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Monday, June 30, 2008

Preview For Tonight's Edition Of 'WWE Monday Night RAW'

If recent history (and the company's two-year-plus absence from the city) is any indicator, I'd expect a sellout, or near-sellout, for Oklahoma City's Ford Center. Here's some of what we can expect:

- Intercontinental title: Kofi Kingston defends against Chris Jericho. Wouldn't surprise me to see another appearance by Shawn Michaels.

- Jim Ross' official farewell (as if we're never again going to see him).

- We will learn more about Mr. McMahon's condition, courtesy of a family statement. Damn, that means I've got to put up with Linda and/or Shane.

- More on the sagas of Batista, John Cena, Ted "ROW (Randy Orton Wannabe)" DiBiase & Cody Rhodes, Hardcore Holly, and Kane.

My recap, should you be interested, should be posted at about 11:10 PM ET.