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Sunday, August 3, 2008

TCW Results 8/2 And Card 8/9

Courtesy of Lekisha F. Oliver-Burdine:

Tennessee Championship Wrestling Results, August 2, 2008 – Pulaski, TN

Before matches began, The Southern Brothers were called ringside by Commissioner Xstacy saying that there was a present addressed to the young tag team. The boys thought Christmas had come a little early. This present was to be opened next weekend and only next weekend. The UPS package was taken backstage and will be opened in front of the fans next week!

Violent X with the X Crew def. Bubba Joe. In the opening match, Violent X with the X Crew came ringside for what everyone thought was an audition for the next Dancing with the Stars, but Commissioner Xstacy told the boys that they would be wrestling tonight. She had an opponent all ready for Violent X. The music started and Bubba Joe came rushing towards the ring. Violent X beat Bubba Joe to the punch and finished the match before it had a chance to being. By the time the referee made it ot the ring, the three count was complete and Violent X and the X Crew won the match and started up the dancing all the way to the back.

Norman Cross def. 2-Bit. This quick paced match kept going back and forth until Cross picked up the win over the dancing 2-Bit.

Jason Star def. Shawn Hoodrich. In the debut match for Hoodrich, Shawn showed a great start in this match against Jason Star. This fast paced cruiserweight match finished up with Jason Star getting the win over Shawn Hoodrich. After the match, Hoodrich was enraged about the loss to Star and continued to beat Star down giving him the Foodstamp to set up to their match next week.

“Impressive” Anthony Wayne (Champion) vs. “The Limited Edition” Lee Cross went to another draw for the TCW Southern Heritage Title.” This two-out-of-three falls match began with a lot of brawling between the two, with Cross showing a lot of heart with the hurt wrist from last week’s show. Wayne continued to injure the wrist of Cross and saw a way out with the first fall going to Wayne with a disqualification giving the 1-0 lead to the champion. Cross brought back the next fall in the ring and evened up the count to 1-1. The final fall started with a brawl outside the ring and continued to bounce on and off the canvas. With both competitors heading outside the ring once more, the referee was forced to make the final fall a double count-out making the match a draw. Wayne retains the TCW Southern Heritage Championship.

Impact Inc. (J. T. Quest & Bobby Surge) def. Southern Brothers (Cody Whitehead & Antonio Cathey) to retain the TCW Tag Team Championships. Before the match began, Commissioner Xstacy reminded her former tag teams that not only were the tag belts on the line, but if Impact, Inc. could not win via disqualification, if there was, the belts would change hands. She made sure that the tag team would remain in line by adding another referee to the outside of the ring. This fan-engrossed tag team match went back and forth with Impact, Inc. still keeping both referees occupied and pulling off the win and retaining the belts. The Southern Brothers knew the outcome of the match had been a disqualification finish and it disgusted them. So next week, J. T. Quest will have to bring his own tag team partner to take on the Southern Brothers.

J. D. def. “The Super Ultra Mega Star” Mike Jablonski with “Impressive” Anthony Wayne in a non-title No disqualification/No time limit match. The action didn’t even wait for the bell to ring, JD and Jablonski started brawling all over the TCW Arena. The wrestling remained hot and heavy until the first referee was knocked out in the corner by Jablonski. A second referee made it to ringside but went down as soon as he entered. Jablonski went for a pedigree, but was reversed and J. D. turned the tide on the TCW Champion and hit a stunner when Commissioner Xstacy hit the ring for the three count.

Also announced, August 23, 2008, Jamie Dundee, son of Memphis legend “Superstar” Bill Dundee will be making his return to the TCW Arena. More information about this special attraction match will be released later on this month.

Tennessee Championship Wrestling
Old National Guard Armory
634 East College Street
Pulaski, Tennessee

Main Event:
A Non-Sanctioned Pulaski Brawl
TCW Heavyweight Champion “The Super Ultra Mega Star” Mike Jablonski vs. J. D.

Tag Team Action:
J. T. Quest and a Partner of His Choice vs. The Southern Brothers (Cody Whitehead & Antonio Cathey)

Southern Heritage Title Match
“Impressive” Anthony Wayne (Champion) vs. “The Limited Edition” Lee Cross

Adam Steele vs. Bobby Surge

Jason Star vs. Shawn Hoodrich

In a Three-Way Cruiserweight Opener:
Norman Cross vs. 2-Bit vs. Bubba Joe

Admission: $10 Ringside / $8 General Admission. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with Bell Time at 7:00 p.m. A special price will be given for all students from elementary school all the way to college, a special $2 off price on admission! Make sure to check the hotline at (931) 982–4392 or the website at www.freewebs.com/tennesseewrestling