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Friday, August 1, 2008

Alan Wojcik Reviews YouShoot: Jamie Dundee

Courtesy of Alan J. Wojcik:

He's a cocky, brash, beer drinking and pot smoking second generation star who doesn't have a censor button on his mouth. Jamie Dundee is the prefect candidate for the next installment in Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot DVD series. If you have never seen a You Shoot its simple: all the questions asked come from emails & videos sent into the KC website and are delivered by host/producer Sean Oliver.

Let me be honest I have never been a fan of Dundee's work. This DVD was more entertaining for the fun of watching Oliver squirm in his chair waiting for Dundee to pounce on him. One minute Dundee is praising the person who sent a question, the next he is threatening to drive to their house and beat them down. Oliver tries to follow a format in the questioning following Dundee from growing up in the Memphis/Nashville territory to working for USWA in the PG-13 tag team to the WWE with the Nation of Domination. Also in the mix are odd jobs, depravity in life & a topic on fellow wrestlers past and present. While Dundee does oblige in the questioning he seems more focused on getting messed up on beer. He veers off into working in the circus with his dad, who in the business screwed him over, who is the hottest diva and does tell some great stories. But I will wait for the next KC DVD to give a positive review. I will give one if you are a fan of Dundee's other shoot interviews because is unique.

According to their website, www.kayfabecommentaries.com the two next releases are a Guest Booker DVD with Greg Gagne and a My Side of the Story release with Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff.