British Heavyweight Champion. Well that’s what he says anyway in an interview just carried out with Piledriver Online.

2007 was the self-named ‘Year of the Phere’ and an unbeaten streak was, in Phere’s opinion, destined to end with his winning the title from Jonny Storm. However all didn’t go to plan and Storm retained his title. An angry Phere claims that “Storm has stolen my title and I want it back!.”

Now on July 5th he faces not just Storm but Sam Slam and Stevie Knight in a Final Four match at ‘Vendetta’ and he has this to say to his rivals for the title. “I’m pleased XWA have realised they can’t have a main event without me, but Stevie and Sam have no rights to be there! This is between me and Jonny Storm, so if I have to go through Stevie and Sam to get my hands on Jonny Storm then so be it. At ‘Vendetta’ I will prove once and for all who the real champion is... and that’s me!”

To read the whole interview and to find out more about the situation in GPW where Phere is in dispute with Dirk Feelgood over their title, go to http://www.piledriver-online.co.uk/issues/piledriver9.pdf More about XWA at www.xwawrestling.com