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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Attention Pro Wrestling Fans: Ringside Voices Now Available

Courtesy of Eric Shaffer:

When "New Wave Wrestling" Magazine stopped publishing, Associate Editor and photographer Eric Shaffer was left with a collection of untold stories by the wrestlers themselves.

Ringside Voices collects these interviews in one volume. Which former ECW star once opened for the Doobie Brothers:

Which one practiced wrestling on a giant teddy bear?

Which one's parents didn't want him?
What professionals does Larry Zbyszko think should be armed?

Who "nearly starved to death in WCW"?
Who hates his own first cousin and why?

How does Dan Severn really feel about the UFC?

Who once drank 35 bottles of wine? (it's not Andre the Giant)

The answers to these and other questions inside!
It's like getting more than 25 shoot interviews in one sitting.
Read the words of Bilvis Wesley, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Chris Hamrick, Dan Severn, Dave Taylor, D'Lo Brown, Dom DeNucci, Honky Tonk Man, Jason Knight, Kamala, Larry Zbyszko, Luna Vachon, Tonga Kid, The Prodigette, Shark Boy, Dory Funk Jr, Stevie Richards, Teddy Hart, The Demon, Dr. Tom Prichard, Vampiro & more!
available now at: http://stores.Lulu.com/EricShaffer for $12.50 + $3.95 shipping