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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Make The World “Write”: Make The World A Better Place

Courtesy of Make The World “Write”:

June 3, 2008

National Contest to Win Terri Runnels' Home Plus $100,000

GAINESVILLE, FL –– Terri Runnels, former World Wrestling Entertainment Diva/Wrestler/Host, announced today she is holding an International contest to Make The World “Write”, giving a hard working, good person, family, non-profit corporation or company a chance to win her home plus $100,000 to use to make the world a better place!

Contest must have at least 5,000 entries and the contest will end on August 3, 2008. There will be a $200 fee per entry/essay. The Make The World “Write” contest focuses on the skill and passion of the writer! The winner will receive Terri's beautiful four bedroom, three bathroom home with a stunning pool complete with waterfalls, a hot tub and, a playhouse, workshop or whatever you choose to make it, plus $100,000 for the winner to use at their discretion.

Terri Runnels states, “The Make The World “Write” reminds us that every act of kindness, every dream dared to be expressed —counts. This contest is about making someone’s dream come true along with allowing them to then do the same for others or whatever they think will “make the world a better place”! Make The World “Write” will be the opportunity of a lifetime!”

To participate in Make The World “Write” and for more information, visit http://www.MakeTheWorldWrite.com.

About Terri Runnels: Terri is best known as one of professional wrestling's original divas, formerly of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). With Terri's 18 year career in the sports entertainment industry, Terri was seen entertaining millions of dedicated viewers and on high-rated programs and networks such as NBC, TNN, UPN and Spike TV. Terri has a deep dedication and commitment to working with philanthropic causes throughout the world, including non-profit corporations such as the Make A Wish Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club of America, Children's Miracle Network, Hermie & Elliott Sadler Foundation, and Autism Speaks. Terri has served as a corporate spokesperson for numerous clients across the country, has participated in countless celebrity “meet-and-greets” and other highly successful appearances. She is currently working on two books centering around "motherhood" and other entertainment projects!

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