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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Funk's Corner - Get !BANG!-ed Twice In July At The Funking Conservatory Wrestling School

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

!BANG! TV Tapings are running back to back July 6th and July 13 at the Funking Conservatory. Cowboy James Storm will be here Sunday July 6th and Osamu Nishimura will be here Sunday July 13.

Osamu Nishimura will be wrestling on !BANG! TV and scouting wrestling talent for All Japan Pro Wrestling. On previous trips to the Funking Conservatory, Osamu Nishimura has signed Flyin' "Air" Mitchell and "Heart Throb" Antonio Thomas to wrestle for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

The Funking Conservatory is the Official American Training Center for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Now on !BANG! TV at http://www.dory-funk.com, Old School Wrestling, Dory and Terry Funk with Jimmy Hart vs S. D. Jones and Nelson Velleux, Calling the action, Vince McMahon Jr. and Bruno Sammartino.

For training schedules, Tryout matches in front of All Japan Pro Wrestling's Osamu Nishimura and more information on !BANG! TV, call 352-895-4658. E-mail fuanku@dory-funk.com or visit http://www.dory-funk.com.