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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Courtesy of GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com:


World Wrestling Entertainment’s RAW crew will be at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID, tonight. The SmackDown/ECW will be at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. WWE results from the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on June 13: CM Punk over Chavo Guerrero; Vladimir Kozlov over Jamie Noble & Shannon Moore in a handicap match; Kofi Kingston over Shelton Benjamin; Michelle McCool over Victoria; John Morrison & the Miz over Finlay & Hornswoggle; Matt Hardy over Chuck Palumbo to retain the WWE US Heavyweight Title; Kane & the Undertaker over Mark Henry & MVP; the Great Khali over Funaki; and Batista over WWE World Heavyweight Champion Edge by disqualification in a title match. WWE results from the Westpac Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, on June 12: Kane over Chavo Guerrero; Kofi Kingston over Shelton Benjamin; Vladimir Kozlov over Jamie Noble; Michelle McCool over Natalya Neidhart; the Great Khali over Funaki; John Morrison & the Miz over Finlay & Hornswoggle; CM Punk over Chuck Palumbo; and Matt Hardy, Batista & the Undertaker over Mark Henry, Edge & MVP. WWE has announced the following event: August 24 in Canton, OH, at the Canton Memorial Civic Center. (Rich Tate)

Total Nonstop Action will be at the Coventry Skydome in Coventry, England, tonight. TNA results from the Liverpool Olympia in Liverpool, England, on June 13: the Motor City Machine Guns over Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt; Awesome Kong over Gail Kim to retain the TNA Women’s World Title; LAX over Robert Roode & James Storm; A.J. Styles over Doug Williams and Jay Lethal in a three-way match; Booker T over Rhino; and Samoa Joe over Abyss. TNA has announced the following events: August 9 in Corinth, MS, at the Crossroads Arena; and September 14 for the No Surrender PPV, with the location TBA. (Rich Tate)

NWA Top Rope presents their biggest card of the year, "Clash of the Champions" tonight in Lebanon, TN, at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. Advertised: NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Adam Pearce (c) vs. Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie), NWA Women’s World Championship, MsChif (c) vs. Lexie Fyfe, NWA Top Rope Southern Tag Team Championship, Homicidal Tendencies (Kory Williams & Vic the Bruiser) vs. Tribal Nation (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw), NWA Top Rope Junior Heavyweight Championship, Arrick Andrews (c) vs. Kliff Hanger (aka Big Rig Bully), Battle of the Midgets with Little Pappa Pump (with Ernest T) vs. Enigma, and a 10 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal where the winner receives a championship match of his choosing. Bell time is 7:00 pm. Check the notes section below for an audio interview with Gary Valiant. (Larry Goodman)

Great American Wrestling Federation presents “Burnin’ Down the House” tonight in a benefit show the for the Hosford Volunteer Fire Department. Advertised: GAWF Heavyweight champion Steve Goins, GAWF Tag Team champions The Hotbodies, Little Shooter, Corey Jackson, The Man God Czar, and Colby Godwin. Bell time is at 8:00 PM. (Brian Slack)

The New Frontier Wrestling Association will be at the National Guard Armory in Franklin, NC, tonight. Bell time is 8:00 PM. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children, and kids free and under get in free. Senior citizens are admitted for half price. Advertised: Brokishi & Sci-Fi versus Simon Sermon & Tommy Too Much, with Sebastian St. Clair; Randy Wayne & Dark Angel versus the Heavenly Bodies, with Dawn Renae; Billy Starr & Justice versus Backdraft & the Bounty Hunter, with Damon Studd; Draven & White Lightning versus the Saturday Night Sensation; Danny Diesel versus Nigel Sherrod; Anthony Henry versus Talon Williams; and Chris King versus Mike McCloud. (Rich Tate)

DISCLAIMER: GWH is not liable for any card changes, cancellations, etc. We can only report what is reported to us. As always, we suggest you check with the promotion within 24 hours to verify information posted here.


Larry Goodman had a one-on-one with Gary Valiant backstage at Philips Arena last weekend. Valiant challenges Adam Pearce for the NWA Heavyweight Title in Lebanon, TN, for NWA Top Rope tonight. Click here for the audio. (Rich Tate)

Click here for a review of the June 7 broadcast of Showtime All-Star Wrestling. (Larry Goodman)

Tiger Mask pinned Jimmy Rave with the Tiger Suplex hold at 14:03 at Mito Citizen Gymnasium to finish the group stage of New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Best of the Super Juniors tournament with a perfect 5-0 record. Tiger advances from Block B to the final stages along with Koji Kanemoto. Rave and Kanemoto finished in a tie for second place with 6 points each, but Kanemoto advanced due to the direct victory rule (Kanemoto defeated Rave in their head-to-head match). IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Wataru Inoue advanced from Block A by defeating Jushin "Thunder" Liger. The other semifinalist from Block A will be determined by the outcome of the June 14 match between Liger and Ryusuke Taguchi. (Larry Goodman)

Crowbar Press has released its latest book, titled “Wrestling with the Truth”, by Bruno Lauer, known as Harvey Wippleman and Downtown Bruno. Click here for more information. (Rich Tate)

Today in Memoriam: Bobby Graham (57, 1996), Bob McCune (80, 2002), Ron Matteucci (72, 2004), Kevin Mailhot (24, 2005), and Caballero Rojo (72, 2007).


JUNE 14, 1932 (TUESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (L.C. Warren – Promoter) > John Podubney defeated Jim Hesslyn by disqualification > Marin Plestina defeated Jack Taylor at 9:00

JUNE 14, 1934 (THURSDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – MORELAND ARENA (Promoter – Unknown) > Bill Collins versus Wayne Coleman > Hugh Winn versus George Harben / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Two other wrestling matches were scheduled, but no details were provided following the card.

JUNE 14, 1935 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – RIVERSIDE ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby – Promoters) > Whitey Patterson versus Gorilla Powell > Women’s Match: Betty Buchea versus Bobbie DeWitt > Honey Boy Hackney versus Totem Pole Anderson / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 14, 1937 (MONDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – KEY ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby – Promoters) > Red Smith versus Bulldog Mallory > Jack Bloomfield versus Joe Ferona > Paddy Nolan versus Petro Rossi / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 14, 1946 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Joe Marsh defeated Steve Martin > Jack Hader defeated Charlie Harben > Nick Carter & Al Massey defeated Jim Coffield & Dick Lever by disqualification > Johnny Long defeated Jack Welch

JUNE 14, 1954 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Tom Mahoney – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Gorgeous Gilpin defeated Frank Thompson > Jerry Graham defeated Tex Riley by countout > Chief Big Heart and El Toro wrestled to a draw at 30:00 > Clyde Steeves defeated Jack Dillon (2-1)

JUNE 14, 1956 (THURSDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Tom Mahoney – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jerry Graham defeated Gene Stanlee by disqualification > Danny McShain and Red McIntyre wrestled to a draw at 20:00 > Tim Geohagen & Lee Grable defeated Lou Plummer & Dick Raines

JUNE 14, 1957 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > George Drake versus Nick Roberts > Rip Hawk versus Oni Wiki Wiki > Freddie Blassie defeated Al Massey > Southern Heavyweight Title Match: Don McIntyre defeated Kurt Von Brawner* to win title / Notes: George Drake and Nick Roberts were scheduled to wrestle each other, as were Rip Hawk and Oni Wiki Wiki, but no results were reported after the card. It is unclear as to how Kurt Von Brawner came to be recognized as Southern Heavyweight Champion. The last reference we have shows him losing the title to Don McIntyre on May 3, 1957, in Atlanta, although he was still recognized as champion in Marietta as of June 7, 1957.

JUNE 14, 1961 (WEDNESDAY) – COLUMBUS, GA – COLUMBUS SPORTS ARENA (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Doug Kinslow and Mark Stone wrestled to a draw > Guy Mitchell defeated Tiny Evans > Doug Kinslow, Guy Mitchell & Marco Polo defeated Mark Stone, Tiny Evans & Gypsy Joe > No TL / DQ Match: Jerry Graham defeated Prince Kalani / Notes: There was no referee for the match between Jerry Graham and Prince Kalani.

JUNE 14, 1963 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Don McIntyre – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Silento Rodriguez defeated Corsica Joe > Bill Dromo defeated Tito Kopa > Women’s World Title Match: the Fabulous Moolah* and Judy Grable wrestled to a draw > International Tag Team Title Match: Ray Gunkel & Dick Steinborn defeated Lenny Montana & Tarzan Tyler* to win title / Notes: The Fabulous Moolah had been billed as Women’s World Champion since she defeated Judy Grable on September 18, 1956, in Baltimore, MD. However, she was not considered the undisputed champion until June Byers retired with her title, won in Atlanta on August 20, 1954, in a win over Mildred Burke, until Byers retired in 1964. Lenny Montana & Tarzan Tyler had been billed as International Tag Team Champions since June 5, 1963. It was announced that Tim Geohagen and Jack Bence would be wrestling on the card on June 21, 1963, and that Don McIntyre was negotiating for a match between Lou Thesz and Dick the Bruiser.

JUNE 14, 1964 (SUNDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – BENNETT FIELD (Les Wolfe – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Charlie Carr versus Ron Reed > Derrell Cochran versus Lenny Montana > Australian Tag Team Match: Joe Scarpa & Buddy Fuller versus Sputnik Monroe & Wildman Phillips / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 14, 1965 (MONDAY) – STONE MOUNTAIN, GA (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > George Harris defeated Bob Dalton > Greg Peterson defeated Roy Mulkey > Women’s Match: Barbara Galento defeated Millie Zec > Bob Dalton & Mario Galento defeated Greg Peterson & Tony Baillargeon / Notes: It is unclear as to what venue was the site of this card.

JUNE 14, 1968 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bob Armstrong & Alberto Torres defeated the Rising Suns > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: Tarzan Tyler defeated Johnny Valentine* to win title > World Tag Team Title Match: Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller* defeated Duke Keomuka & El Mongol > NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Gene Kiniski* defeated Pat O’Connor / Notes: Bob Armstrong substituted for Enrique Torres to team with Alberto Torres in the match with the Rising Suns. Tarzan Tyler substituted for Dick Steinborn in the match with Johnny Valentine. Valentine had been the reigning Georgia Heavyweight Champion since he defeated Mr. Wrestling on May 10, 1968, in Atlanta. Jack Crawford managed Tarzan Tyler, Duke Keomuka & El Mongol. Ray Gunkel & Buddy Fuller had been the reigning World Tag Team Champions since they defeated Stan & Butcher Vachon on January 19, 1968, in Atlanta. Gene Kiniski had been the reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion since he defeated Lou Thesz on January 7, 1966, in St. Louis, MO.

JUNE 14, 1969 (SATURDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WQXI STUDIOS (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Paul DeMarco defeated Dennis Hall > Lou Thesz defeated Skandor Akbar > Leo Garibaldi & the Professional defeated Tom Bradley & Assassin #2 / Notes: This was taped for the “Atlanta TV Wrestling” television program hosted by Ed Capral.

JUNE 14, 1974 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bill Dromo and Dennis Stamp wrestled to a draw > Ron & Terry Garvin and Jack Welch & Bob Orton, Jr., wrestled to a draw > The Great Mephisto defeated Steve Keirn > Southern States Heavyweight Title Match: Jerry Brisco* defeated Bob Sweetan > Ole & Gene Anderson defeated Robert Fuller & Mr. Wrestling #1 > Battle Royal ($8,924): Ole Anderson defeated Ron Garvin, Bob Orton, Jr., Bill Dromo, Terry Garvin, Robert Fuller, Gene Anderson, Andre the Giant, Jimmy Garvin, Bob Sweetan, Jack Welch, Dennis Stamp, Steve Keirn, Mr. Wrestling #1, and Jerry Brisco > Texas Death Match: Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Big John / Notes: Jimmy Garvin managed Ron & Terry Garvin. It was reported that there was a $500 entry fee per wrestler for the battle royal, with the exception of Andre the Giant, who put up $424 or $1 for each pound he weighed. The total reported purse was $8,924.

JUNE 14, 1976 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Les Thornton and Skip Young wrestled to a draw at 20:00 > Jerry Oates defeated Ron Bass > Ted Oates defeated Wayne Cowan > Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Dick Slater by disqualification > Mark Lewin & Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Abdullah the Butcher & the Spoiler / Notes: Gary Hart managed Abdullah the Butcher and the Spoiler.

JUNE 14, 1977 (TUESDAY) – WARNER ROBINS – WARNER ROBINS CIVIC CENTER (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Richard Blood defeated Bill Howard > Pak Song defeated Abe Jacobs > No DQ / No TL Match: Paul Jones defeated Gene Anderson > Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Lars Anderson > Taped Fist Match (No CO): Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Dick Slater / Notes: Bearcat Wright managed Dick Slater. Rock Hunter managed Pak Song.

JUNE 14, 1979 (THURSDAY) – ROME, GA – ROME MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM (Charlie Harben – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff versus Tommy Rich & Wahoo McDaniel > Bob Armstrong versus Blackjack Lanza / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Bobby Heenan managed Blackjack Lanza.

JUNE 14, 1980 (SATURDAY) – GRIFFIN, GA – MID-SOUTH AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Mike Davis defeated Charlie Fulton > Mark Lewin defeated Eddie Gilbert > Austin Idol defeated the French Angel > The Assassins defeated Tommy Rich & Ole Anderson > Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Bob Sweetan / Notes: The French Angel substituted for Rocket Monroe in the match with Austin Idol. Mike George was the special referee for the match between Bob Sweetan and Mr. Wrestling #2. The Great Mephisto managed Mark Lewin.

JUNE 14, 1983 (TUESDAY) – SAGINAW, MI (Les Thatcher – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Joe Lightfoot and Killer Brooks wrestled to a draw > The Road Warriors defeated Stan Hansen & Pez Whatley > Tommy Rich defeated Larry Zbyszko by disqualification > Buzz Sawyer defeated Dick Murdoch > Paul Ellering versus Ole Anderson ruled a no contest / Notes: Paul Ellering managed Buzz Sawyer and the Road Warriors.

JUNE 14, 1987 (SUNDAY) – MARIETTA, GA – COBB COUNTY CIVIC CENTER (Ron Fuller – Promoter / Continental Championship Wrestling) > Scott Armstrong defeated Tom Prichard > Alabama Heavyweight Title Match: Mike Golden defeated Mr. Wrestling #2* to win title > The Bullet defeated Dutch Mantell by disqualification > Tony Anthony versus Mr. Olympia ended in a double countout > Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden defeated the Mad Squad > Wendell Cooley defeated Nick Bockwinkel by disqualification