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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interview With "The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm

Courtesy of Piledriver Online's Steve Ashfield:

As British wrestling tried its hardest to recover from the loss of its TV deal and the retirement of many of its stars a new generation of pro wrestlers had to be found to take their place. One of the new generation of wrestlers was of course ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm and he’s certainly made an impact not just in the UK but around the world. Here Jonny talks about his career, the FWA and more.

You initially began training with Hammerlock but that proved to be an experience that almost made you quit wrestling, what went wrong?

it was one of the only places to train back then so not much of a choice, it was basically getting in the ring and doing what we wanted, not properly training or anything. Had a falling out with the boss over a co-promoted show and the fact I didn’t get paid in four years didn’t help so thought what’s the point?

You’ve had so many matches with Jody Fleisch during your career, how much work did the pair of you have to put in to produce such great matches?

We’re best friends and are so alike so its a untrainable thing between us we just seem to click every time. I think you find every wrestler has someone who they can work with who is normally one of their best mates.

You’ve wrestled many matches in the FWA and other companies against overseas wrestlers, how did that help your career and what did you learn from such matches?

It helped a lot. It’s all down to experience and working different people trying different things, it’s what makes you the wrestler you are.

You had many chances to win the FWA British Heavyweight title but never managed to win the belt (though you later won the XWA title), why do you think you weren’t given a run with the title?

I was always told I don’t need the belt which I guess I didn’t as I got over just doing what I was doing. Plus I think the people like Alex and Doug and then Jody were perfect for the job anyway, I wasn’t too fussed.

In an interview you said; “everyone is a little messed up in wrestling because you have to be.” Why did you say that and do you still think that’s the case?

Of course it’s true, but its the same in the entertainment industry, that’s what makes us so interesting and different to others that people want to watch you.

Kurt Angle is said to be a big fan of yours, with more British wrestlers going to the States in recent years do you think there’s still a chance you could end up in TNA or WWE?

I’d like to work for WWE but I’m realistic at the moment it’s not gonna happen. As for TNA I was there at the start and wrestled six times for them including the first ever X-Cup, so I’m hoping that I can go there sometime. I’m only 30, just because I’ve been doing this years doesn’t mean to say I’m an old git, I’m not even in my prime yet!!!!!

You recently lost the XWA British Heavyweight title and now meet Johnny Phere on the next show. What are your views on the problems you’ve been having with Phere over the past year?

The guy is nuts, I’ve seen his rants and articles, I think he should concentrate more on his natural ability and wrestling and he’ll have a lot more good things in line for him. He’s very talented.

What are your views on the current state of British wrestling and how has it changed since you turned pro?

Too many backyarders and shows put on by people who have no business in the ring. It seems anyone who’s got a bit of cash buys a ring and puts themselves and mates in it. Crazy. I wish there was some sort of governing body but it will never happen. Not to say there’s not a lot for good guys out there but the shit outweighs that by a mile.

How can my readers find out more about you and your career?

Go to www.jonnystorm.co.uk and come see me at shows.... support British wrestling. Thanks

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