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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Owned Entertainment Announces MMA Reality Show Partnership With Big John McCarthy

Courtesy of Owned Entertainment, Inc.:

AUSTIN, Texas, May. 28, 2008— Owned Entertainment, Inc and JAC'd Productions announced today that they have partnered with Big John McCarthy (www.bigjohnmccarthy.com) and his gym, Big John McCarthy's Ultimate Training Academy (http://www.bjmuta.com/) to produce an 8-episode reality show. The show will be filmed this summer in Valencia, California and will focus on the lives of as elected cast of fighters, trainers and MMA professionals. Serving as Executive Producer on the show is Jason Chambers, former MMA fighter and host of the History Channel's 'Human Weapon" TV show.

Joanne of MMA Girls (www.mmagirls.net) has been signed to be one of the featured characters on the show. Fighters and other cast members will be announced over the next few weeks. If you are a fighter or MMA professional who would like to be considered for the show, please contact us immediately. Final auditions and interviews for the show will be held June 15th at 1 PM. You do not have to be associated with Big John's gym to be part of the show. If you have auditioned for previous "Owned" projects or have not yet auditioned and would like to be considered, please contact Jenna at Jenna@ownedentertainment.com.

About Big John McCarthy

Big John McCarthy is considered the pre-eminent referee throughout the world for mixed martial arts (MMA), beginning with his involvement at UFC 2 over fourteen years ago, and is a much sought-after figure in regard to historical knowledge of the sport of MMA. McCarthy, a 23-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, was awarded his Tactic/Self Defense Instructor Certification by the LAPD on August 12, 1993. McCarthy is the leading authority in mixed martial arts officiating worldwide. He has refereed every UFC to date save one. Standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, McCarthy and his famous fight opener“Let’s Get It On” has become instantly recognizable to MMA fans worldwide. He has provided seminars on instruction and question & answer sessions for multiple athletic commissions across the country in addition to t American Boxing Council (ABC) and the International Professional Ring Official (IPRO). In September 2006, Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt McCarthy opened Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training Academy (BJMUTA), the first fully functional MMA School in Valencia, CA. In May 2007, McCarthy joined The Fight Network as a mixed martial arts analyst across its various distribution platforms.

About Owned Entertainment

Owned Entertainment, Inc. has emerged as a player in the area of independent film production and distribution, once monopolized by the major film studios. The company engages in investing, producing, and distributing full-length feature films as well as TV projects, video games, and other entertainment entities. Along with its controlling equity interest in 'All That I Need,' released in theatres December 2005, there are several other projects in the making, including: 'The Other Side' and 'Descendant,' written by Damir Catic and Eric Alfio, the MMA movie 'Own3D' by James Hergott,'Brothers' by Tarquin Gotch (whose credits include 'Home Alone,' 'Curly Sue,'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'), and a reality show set in the world of MMA whichwill be filmed in California this summer. Owned Entertainment, Inc.'s mission is to produce high quality and highly enjoyable feature films that will be widely distributed in the mainstream media markets. The corporate offices for Owned Entertainment, Inc.reside in Austin, Texas and Southern California. Owned Entertainment, Inc. has recently announced it will be adding an Interactive Entertainment division to focus on video game development. Owned has a partnership with IMMAE (immae.tv), the premier MMA expo as well as The No Holds Barred Show (www.thenhbshow.com), which broadcasts live Sunday nights on Sirius satellite ch. 122 and 56 affiliates FM/AM nationwide as well as American Forces Network.

Owned Entertainment, Inc.
James Hergott, President