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Thursday, August 28, 2008

IMMAE Announces New Licensing Model And Unveils Plans For Its Global Exposition Network

Courtesy of IMMAE Media:

Huntington Beach, CA, 08/28/2008 - IMMAE announced today that it will be launching an ambitious licensing program designed to project Mixed Martial Arts Expos across the globe and propel the IMMAE brand to household name status. IMMAE has created a unique annual event which allows fans, MMA companies, fighters, and industry professionals to converge in a single weekend under one roof. The resulting synergy, networking and individual interaction has made the event legendary in the Mixed Martial Arts industry. This has led to a near global demand for these types of events and IMMAE has taken the bold step to rise to the occasion.

IMMAE recognizes that for many people walking through the door of one of its expos, this may be their first experience with Mixed Martial Arts. This gives IMMAE the important responsibility of presenting the sport to the public and providing the proper education on its nature and history. IMMAE events provide this to the public in the Southern California market, but will now expand beyond this geographic region onto the world stage.

In the new landscape envisioned by IMMAE, expos could be held in virtually every community in North America. Each exposition will be rated for size, exposure and purpose. On one end of the spectrum IMMAE will produce community and city level events designed to draw in exhibitors, fighters and fans from local geographic markets. The core purpose of these shows will be to intimately introduce the fastest growing sport in history into that particular community. IMMAE plans to produce these community level events across North America in an effort to help further penetrate Mixed Martial Arts into mainstream America.

IMMAE will also produce state level and regional shows. These shows will be larger in production and attendance than community level shows and will be designed to promote the sport of MMA on a much larger scale. The largest show will remain the annual event currently held in Southern California. This event will remain annual avoid to void market saturation and will be engineered to draw in exhibitors and fans from around the world.

IMMAE is announcing its first state level exposition through its licensee network. June 26th, 27th, and 28th 2009 marks the first state level exposition to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii. The event is being held at the Blaisdale Exposition Center in downtown Honolulu and is being produced in conjunction with Evolution Sports. The purpose of the event is to promote awareness for MMA at a state level as well as to promote networking and synergy between Hawaii based MMA businesses. The event also promises to be a bridge between the mainland MMA community and its Hawaii based counterpart. The event will feature up to 120 booth spaces, a grappling tournament, and amateur MMA events.

IMMAE is also announcing its first community level exposition through its licensee network. October 11th and 12th 2008 will mark the first community level exposition, to be held in Chandler, Arizona. The event is being held at the Rawhide Rodeo & Fairgrounds and is designed to promote awareness of Mixed Martial Arts in the Chandler Community. The event is being produced in conjunction with Apocolypse Productions based out of Chandler, and was formerly called SWMMAE. The event will feature up to 50 booths, 3 cages, a grappling tournament, and various amateur MMA events. The weigh-in will be held at Cooperstown in Phoenix AZ on October 10th at 7pm and will be hosted by the famous rocker Alice Cooper. You can expect to see Houston Alexander, Mikey Burnett, Edwin Dewees, Rick Rufus, Jamie Varner and many more professional MMA fighters. There will be professional seminars hosted by top MMA fighters across the two day event.

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