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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Details On The First Edition Of 'Fighting Females'

Courtesy of Piledriver Online's Steve Ashfield:

We all watch the Diva's and Knockouts on our television screens but do female wrestlers get the coverage that they deserve? The same applies to women who appear on Indy shows around the world, well that's all changed now with the launch of a new free online magazine dedicated to women's wrestling.

'Fighting Females' is a 60 page mag and its first issue includes interviews with Terri Runnels, Mercedes Martinez, Wesna, Amanda Storm, Jetta, Eden Black, Stephanie Scope, Bubblez, Team Blossom and Holly Hearse. There's special profiles of the PWGA and WSU plus over ten pages of news and reviews.

The mag can be seen online at http://www.piledriver-online.co.uk/ccount/click.php?id=18

The next edition is online in September with Missy Hyatt, Dawn Marie, Daizee Haze and MsChif lined up with plenty more on the way.