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Monday, August 11, 2008

MTX MMA Fighter, "Showtime" Jamie Varner, Successfully Defends His WEC Lightweight Title

Courtesy of MTX MMA Press:

For Immediate Release

(Phoenix, AZ) - MTX Audio, the leader in high performance mobile audio products, is proud to announce and congratulate MTX MMA fighter, "Showtime" Jamie Varner, in defending his WEC Lightweight Title against Marcus Hicks this past Sunday, August 3rd at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The start of the fight saw Jamie Varner go on the immediate attack throwing strike after strike landing clean on Hicks' face and chin showing the contender he would have to step up his game to acquire the title. After catching a knee from Varner, Hicks used his small but powerful frame to dump the champ to the mat. As Varner got back to his feet, Hicks applied the signature move, the guillotine choke. Varner, being an experienced grappler, broke the submission and unloaded a flurry of right and left hand punches and constant knees to the face. Realizing he had the upper hand, Varner pursued Hicks, striking him consistently while slowly picking him apart. Referee Steve Mazzagatti saw Hicks starting to show signs of defeat after blocking a big right hand with his face and falling against the cage. Varner continued with more and more strikes as he measured Hicks for a final right hand that brought him down for the TKO at 2:08 in the very first round.

"MTX knows what it takes to become number one and they surely know how hard it is to keep that top spot once you reach it," said Varner. "I am glad to have a team like that in my corner." WEC 35 on the Versus Network aired Sunday, August 3rd and was watched by more than 1 million people. Varner represented MTX Audio with his signature MTX t-shirt, MTX fight shorts, and flying the MTX banner throughout his time during the broadcast. MTX fighters are both up and comers and titleholders and title contenders in various M.M.A. organizations.

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