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Thursday, August 28, 2008

RESULTS: PTW Summer Tour FINAL NIGHT - 27/08/08 - Kent!

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

Oh what a night! WHAT a night! We had surprises, we had shocks, we had a loud and rowdy crowd that once again included PTW fan and BBC EastEnders acting star Jay Borthwick.....and in true PTW style, we had the volume turned right up! No-one will ever forget the last night of PTW's Summer Tour 2008!

* The show started with a typically confident (read: arrogant) Peter Staniforth coming out, and saying that he was so sick of the abuse from the fans; whilst he'd been through personal bodyguards in the past, his new one was the real deal. With said bodyguard standing very tall at 6'3 and 320lbs, with what we have discovered is a legimately rather dubious past; it was and is clear that Peter has finally found someone that when his infamous outspokeness and temper steps a little too far (as ever!), he can rely on to bail him out of trouble. He may be currently nameless....but he's also downright frightening! Peter called EWF promoter John Copping into the ring, and the two went at it verbally, as Peter stated that John's biggest mistake "was giving me time to go into my address book and telephone, and call in some favours." Peter made reference to having brought along one or two people that could quite easily be described as "lunatics, monsters, and borderline psychopaths," and introduced Team PTW to the ring.

*Side Note: Team PTW - PTW Heavyweight Champion Mayhem, Adam Steel, Mean N' Green (Anton Green & Maverick), G, Wolverine X & Omer Ibrahim (from Riot Act Wrestling), Mason Storm, Dragonian, Mr Portugal, and Blaze and Luke Axle. On a managerial standpoint, "100 %" Dan Edge was there; and from an 'added security' standpoint (possibly just for Peter's own amusement), a shock saw the man most known for his time in 1PW, the monster known as Donny Bull was also present!

* John Copping introduced Team EWF to the fans clapping and cheers. Team EWF - EWF Heavyweight Champion Marcus Brash, Bill Duffy, Will Davison, Glamour, Captain TNT, Robbie Sincaide, Diavolo, James Dahmer, and Leapfrog. Verbal taunts were flying back and forth between both sides, the ring was filled with wrestlers who were clearly dying to get their hands on each other and fight, the crowd couldn't wait to see it kick off....It was time to start! But....

* PTW's ring announcer said he had a 'surprise' for Peter Staniforth, and mentioned the name of 'Seaside' Kevin Carter. Peter just laughed evilly, and looked at his bodyguard and said "Want to know why he's not here?! It's because we left Kevin broken and battered and washed up on the beach somewhere!". Clearly, they hadn't got the job done and somewhere Kevin would have been laughing; as a CD was played as a 'message' to Peter from Kevin Carter, and the song 'Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside' played out loud. Peter stormed off in a temper, and the show began!

* Match One: Will Davison (EWF) defeated Mr Portugal (PTW). This gave EWF a 1-0 lead.

* Match Two: In a handicap match, Mean N' Green (PTW) defeated Bill Duffy. This made things all square at 1-1, a win for each company.

* PTW's ring announcer, referred affectionately to by fans and even wrestlers alike as "Angry Kid"; decided to pledge his allegiance to Team EWF for the evening!

* Match Three: In a Hair vs Hair match, Captain TNT (EWF) defeated Dragonian (PTW), and shaved his hair outside the ring! It was now 2-1 to the EWF.

* Match Four: Leapfrog & Glamour (EWF) defeated Blaze & Luke Axle. So as we went to the interval, shockingly, EWF were taking a 3-1 lead over PTW.

* Match Five: G (PTW) defeated Robby Sincaide (EWF), and it became 3-2 to EWF. Tempers were getting frayed, and nerves were clearly showing, especially on PTW's side. Peter Staniforth (admitting a drink or two, to think clearer) and Dan Edge, came out to ringside; and Peter pointed out the history between Dan and himself. He then said to John Copping that leading into the next match, John should be a very worried man; because it was just him and him alone, and for the first time ever in PTW tonight, Peter and Dan were entirely on the same page and that when "two evil genius's are on the same side, you know you're in trouble."

* Match Six: In a Champion vs Champion match, Mayhem (PTW) defeated Marcus Brash (EWF). Don't read this as a clean victory....it took Mayhem, Dan Edge, and the monstrous Donny Bull; AND a distracted referee, to defeat the wildly popular Marcus Brash. This made it EWF 3 PTW 3. When an appalled John Copping took Peter Staniforth to task over his blatant lack of morals, Peter just laughed at him and said how he was "teaching the kids in the crowd a lesson, and doing their parents a favour....you now know that it's okay to cheat as long as referee's don't see it, and whatever gets the job done is all that's needed".

* Match Seven: In the deciding Eight Man Tag Team Elimination match, Will Davison took the victory (alongside Bill Duffy, Diavolo, & James Dahmer) for Team EWF; against Team PTW's Adam Steel, Wolverine X, Omer Ibrahim, & Mason Storm. EWF won the challenge 4-3! And this....is where the twist comes in.

* In what many worldwide even, will probably find very hard to believe, as Team EWF and John Copping celebrated to the adoration of the fans in attendance; PTW's ever outspoken Peter Staniforth got in the ring........and shook John Copping's hand. He also shook the hand of every member of Team EWF in the ring (with some unsure but still willing), and graciously accepted defeat as best as his ego would allow. Peter said that he felt it had been "one hell of a night", and that on that night, the better team had won.

* With Team PTW sulking around ringside, Peter stood centre stage and said that with it being the last night of the tour, he had something to say. We'll attempt to recap as much as we can from what is certainly one of the most emotional moments PTW has ever seen....

"When I was approached by Sharon and the owners of this campsite to bring PTW here, I was proud, but I was also nervous. You welcomed us in here with open arms, and you made us all feel at home. You've given us six of the best weeks of our life, and I hope we've given you the entertainment you people deserve. I'll never ever forget how you all sang 'Happy Birthday' to me unprompted and unplanned on the first night of this tour. and it will always be a special moment in my heart. It's been a summer I can genuinely say will always mean the world to me, and all the boys; and I can only say thank you. Thank you to John Copping and his EWF wrestlers, thank you to Sharon and the owners of this campsite for having us, thank you to my fiancee' Chrissie and her sister Jennie on the merchandise table, thank you to my parents and my son Andrew and daughter Victoria, and thank you to you fans. You guys are really incredible, and PTW is nothing without you. Some wrestling shows say it and don't mean it, some wrestling shows don't even have enough class to say it at all; but for our faults - we're also as upfront as it gets, and we appreciate every single one of you coming out and supporting us. All I can do is stand here, hand on heart, and say we love you too."

* The crowd cheered loudly in response to that, Team EWF had a bit of a dance in the ring to celebrate their victory; and one of the campsite owners took the microphone, and thanked everyone on the shows for their involvement. We leave you with the question he asked the fans - "Do you want to see PTW come back again in the future?"....and the crowd screamed their approval.

* So PTW's Summer Tour 2008 ended on a positive note, and we thank everyone involved for their time in the last six weeks. PTW now return back home, with their reputation as Bedfordshire's best wrestling show very safely intact. There may be one or two others in the area, but PTW is the promotion that they don't want you to see, because once you've sampled PTW's fun loving spirit; you won't want to be anywhere else! We should have BIG news on upcoming PTW shows in Bedfordshire and further afield in the very near future, so keep checking out www.powertripwrestling.co.uk for all the latest information!