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Sunday, August 10, 2008

TCW Results 8/9 And Card 8/23

Courtesy of Lekisha F. Oliver-Burdine:

TCW Results

1. Violent X & Demon with Diamond and Baby X def. Norman Cross & 2-Bit. The dancing Violent X brought with him a new set of bad with Demon and Diamond ringside with him and Baby X. But early off, Norman Cross took the advantage over Violent X. But soon after 2-bit was tagged in and was overpowered by the two larger athletes. The tides started to turn when both Norman and 2-bit started a quick turn around but was overpowered again by the larger athletes where Violent X took the pin over 2-bit.

2. Jason Star def. Shawn Hoodrich. The powder filled ring held this return match from last week with both athletes fighting hard as the newcomer Hoodrich took early control of the match and holding it through the match. The crowd stayed behind the former referee Star, but Hoodrich continued to alienate the Pulaski, Tennessee fans until 30 seconds to go when Star took over for the three count.

3. Adam Steele def. Bobby Surge. The returning Adam Steele came out to a roaring sound of applause taking on on-half of the TCW Tag Team Champions Bobby Surge. The Larenceburg, Tennessee, native Surge started off with a cocky attitude that Steele and the Pulaski fans didn’t care for. Steele was soon overpowered with Surge taking advantage of the injured knee of Steele and holding onto the match and getting the win to become the Number 1 contender for the TCW Heavyweight Championship.

4. “The Limited Edition” Lee Cross def. “Impressive” Anthony Wayne to become tne new TCW Southern Heritage Champion. Cross came to the ring in a fiery rage after Wayne. Remembering the pain that he had inflicted on his arm the past few weeks by Wayne, Cross went right for the pain to Wayne. This fast paced back and forth match kept seeing the best out of both wrestlers with Cross taking the win via submission and become the new TCW Southern Heritage Champion.

5. “Impact Inc.” J. T. Quest & “Outlaw” Lee Condry def. ½ of the Southern Brothers Cody Whitehead to retain the TCW Tag Team Championships. Whitehead came to the ring with his partner Antonio Cathey on crutches. With his partner scheduled for surgery, Whitehead decided to take on Impact Inc. as a handicap match. Quest came ringside with his partner not at his side. Quest said his partner was here and that he is ready to wrestle. Commissioner Xstacy said that his partner has been selected and that the match would be a two-on-one handicap tag team championship match and Quest’s partner “Outlaw” Lee Condry came through the crowd to surprise the young Columbia, Tennessee native. Whitehead fought both Quest and Condry valiantly with his partner, Antonio Cathey, ringside cheering him on. Condry and Quest continuously took advantage of the tag team status and continued to show why they are the tag team champions. Whitehead started a comeback against the tag team but more interference gave Quest and Condry the advantage retaining the TCW Tag Team Championships.

6. “Fallen Youth” Jason Star & Norman Cross def. “Impact Inc.” J. T. Quest & Lee Condry to win the TCW Tag Team Championships. Commissioner Xstacy came out saying that Impact Inc. needed to defend the titles again and that she had opponents for them. Out ran Fallen Youth and hit the quick rollup for the win and become the new TCW Tag Team Champions.

7. J. D. def. “The super Ultra Mega Star” Mike Jablonski to win the TCW Heavyweight Championship. In this Pulaski street fight, both combatants fought all over the TCW Arena with nearfall pins being counted both in and outside the ring. Weapons also played a big part in this fight between the young J.D. and the veteran Jablonski. The blood began to pour from Jablonski after being hit by JD with different weapons creating a crimson mask over the face of the “Super Ultra Mega Star”. J.D. continued to have the advantage until Jablonski used a low blow to turn the tides until the cheese grater that Jablonski brought from under the ring was used to his disadvantage and back outside the ring. Jablonski regained the match and put JD in his finisher with a one-two, JD kicked out with the near fall not once, but twice. Until out of desperation, Jablonski brought a table into the ring where JD forced Jablonski through the table and a near count. JD hit the stunner for a near fall until JD come out of nowhere with a rollup for the three count and the win to become the new TCW Heavyweight Champion.

TCW Will not be in action on Aug. 16th but will be returning to the TCW Arena on August 23rd at 7:00 p.m. belltime with the return of the Iceman Jamie Dundee.

Tennessee Championship Wrestling
Old National Guard Armory
634 East College Street
Pulaski, Tennessee
August 23, 2008

Main Event: “The Iceman” Jamie Dundee & Cody Whitehead vs. “Impact Inc.” J. T. Quest & “Outlaw” Lee Condry

TCW Tag Team Championship
“Fallen Youth” (Norman Cross & Jason Starr)(Champion) vs. “The Super Ultra Mega Stars” (Mike Jablonski & “Impressive” Anthony Wayne

TCW Southern Heritage Championship
“The Limited Edition” Lee Cross (Champion) vs. Shawn Hoodrich

TCW Heavyweight Champion J. D. vs. Bobby Surge in a non-title match
2-Bit vs. Violent X

Card Subject to Change.

Admission: $10 Ringside / $8 General Admission with doors open at 6 p.m. and bell time at 7:00 p.m. For more information, check out the website at www.freewebs.com/tennesseewrestling or call the TCW Hotline at (931) 982-4392.