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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ric's Quick Picks - EliteXC's 'Return Of The King'

While I've got your attention, can anyone explain what in the fuck that title's supposed to me?

Anyway, here they are:

- Yves Edwards vs. KJ Noons: Edwards (Say, "Goodbye," to your belt, KJ)

- Mushin Corbbrey vs. Nick Diaz: Diaz (although I'm slightly concerned with his inability to make weight)

- Tony Bonello vs. Murilo Rua: I'm going with Bonello, to pull off the upset

- Dave Herman vs. Ron Waterman: Herman, but it might not be easy

- Wayne Cole vs. Rafael Feijao: Feijao

- Kala Hose vs. Robert McDaniel: Hose

- Mark Oshiro vs. Chris Willems: Oshiro

- Mike Aina vs. Kaleo Kwan: Aina

- Chris Bernard vs. Lolohea Mahe: Mahe

- PJ Dean vs. Dean Lista: Lista

- Russell Doane vs. Dwayne Haney: Haney

- Carl Barton vs. Kepa Madeiros: Madeiros (making his pro debut) defeats Barton (1-0), because he has a cooler name

PS: Feel free to compare my powers of prognostication to Casey's.