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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Courtesy of GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com:


Peach State Pandemonium will feature Larry Zbyszko, author of the recently released Adventures in Larryland!, tonight at 9:00 PM ET. Also joining us will be Chasyn Rance and Vordell Walker. In addition, the broadcast will take place exactly one year from the day the bodies of the Benoit family were discovered, revealing a life of pain and torture. We will look back at what will forever be remembered as wrestling’s greatest tragedy. Dan Masters and I host the program, and Tim Dix also appears with additional commentary and announcements. Crimson Mask will also be joining us this week. (Rich Tate)

World Wrestling Entertainment results from the Toyota Center in Houston, TX, on June 24: in a dark match, Tommy Dreamer over Kevin Thorn; for the broadcast, Matt Hardy & CM Punk over John Morrison & the Miz; Kofi Kingston over Shelton Benjamin under extreme rules; Mike Knox over Evan Bourne; and Mark Henry over Kane. WWE has announced more draft moves: Trevor Murdoch, Brian Kendrick, D.H. Smith, Carlito, and Maria from RAW to SmackDown; Super Crazy from RAW to ECW; Jamie Noble, Chuck Palumbo, and Deuce from SmackDown to RAW; Mark Henry, Finlay, and Hornswoggle from SmackDown to ECW; Matt Striker, Kofi Kingston, and Layla from ECW to RAW; and Shelton Benjamin and Big Daddy V from ECW to SmackDown. (Rich Tate)

Click here for Total Nonstop Action spoiler results from last night’s iMPACT tapings in Orlando, FL. Scott Steiner had surgery on Tuesday to repair a torn ACL. He had initially injured his knee during TNA’s Sacrifice PPV in May in a match with Samoa Joe and Kaz, and had gone to have it checked in Birmingham, AL. Dr. James Andrews determined surgery was necessary. Steiner will be out for at least four months, and begins rehabbing this week with the Atlanta Hawks training staff, headed by Wally Blase. TNA has announced the following event: November 1 in Bakersfield, CA, at the Bakersfield Dome. (Rich Tate)

Southern Classic Wrestling presented "Vendetta" on June 21 in Sandersville, GA. Greg Haze defeated Acid. Scotty Carmichael defeated Brandon Kage. Midnight Rider defeated Derrick Andrew Reynolds. DeMarco Knight vs. Black Syder ended in a double DQ. Stryknyn defeated Matt Sells. In a match for the SCW Heavyweight championship, Leatherface defeated Terry Lawler and T.A. Stanton to retain the title. (Brian Slack)

Due to scheduling conflicts, Down South Hardcore Wrestling’s Light Heavyweight Champion, Sebastian Troy, will not be taking part in "Rebirth" in Brunswick, GA, on July 19. His originally scheduled opponent, Remy Marcel, will take on Ash Kristiansen. The match between the Gangsta Nation (E-Dogg & G-Smooth) and Morbid Angel & T-Money is now the main event for June 28, with falls counting anywhere and the DSHW Tag Team Titles at stake. Also, Dagon Briggs has said that he is coming to "Rebirth" to show all of these "stupid Brunswick idiots" what real professional wrestling is supposed to be.” Concerning Dallas Riley's 10-minute Locker Room Challenge for the DSHW United States Championship, this man has accepted. (Thomas Bugg)

The All-Star Wrestling Network returns to the Wrestleplex in Fort Valley, GA, on June 28 at 8:00 PM. AWN will be having a one night tournament to determine the new AWN Heavyweight champion. In the first round, it is advertised to be Paul Warfield vs. Iron Will, Shawn Hunter vs. Mike Kross, Sam Slaughter vs. "Dark Rebel" Jerry Thompson, and Pitbull vs. Ash. The winners advance until only one is left standing as the new champion. Tickets are $8 for ringside, $6 for general admission, $5 for Military and seniors, $4 for kids 7-14, and free for kids 6 and under. For more information call (478) 397-5734. (Brian Slack)

DISCLAIMER: GWH is not liable for any card changes, cancellations, etc. We can only report what is reported to us. As always, we suggest you check with the promotion within 24 hours to verify information posted here.


Click here for Larry Goodman’s report on the Showtime All-Star Wrestling broadcast from June 14. (Rich Tate)

Brad Dykens recently spoke with Tito Santana, whose biography Tales from the WWF was recently released. Click here for the interview. (Rich Tate)

Today in Memoriam: Mike Romano (36, 1936), Core (29, 2003), and Harry Elliott (101, 2006).


JUNE 25, 1934 (MONDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – FAIR STREET ARENA (Jason Thompson – Promoter) > Frank Remille versus Sammy Stuart > Eddie Stecher versus Tom Good Eagle > Ted Sarris versus Ripper Reeves / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 25, 1935 (TUESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – KEY ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby – Promoters) > Young Londos defeated Totem Pole Anderson > Honey Boy Hackney defeated Emilio Firpo by disqualification > Jack Ross defeated Otto Heinman (2-1) / Notes: It was reported that 3,500 were in attendance for this card.

JUNE 25, 1936 (THURSDAY) – AVONDALE, GA – AVONDALE ARENA (Nat Jones – Promoter) > George Wagner versus Son Almand > Billy Rayburn versus Sammy Miller > Bill Collins versus Baron Von Hoffman / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 25, 1937 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WEST END ARENA (Frank Bettis and Cleve Roby – Promoters) > Joe Ferona versus Paddy Nolan > Boxing Match: Bill Collins versus Buck Lawson > Chicken Wire Cage Match: Jack Bloomfield versus Petro Rossi / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 25, 1941 (WEDNESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – PONCE de LEON BALL PARK (Abe Simon – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Zack Gacek versus Dorv Roche > Mark Hoseley versus Cowboy Luttrall > Pat Newman versus Babe Zaharias / Notes: This card was cancelled because of rain.

JUNE 25, 1945 (MONDAY) – SAVANNAH, GA – SAVANNAH MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Lou Masters, Dick Leonard, and Buster White – Promoters) > Pat Kelly & the Green Hornet defeated Roland Kirchmeyer & Nick Carter > Jim Coffield defeated Wally Greb by disqualification

JUNE 25, 1948 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jim Coffield defeated Jack Ross, Jr. > Sky Hi Lee defeated Don Lee > Johnny Long & Bobby Roberts defeated Al Galento & Babe Zaharias > NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Bill Longson* defeated Pete Managoff / Notes: It is believed that the main event between Bill Longson and Pete Managoff was the first to be broadcast over WQXI 790 AM radio, with Fred Anderson calling the action. This would continue each week for many years, mostly just featuring main event bouts. Longson had been the reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion since he defeated Lou Thesz in Houston, TX, on November 21, 1947. This version was the one recognized by the National Boxing Association as the National Wrestling Association.

JUNE 25, 1954 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Tex Riley and Chief Big Heart wrestled to a draw > Don & Red McIntyre defeated Jack Steele & El Toro > Southern Heavyweight Title Match: Freddie Blassie* defeated Jack Dillon > Verne Gagne defeated Art Nelson by disqualification / Notes: Freddie Blassie had been billed as Southern Heavyweight Champion since he allegedly defeated Mr. Moto on February 8, 1954, in Birmingham, AL.

JUNE 25, 1962 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Steve Manderson – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jack Bence versus Bulldog Lawley > Ivor Barrett versus the Russian Crusher > Pedro Godoy versus Rito Carreon > Texas Death Match: Lenny Montana versus Chief Little Eagle / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

JUNE 25, 1965 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Women’s Tag Team Match: Barbara Galento & Judy Grable defeated Bette Boucher & Penny Brooks > Southern Tag Team Title One-Night Tournament: the Corsicans defeated Red Roberts & Chief Little Eagle; Greg Peterson & Jesse James defeated Tony Baillargeon & George Harris; Corsicans defeated Peterson & James to win title > Mario Galento defeated Ray Gunkel by disqualification / Notes: The tournament for the Southern Tag Team Title was necessary because Paul Jones had declared the title vacant on June 19, 1965, after Al Galento was injured and could not defend the title with Mario Galento. It was announced that Bob Orton and Sputnik Monroe would be wrestling on the card on July 2, 1965, and that Wildman Phillips and the Mongolian would be wrestling in Atlanta soon.

JUNE 25, 1966 (SATURDAY) – MARIETTA, GA – LARRY BELL BALLPARK (Elmo Chappell – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Pancho Rosario versus Chief Crazy Horse > Women’s Match: Toni Rose versus Donna Christianello > Bobby Shane & Greg Peterson versus the Infernos / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. J.C. Dykes managed the Infernos.

JUNE 25, 1968 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Women’s Tag Team Match: Joyce Grable & Barbara Owens defeated Patti Neilson & Toni Rose > Guillotine Gordon defeated Silento Rodriguez > Mario Galento defeated El Mongol / Notes: Jack Crawford managed El Mongol.

JUNE 25, 1971 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Salvadore Lothario and Cisco Grimaldo wrestled to a draw > Kubla Khan defeated Ken Russell > Bill Dromo & Klondike Bill defeated Billy Spears & Krusher Karlson > The Professional defeated Guillotine Gordon > El Mongol defeated Assassin #1 > Ray Gunkel & Dick Steinborn defeated Rocket & Flash Monroe by disqualification > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: Buddy Colt* versus Bobo Brazil ruled a no contest / Notes: Prior to the start of the match between El Mongol and Assassin #1, Big John issued a challenge to Mongol, but before Mongol could respond, John attacked him. Homer O’Dell managed Buddy Colt. Colt had been billed as the Georgia Heavyweight Champion since June 18, 1971. Charlie Harben and Eddie Smith were credited as being referees for this card. The program for this card mentioned that Alberto Torres died on June 13, 1971, after receiving injuries in a match against Ox Baker. It said that he had suffered damage to his pancreas and failed to respond to treatment. Bobo Brazil participated in an autograph session for fans.

JUNE 25, 1974 (TUESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Ann Gunkel – Promoter / All-South Wrestling Alliance) > The Assassins versus the Royal Kangaroos > US Heavyweight Title Match: Ray Candy* versus the Missouri Mauler > Ernie Ladd & Sky Hi Clark versus Jerry Graham & Crusher Verdu / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Rock Hunter managed Jerry Graham & Crusher Verdu.

JUNE 25, 1974 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON COLISEUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Women’s Match: Joyce Grable defeated Dottie Downs > Ron, Terry & Jimmy Garvin and Steve Keirn, Dennis Stamp & Mr. Wrestling #1 wrestled to a draw > Southeastern Heavyweight Title Match (DQ Rule Waived): Roberto Soto defeated Art Nelson* to win title > US Junior Heavyweight Title Match (DQ Rule Waived): Louie Tillet* defeated Bob Orton, Jr. > Macon Heavyweight Title Match (DQ Rule Waived): Mr. Wrestling #2* defeated Big John by disqualification > Georgia Tag Team Title Match (DQ Rule Waived): Ole & Gene Anderson* defeated Bill Dromo & Jerry Oates / Notes: Big John substituted for the Great Mephisto in the match with Mr. Wrestling #2. Jimmy Garvin managed Ron & Terry Garvin.

JUNE 25, 1976 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – OMNI COLISEUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Mike Graham defeated Tony Charles > Bill Watts defeated Dick Slater > Mark Lewin defeated Pak Song > Ken Mantell and Skip Young wrestled to a draw > Jack Brisco and Dory Funk, Jr., wrestled to a draw > Boxer versus Wrestler Match: Andre the Giant defeated Chuck Wepner > Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki wrestled to a draw / Notes: The match between Andre the Giant defeated Chuck Wepner was shown on Closed Circuit Television from Shea Stadium in New York. Wepner was billed as the New Jersey Boxing Champion. The match between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki was shown on Closed Circuit Television from Budokan, Japan. Rock Hunter managed Pak Song. Ron West and Doug Smith were credited as being referees for this card.

JUNE 25, 1977 (SATURDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WTCG STUDIOS (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ole & Gene Anderson defeated Jerry Stubbs & Roberto Soto > Dick Slater defeated Mike Stallings > Pak Song defeated Randy Alls > Tony Atlas & Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Bill White & Roger Smith > Blackjack Mulligan defeated Don Kernodle / Notes: This was taped for the “Georgia Championship Wrestling” television program hosted by Gordon Solie. Rock Hunter managed Pak Song. Song put on a martial arts demonstration. Tony Atlas joined Gordon Solie to announce to the fans that Solie had recently been named Announcer of the Year by the Wrestler magazine.

JUNE 25, 1979 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ray Candy defeated Carl Fergie > Killer Karl Kox defeated Jerry Roberts > Mr. Wrestling #1 defeated the Masked Superstar > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: Wahoo McDaniel* defeated Blackjack Lanza > No DQ Tag Team Match: Stan Hansen & Tommy Rich defeated Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff by countout / Notes: Ray Candy was the special referee for the match between Stan Hansen & Tommy Rich and Ole Anderson & Ivan Koloff. Bobby Heenan managed Blackjack Lanza, Killer Karl Kox and the Masked Superstar.

JUNE 25, 1980 (WEDNESDAY) – COLUMBUS, GA – COLUMBUS MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Terry Taylor defeated the French Angel > Dennis Condrey defeated Mike Sharpe > Tony Atlas defeated Baron Von Raschke > The Assassins defeated Austin Idol & Mr. Wrestling #2 > Kevin Sullivan defeated Eddy Mansfield > NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Harley Race* defeated Tommy Rich

JUNE 25, 1982 (FRIDAY) – LANSING, MI (Les Thatcher – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Afa defeated Mr. Wrestling #2 > Sika defeated Bob Armstrong > Tommy Rich & Leroy Brown defeated Buzz Sawyer & the Masked Superstar > Paul Orndorff defeated Don Muraco by disqualification > Ric Flair defeated Michael Hayes / Notes: Roddy Piper managed Don Muraco.